Xingdong Yang and Lijuan Yuan

...esponses and for vaccine evaluations. These are the basis for the successful establishment of the infection and disease models for human rotavirus, human norovirus and human enterovirus 71 using neonatal gnotobiotic pigs. The differences between germ-free and normal animals in the maturation status of immune systems caused by the lack of gut microbiota can be minimized by establishing human-gut-microbiota transplanted gnotobiotic pig models. Given the advantag...

Mohammed A. Rohaim1*, Rania F. El-Naggar2, Abdulrahman M. Gamal3, Elshaimaa Ismael3, Mohamed M. Hamoud4, Sherif T. Moubarak3, Ashraf M. Metwally1, Manal M. Zaki3, Shimaa A.E. Nasr3, Samah Elsaid3, Mohamed M. Ali3, Hussein A. Hussein1 and Osama K. Zahran3


...s still a need for their evaluation under different conditions and in different ways. In the present study, representative disinfectants from chlorine and non-chlorine oxidizing agents have been evaluated for their virucidal ability against two distinct Egyptian subclades of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI); (A/chicken/Egypt/VRLCU67/2011) variant subclade and (A/chicken/Egypt/13VIR3729-4/2013) classic subclade 2.2.1/C t...

Muhammad Arif Zafar1, Murtaz-ul-Hasan1*, Aayesha Riaz1, Asim Shamim2, Muhammad Farooq Iqbal1 and Arfan Yousaf

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Muhammad Arif Zafar1*, Arfan Yousaf1, Murtaz-ul-Hasan1, Faisal Ayub Kiayani1, Matee ul Islam2 and Muhammad Farooq Iqbal1 

...ical report is about the evaluation of complications and survival after using a modified two-layer, hand-sewn, end-to-end anastomosis technique in a calf treated for traumatic umbilical hernia with peritonitis. A cross-bred calf was presented with peritonitis due to traumatic umbilical hernia. The decision to operate the calf was made after confirmation of umbilical hernia resulted in septic shock. Animal was first stabilized with supportive treatment prior to...

Tauseef Taj Kiani1*, Mozammil Hussain1 and Hidayat ur Rahman2


Anna-Maria Andersson*, Ann-Kristin Nyman, Per Wallgren control with focus on evaluation of disease progression has been proposed. For estimation of antibodies in serum and dried blood samples collected from mink, a VP2 ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) system was recently evaluated. However, such estimations of disease progression are commonly based on single sampling occasions and it is essential to know if estimated antibody levels vary over a period of weeks or months. Therefo...

Nadeem Khan1*, Arshad Ali Khan1, Mukhtar Ahmad2, Muhammad Nouman2 and Badshah Islam1

 Inamullah Khan, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Rajwali Khan, Syed Muhammad Sohail, Ijaz Ahmad, Muhammad Shoaib and Asim Ijaz

Mian Shamas Murtaza1, Aysha Sameen1, Nuzhat Huma1 and Fatma Hussain2 less hard. On sensory evaluation, the maximum scores were awarded to full fat cheese, while the negative control attained the minimum liking. Addition of gums improved the sensory acceptability of cheese. The sample containing 0.45% guar gum was awarded the scores comparable to the full fat cheese for most of the traits. Hence, it was concluded that hydrocolloids particularly guar gum can effectively be used up to 0.45% to improve the functionality and acce...

Bahattin Cak1, Orhan Yilmaz1, Siddik Keskin2, Tahir Bayril3 and Mohammad Masood Tariq4*

...ed in subsequent genetic evaluations. Furthermore, producing heavier carcasses (13-17 kg) in < 150 days may increase productivity and efficiency of the goat farming system.


Aziz-ul-Rahman, Farooq Yousaf, Naveed Anwar and Muhammad Abubakar

...the sero-prevalence, the evaluation of intrinsic (age groups and sex) and extrinsic factors (season fluctuation) clearly indicated the occurrence of previous outbreaks of PPR virus due to persistency of virus in endemic regions.


Muhammad Shahzad Ahmed and Dilnawaz Ahmed Gardezi

...d used for morphological evaluation, phenotypic diversity analysis and their flowering behavior sugarcane under local conditions. Two year data revealed that genotype HSF-242 showed maximum mean values for, internodes length, brix percentage and reducing sugar while S-08-FSD-19 showed maximum values for number of tillers and stem girth, whereas S-05-FSD-307 revealed maximum values for plant height and number of nodes. Analysis of variance revealed highly signi...
Sameera Akhtar1*, Muhammad Akram Muneer1, Khushi Muhammad1, Muhammad Yasin Tipu1, Muhammad Anees2, Imran Rashid1, Raza-ur-Rehman3 and Irshad Hussain1
... and requires continuous evaluation. In this study, sequencing and molecular analysis of fusion (F) and hemagglutinin (HN) genes of NDV strain isolated from an outbreak in a peacock flock was undertaken. Proteolytic cleavage site of F0 showed a cleavage motif (112RRQKR↓F117), representative of a velogenic serotype. Moreover, based on F and HN gene nucleotide sequence analysis, the isolate clustered as genotype VII closely ...
Majed Rafeeq1,*, Nadeem Rashid1, Muhammad Masood Tariq1, Rassol Bakhsh Tareen2, AsadUllah1 and Zahid Mustafa1
Irum, Akram Shah*, Sobia Wahid, Nazma Habib Khan and Qaisar Jamal
... in-person questionnaire evaluation along with microscopic assessment of water samples for Cyclops species. Based on previous clinical records of dracunculiasis, five villages of Dera Ismail Khan including Kath Garh, Wanda Dost Ali, Chah Mundar Wala, Ketch and Gara Baloch were surveyed for a total of 206 randomly selected households, where the household heads (106 males and 100 females) were interviewed for any previous dracunculiasis lesion scars or ac...

Muhammad Waqas1*, Anwar Ali Shad1, Omaira Bashir2 and Mohsin Iqbal3 control. Organoleptic evaluation of spaghetti prepared from lycopene revealed maximum score of smell, taste, odors, color texture and overall acceptability when compared with other tested sample and control. 


Wesam Hasan Mohamed Mady 1*, Bing Liu2, Dong Huang2, A. Arafa1, M.K. Hassan1, M.M. Aly1, Pucheng Chen2, Yongping Jiang2* and Hualan Chen2

M. S. A. Mamun and M. Ahmed

Integrated pest management in tea: prospects and future strategies in Bangladesh
... pesticide formulations, evaluation of field bio-efficacy and conservation of biological agents, cultural control measures, genetic techniques and sex pheromones technology. In tea husbandry, cultural control measures such as plucking, pruning, shade regulation, field sanitation, fertilizer application, manipulation or destruction of alternate hosts and selection of pest resistant/tolerant varieties and mechanical mechanisms like manual removal, heat treatment...
Bushra Niaz1,*, Tahir Zahoor1, Muhammad Atif Randhawa1 and Amer Jamil2
...thod was applied for the evaluation of antibacterial activity of lactoferrin. Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of lactoferrin was determined by 96-well plate method using ELISA reader. Results depicted that CM-Sephadex C-25 was a good cation exchanger for recovery of lactoferrin. Camel raw milk produced 2.4 mg/mL of lactoferrin. The lactoferrin isolated from camel milk exhibited promising antibacterial activity against E. coli and Staphylococcu...
Obaidullah1, Zafar Ali Shah1* and Sami Ullah2
...chniques followed by SEM evaluation. The UV spectrum confirmed peaks at 415 nm and 560 nm for silver and copper nanoparticles, respectively. FTIR spectrum also positively identified the nanoparticle synthesis. Assessment by SEM revealed that the size of silver and copper nanoparticle were 6 nm and 30 nm, respectively using ImageJ software. Lapachol, copper and silver salts along with their synthesized nanoparticles were evaluated for their antibacterial study ...

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan

...’ malpractices and evaluation of pesticide companies activities. Timely appointment and delegation of authorities to subordinate staff were the top two utmost possessed competencies to perform efficiently and effectively of their assigned responsibilities followed by the third top ranked competency of helping field assistants to plan extension activities. The lowest competencies of AEOs reported were official inquiries conduction, identification of malpr...
Adnan Yousaf1,Jia Wu1, Qaiser Shakeel2, Yasir Iftikhar3, Muhammad Irfan Ullah4, Uzma Tahira5,Mustansar Mubeen1 and Wubei Dong1,*
...was selected for further evaluation of management sources. All three management sources were applied individually as well as in combination. After six weeks, all treatments showed better results but there was no significantly difference in set of plants treated with combination of all three (Derosal + Cadusafos + T. harzianum) and T. harzianum alone. Moreover, it was observed that the ability of T. harzianum to manage root rot and knot pat...
Talha Nazir1,2,*, Muhammad Dildar Gogi2, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1, Waheed ul Hassan2, Abdul Hanan2 and Muhammad Jalal Arif
Kadir Karakuş1, Bahat Comba2, Abuzer Taş3, Tunahan Sancak3, Arzu Comba2, Devrim Saripinar Aksu4, Hasan Koyun5 and Mohammad Masood Tariq6,*
...ight. In conclusion, the evaluation of the process in castrated six-month-old sheep revealed an increase in the body weight which was similar to that in the control group.
Hameeda Kalhoro1, Abdul Malik2,Ghulam Abbas2,*, Illahi Bux Kalhoro3, Sajjad Ali Shah4and Haleema Kalhoro3
Muhammad Abu Bakar1, Muhammad Anjum Aqueel1, Abu Bakar Muhammad Raza1, Muhammad Irfan Ullah1,*, Muhammad Arshad1, Mubasshir Sohail1,2 and Jaime Molina-Ochoa3,4
Rana Muhammad Aadil1,2*, Xin-An Zeng1, Saqib Jabbar3, Akmal Nazir2, Abid Aslam Mann2, Muhammad Kashif Iqbal Khan2, Abdullah2, Amna Ramzan2
Masooma Munir1,2*, Aqsa Qayyum1, Saeeda Raza1, Nouman Rashid Siddiqui1, Amer Mumtaz1, Naeem Safdar1, Sahar Shible1, Sohaib Afzal3, Saiqa Bashir4
...2, 0.3 and 0.4%. Sensory evaluation of basil seed drink revealed that 0.3% basil seeds supplemented drink was liked most in term of taste, texture and over all acceptability whereas 0.4% basil seeds supplemented drink were least liked as compared to other treatments. It was concluded that basil seed could be supplemented in different food products for the preparation of value added, healthy and nutritious diets.

Zahid Mehmood*, Alam Zeb and Muhammad Ayub 

...well as for organoleptic evaluation.  

Asmatullah Kaka2, Wahid Haron1,*, Rosnina Yusoff 1, Nurhusien Yimer1,  A.M Khumran1, Akeel Ahmed Memon2, Kazhal Sarsaifi1 andMahdi Ebrahimi3
...uccessively, thawing and evaluation was performed for sperm motility, viability, membrane integrity, morphology, malondialdehyde (MDA), fatty acid composition and super oxide dismutase (SOD). Sperm characteristics such as sperm motility, viability, morphology, membrane integrity, and acrosome integrity were decreased in treated groups. DHA concentration was increased in all supplemented groups. Whereas ALA decreased in all groups except at 5ng/ml DHA was incre...

 Zabih Ullah*, H. Rahman and Niaz Muhammad

Sanjukta Chakrabarti1, Colin J. Barrow2, Rupinder K. Kanwar3, Venkata Ramana1*, Rakesh N. Veedu4,5 and Jagat R. Kanwar3* 

Faiz Muhammad1,*, Syed Khurram Fareed1, Urooj Zafar1, Taseer Ahmed Khan2 and Aqeel Ahmad1
Rana Manzoor Ahmad1,2, Abdul Majid Khan1,*, Ghazala Roohi3 and Muhammad Akhtar1
...s as stress indicator in evaluation of palaeo-environments. The present study involves the analysis of enamel hypoplasia in seven extinct giraffid species to determine and compare stress periods during the early Miocene to Pleistocene ages of the Siwaliks of Pakistan. Enamel hypoplasia is a tooth malady which is caused by the deficiency of food/nutrients. The feeding deficiency is directly linked to the physiological or environmental stress. In this study occu...
İbrahim Aytekin1,*, Ecevit Eyduran2, Koksal Karadas3, Rifat Akşahan4 and İsmail Keskin1
... accuracy of MARS, model evaluation criteria such as coefficient of determination (R2), adjusted coefficient of determination (R2ADJ), SDRATIO andPearson coefficient (r) between actual and predicted values in fattening final live weight were calculated. To reveal the highest predictive ability in the MARS algorithm, numbers of terms and basis functions were set at 21 and 45 where order of interactions was three. Exce...
Senol Celik1,* and Orhan Yilmaz2
...ts. The calculated model evaluation criteria of CART algorithm was R2=0.6889, Adj. R2=0.6810, r=0.830, SD ratio=0.5549, RMSE=1.1802, RRMSE=6.3838 and ρ=3.4884, respectively, whereas the calculated model evaluation criteria of MARS method were R2=0.9193, Adj. R2=0.8983, r=0.9588, SD ratio=0.2840, RMSE=0.6041, RRMSE=3.2635 and ρ=1.6661. Taken together, the MARS algorithm appeared to be efficient compared to CART algori...

Aneeza Jamshed1* and Syed Amir Gillani2 

...ears. During pre-testing evaluation, students were never given the knowledge about hepatitis C, its source of transmission (contaminated syringes) and its secondary prevention. Only 3% knew that it can be prevented. About 61% thought that it is a disease of adults. Only 21.1% students thought it can be cured. In post awareness assessment after 3 sessions of interactive learning, 92% students understood the prevention of hepatitis C disease, its transmission (s...
Samra Imran1,* and Afifa Tanweer2
... biochemical and dietary evaluation of the participants. Results indicated that participants aged less than 18 years and those diagnosed within first year of life, had significantly healthier body dimensions. Higher family income, female gender and greater meal satisfaction was found to be associated with better biochemical indices. Most participants reported partial compliance to GFD. Compliant participants reported an increased consumption of junk food where...
Justyna Batkowska1,*, Lukasz Wlazlo2, Kamil Drabik1, Bozena Nowakowicz-Debek2, Karrar I.A. Al-Shammari3 and Magdalena Gryzinska1

Rahila Nizami1, Muhammad Zahid Latif2*, Intzar Hussain3 and Khalid Rashid

... provide more comparable evaluations in health sector leadership in diverse cohorts and the presented study provides the baseline to improve this feature in healthcare professionals. 


A. R. Rattu, M. Fayyaz, I. Ahmad, M. A. Akhtar* A. A. Hakro and K. A. Khanzada**

...UWYT 2005-06 for further evaluation.


Naheed Akhtar, Noreen Moin, Ghulam Jilani*, Ata ul Mohsin**, Shaheena Yasmin, Afzala Tashfeen*, Munir Goraya**** and Irshad Begum*

... justify;"> For the evaluation of resistance, twelve rainfed wheat varieties/ lines of National Uniform Wheat Yield Trials (NUWYT) 2004-05 were used. Among the tested germplasm (one variety and 11 lines of wheat), V-5 line was found resistant and NRL-2017 line was found susceptible to Rhopalosiphum padi. The results of Antixenosis Test indicated that two wheat lines, V-5 and PR-83 were least preferred and three lines viz., NRL-2017, V-00055 and V-00BT004 ...

 Naheed Akhtar, Waseem A. Gillani, Ehsan ul Haq, Javed Khan, Irshad Begum, Shaheena Yasmin* and Kamran Saeed**

Halima Shoukat1*, Hafiz Sheraz Arshad2, Faiza Sharif1, Arooj Fatima1 and Filza Shoukat

...petitions per session. Reevaluation of ROM was performed after 4 and 6 weeks. The mean values of ROM of knee extension showed gain in range after applying static stretching at 30s, 60s and 90s holding times. By applying repeated measure analysis of variance (ANOVA), the p-values were found to be statistically significant (p<0.001) for static stretching techniques with 30s, 60s, 90s holding times, respectively. Based on these finding, it is plausible to conc...
Umair Riaz*1, Zafar Abbas1, Qamar uz Zaman2, Muhammad Mubashir1, Mahwish Jabeen2, Syed Ali Zulqadar1, Zeenat Javeed1, Saeed-ur-Rehman1, Muhammad Ashraf1 and Muhammad Javid Qamar1

Imtiaz Hussain*, Hassnain Shah, M. Azeem Khan, Waqar Akhtar**, Abdul Majid*** and M. Yaqub Mujahid*


... the economic impact and evaluation of berseem in rice-wheat cropping system and evaluation of different wheat planting techniques in relation with residue management. These techniques may include farmer practice (partial burning, land preparation and broadcast); partial burning zero tillage ; Farm Machinary Institute seeder (planting with in the residue). 


 Javid Iqbal, Asghar Ali Mian, Tanveer Ahmad*, Shamsul Hassan** and Sohail Hassan Khan* 

... percentage and economic evaluation as cost of broiler per kilogram live weight produced. The average body weights gained by the birds were 2264g, 2277g, 2256g and 1942g for A, B, C and D strains, respectively at 49 days of age. The birds in treatments A, B and C gained significantly (P <0.05) more weight than the birds in treatment D. On the contrary, the birds in treatment D (4371g) consumed significantly (P <0.05) less feed than birds in treatments A ...

 Hassnain Shah, Muhammad Azeem Khan, Umar Farooq, Nadeem Akmal*, Shahid Munir and Bashir Hussain**

...assessment and financial evaluation of the technology provide logical base for investment in up scaling the technology


 Khalid Naseem*, Naseem Bibi**, Saeeda Raza*, Amer Mumtaz*, Nouman Rashid Siddiqui*, Amina Bibi*** and Muhammad Ahsan Khan****

...nt. Chemical and sensory evaluation of supplemented biscuits was carried out. An increase in nutritive values have been observed with an increase in supplementation level. Proximate analysis shows that T and T get the highest values for protein, zinc and iron. Results of all treatments were in acceptable range regarding sensory evaluation. These results indicate that biscuits can be successfully supplemented with chickpea an...

 Munir Ahmad*, Asif Ali Mirani**, Hafiz Sultan Mahmood**, Tanveer Ahmad** and Muhammad Azhar Saeed**

...ussed on the performance evaluation of cross-flow rice dryers with both gas and rice husk heat sources. The experimental results indicated that drying air temperature of the gas-fired and rice husk-fired dryers was 54° and 66°C, respectively. However, the average air flow rate was 6.24 and 3 -1 2.60 m s of gas-fired and rice husk-fired cross-flow dryers, respectively. -1 The drying rate of gas-fired dryer was 2.0 percentage point h , whereas the -1 dry...

 Hassnain Shah*, Nadeem Akmal*, Waqas Farooq*, Muhammad Azeem Khan* and Shahid Munir**

...on during assessment and evaluation of different demonstration and dissemination activities being conducted under Watershed Project. This shift could catalyze the technology adoption. 


 Zafar Islam*, Abdul Ghafoor Mangrio*, Muhammad Munir Ahmad*, Ghani Akber*, Sher Muhammad**, Muhammad Umair*** and Yaskina****

...coefficients used in the evaluation were: Christiansen's coefficient of uniformity (CU %), distribution uniformity (DU %) and scheduling coefficient (Sc %). The results showed that overall mean values for the coefficient of uniformity ranged from 87 to 92%, distribution uniformity ranged from 90 to 93% and scheduling coefficient ranged from 1.07 to 1.12. The results showed that overall mean value of Christiansen Coefficient of Uniformity (CU) was 87%, 91% and ...
Muhammad Sharif1*, Shahzada Sohail Ijaz2, Muhammad Ansar3, Ijaz Ahmad4 and Syed Abdul Sadiq5
Shireen Ihsan Izzaddeen1 and Ali Kaygısız2,*
...o;s milk decreased fecal evaluation score and number of days with diarrhea (P<0.05). The calf’s serum total cholesterol, glucose, AST, GGT, creatinine, phosphor, calcium, insulin, total T3, total T4, albumin, GH and globulin concentrations did not differ between the groups (P>0.05). Essential laurel oil containing whole milk, on the other hand, lowered serum triglyceride concentration (P<0.05). Altogether these results suggested that the consump...

Ejaz Ashraf1*, Hafiz Khuram Sharjeel1, Raheel Babar2, Muhammad Junaid1, Qamar Iqbal3, Rabia Rasheed1 and Nosheen Fatima1 

...The steps like effective evaluation of extension system, use of democratic nature extension approaches, and training facilities to EFS could improve working efficiency of Extension Field Staff and extension approaches thereby. 

Sana Zahra
...stan. A detailed genetic evaluation of four unrelated but ethnically similar families from Punjab province was performed.Linkage to SLC26A4 locus was confirmed through linkage analysis using Short Tandem Repeat Markers (D7S2420, D7S2459 and D7S2456). p.Y556C was identified as causative mutation by Sanger Sequencing. A known missense mutation p.Y556C in exon 15 of SLC26A4 gene was identified in all the four families. It may be concluded that p.Y55...

Hamza Khan1, Safdar Ali1, Ijaz Ahmad*2, Ihsanullah Khan3, Shujaat Hussain1, Bashir Ahmad Khan4 and Muhammad Suhaib5  

Jehangir Khan1,*, Rasheedullah1, Bakht Tarin Khan2, Ayaz Ahmad3, Muhammad Salman4 and Khalid Khan5
Felicia NkechiEkeh*, Ifeanyi Oscar Ndimkaoha Aguzie, Joy Ihuoma Nzei, Chinenye Maria-Goretti Ohanu, Godwin Ikechukwu Ngwu and ChukwudiebubeUgolo
Liumeng Zheng1, Yanmei Wang1, Jiagui Zhu2, Ke Wang2, Dejing Cai2, Yuanzhao Qin3, Yuming Guo3, Hongxing Niu1,* and Yanzhen Bu1,*
Tariq Mukhtar
...ncluded from the present evaluation that the indigenous isolates of T. harzianum and T. viride have the potential to control M. incognita.
Sumaira Maqsood1,*, Muhammad Afzal2, Muhammad Anjum Aqueel2, Waqas Wakil3 and Hafiz Azhar Ali Khan1,*
Zhuanxia Chen1, Ningping Tao1,*, Xiao Qin1 and Dayong Liu2
...were analyzed by sensory evaluation and electronic tongue technique. The characteristic of the taste substances were tested, such as free amino acids, nucleotides, trimethylamine oxide and betaine. Results showed that umami was the most prominent flavor. Compared with liver, IMP is the main flavor nucleotide in meat. However, the contents of the umami amino acids and betaine in liver are much higher than that of meat. Additionally, trimethylamine oxide is main...
Mumtaz Ali Khan1, Aneela Zameer Durrani1, Sher Bahadar Khan2, Shehla Gul Bokhari1, Ikramul Haq1,*, Imdad Ullah Khan3, Naimat Ullah4, Naimat Ullah Khan4, Kashif Hussain1 and Azmat Ullah Khan2
Nasreen Ishaq1, Arif Rasheed Malik2, Zameer Ahmad1, Saad Ehsan Ullah3
...After detailed study and evaluation of lip patterns of 250 subjects, 96 males and 105 females were correctly identified based upon lip prints. 
Conclusion: Lip prints can and should be included in the forensic sciences as a means of establishment of individuality especially for criminals.
Maaz Ahmad1*, Mussab Ahmad2 and Tehreem Munir3
...core (GIS) consisting of evaluation of 10 dyspeptic symptoms rated on Likert scale. Dyspeptic symptoms were assessed at the start of trial then after 2, 4 and 6 weeks. 
Results: In this trial, 200 patients fully participated in this study (age 36.31±9.711 years, range 18-55, 60% female). Compared with placebo, Carica papaya extract (CP group) showed a clinically significant improvement. The GIS significantly decreased in CP group...
Naveed Rashid*1, Muhammad Aamer2, Uzma Malik3, Nimra Arif4, Muhammad Waqar Akram5 and Ayesha Irshad6 reminder and periodic evaluation of practical aspects of AVF care is recommended for each ESRD patient visiting for hemodialysis. 
Rafa Almeer1,*, A. Alqarni1,2, S. Alqattan3, S. Abdi4,*, S. Alarifi1, Z.Hassan5 and A. Semlali6
...lowed by cell morphology evaluation. Cell viability was examined by MTT assay and gene expression of three tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (TIMPs) and two matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) were measured by real-time PCR. All subgroups exhibited altered morphology with accelerated detachment compared to untreated cells. The MTT assay after 48 h revealed that treatment with H1 and H2, reduced cell viability by 48% and 91% respectively, compared to that of u...

Irfan Ali Sabir1, Saeed Ahmad1*, Muhammad Nafees2, Ahmad Sattar Khan1, Maryam3 and Ishtiaq Ahmad

Muhammad Siddiq1*, Sahib Alam2, Hamid Ullah Shah2, Zafar Iqbal2, Kalsoom Siddiq3 and Taufeq Ahmad4 

Hafiz Manzoor Ahmad1,*, Hamad Bin Rashid1, Muhammad Arif Khan1, Asim Khalid Mahmood1, Muhammad Ijaz1, Shahid Hussain Farooqi1, Muhammad Rafi Ullah2 and Usman Ghani1
...was aimed at comparative evaluation of two anesthetics combinations viz. ketamine-xyalzine (K+X) and ketamine-xylazine-diazepam (K+X+D). A total of 20 ducks presented at pet center University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore were divided into 2 equal groups each carrying 10 birds. The birds were monitored for various physiological parameters before and after anesthesia. The birds of K+X group were given ketamine hydrochloride (15 mg/kg) and xyla...
Muhammad Mobashar1, Muhammad Tahir1, Shahbaz Javaid2,*, Muhammad I. Anjum2, Insha Gul3, Nazir Ahmad1 andAbdul Sami1

Ghulam Abbas1, Khalid Pervez Akhtar1, Muhammad Ahsan2, Muhammad Jawad Asghar1, Fiaz Ahmad1 and Muhammad Rizwan3* 

...manage the disease after evaluation for acceptable agronomic characteristics, adaptation, and stability in various regions or can be used as a resistant source in further breeding programs 

Adem Aksoy1, Yakup Erdal Ertürk2, Ecevit Eyduran3 and Mohammad Masood Tariq4,* For the statistical evaluation of MARS algorithm, the package “earth” of the R software was employed based on the smallest GCV value. In the CHAID algorithm, minimum enterprise numbers in parent and child nodes were set at 4 and 2 for ensuring strong predictive accuracy with the Bonferroni adjustment. MARS algorithm gave a very good performance in the prediction of final fattening weight according to goodness of fit criteria i.e. R...
Shagufta Naz*, Saima Sharif, Hafsa Badar, Syeda Fareeha Tauheed
...stroma. Careful clinical evaluation, early diagnosis, genotyping, genetic counseling and proper treatment (corneal grafting) are necessary for the restoration of optimal vision and should be done to avoid the severe outcomes caused by MCD.
Tünay Kontaş Aşkar1,*, Şinasi Aşkar1, Olga Büyükleblebici2 and Murat Güzel3

*Nageen Fatima1, Sadia Murawwat1 and Syeda Ameena Rizvi1


 Mian Azhar Ahmad1†*, Nawab Mohammad Khan2, Asmatullah3

Anatomical variations of hepatobiliary triangle in patients operated laparoscopically for gallbladder diseases from Lahore and Sahiwal
...the course of this study evaluation of 2500 patients, including 2350 women and 150 men, who underwent exploration of hepatobiliary triangle during laparoscopic cholecystectomy for different gallbladder diseases was performed. Total of 63.6% of patients expressed cystic duct, cystic lymph nodes and cystic artery variations. Among them 12% depicted cystic duct variations, 32.2% of patients demonstrated cystic lymph nodes variations and 19.4% of the patients show...

Masab Umair Khan, Syed Mehar Ali Shah, Hidayat-ur-Rahman, Arshad Iqbal* and Ezaz Aslam 

Atiq-ur-Rehman1,2,*, Abida Latif1,*, Rukhsana Anwar1, Nasir Abbas1, Sajid Nawaz2 and Hamid Turab Mirza3
...ylase inhibition for the evaluation of hypoglycemic potential of the plant. So, the aim of this study was for the investigation of in vitro, in vivo anti-diabetic potential and mode of action of various fractions of methanolic extract of the aerial parts of this plant. Various fractions (n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and n-butanol) from the most active methanolic extract were prepared. Hypoglycemic potential was investigated by α-amyl...
Hina Abrar1,2, S.N.H. Naqvi1,*, Muhammad Rashid Ahmed3, Asma Basharat Ali3 and Hina Yasin1,2
...on test and histological evaluation by H and E staining and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was carried at the end of dosing by using standard procedures. Serum level of ALT, ALP, γGT and bilirubin was significantly (p<0.05) increased in CBZ treated group as compared to control, whereas the hepatic parameters were significantly reduced in CBZ plus propranolol group. The histopathological examination reveals various features of hepatic architecture ...

Muhammad Iqbal1, Khalid Usman2*, Muhammad Arif1, Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi3, Muhammad Munir4 and Imran Khan

Muhammad Muddassir Ali1,2 and İbrahim Hakkı Ciğerci1,*
...notoxicty. So, genotoxic evaluation was carried out for the alcoholic and hexane extracts of T. turcica. Methanol extracts showed the highest DNA damage (20±1) at 200 µg/ml concentration and 11.67±2.52 at 50 µg/ml. Ethanol extracts showed the 2nd highest DNA damage (19±2)at 200 µg/ml concentration and 11 ±1at 50 µg/ml. While least was observed in the hexane extract (10.33±1.15; 6&plus...
Mirza Imran Shahzad1, Hina Ashraf2,*, Muhammad Arshad3, Sabeeha Parveen4, Amna Aslam4, Nargis Naz4, Zahid Kamran1, Sumbul Gohar Khalid5, Sajid Hameed1, Muhammad Ashfaq6 and Muhammad Mukhtar7


...resent study is based on evaluation of antiviral potential of methanolic extracts of eleven selected Cholistani plants against New Castle Disease Virus (NDV)-LaSota strain. All of these plants were reported for their different pharmacological activities but their antiviral potentials were not known before. The methanolic extracts were made and concentrated by rotary evaporator and finally dissolved in distilled water before taking their antiviral trials in 7-1...
Yan-Guo Han1, Xiao-Li Peng1, Kai Li1, Yu-He-Tian Zhao1, Xun-Ping Jiang2, Guang-Xin E1, Yong-Ju Zhao1, Jun-Hua Ye3, Li Xu3, Qin-Tao Zhao3 and Yong-Fu Huang1,*

Sahar Shibli1,2*, Farzana Siddique1, Saeeda Raza2, Zaheer Ahsan3 and Irum Raza4 

...ive instability. Sensory evaluation of peanut butter samples showed overall good acceptability of product among the people. Storage study of peanut butter samples demonstrated shelf stability of product up to three months at room temperature. 


Mudassar Javed, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed*, Muhammad Luqman and Muhammad Afzal 

...electing through in-situ evaluation and incorporating the most effective pest control options along with the biological (parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis egg cards) and cultural techniques against okra lepidopterous borers. According to results, maximum shoot and fruit infestations (i.e. 19.86 and 15.63%, respectively) by okra borers were recorded in control (unsprayed) module, while minimum (i.e. 6.76 and 2.89%, respectively) were found in IPM module. Mean sh...

Babar Tasim1, Tariq Masood1*, Zafar Ali Shah1, Muhammad Arif2, Ata Ullah1, Ghazal Miraj3 and Muhammad Samiullah4 

Liaqat Ali Shahid1*, Nadeem Amjad2 and Muhammad Abdul Hanan Siddhu3 

...n: justify;">Performance evaluation of a tractor PTO operated of Chinese Wood Chipper Shredder was conducted at a farmer’s field in Dera Ghazi Khan Area for processing of Eucalyptus tree top-trimmed mixed waste material with leaves. The average machine throughput capacity was found to be 503 kg.h-1 with an average machine efficiency of 89 percent. Total average fuel consumption and labour requirement (un-skilled + skilled) were found to be 3.5 litres and...

Muhammad Naveed Afzal1, Muhammad Tariq1*, Muhammad Ahmad1, Khuram Mubeen2, Muhammad Ayaz Khan3, Muhamamd Umer Afzal4 and Shakeel Ahmad

Tafail Akbar Mughal1, Muhammad Zubair Saleem2, Shaukat Ali3,*, Khawaja Khurshid Anwar1, Muhammad Majid Bashir1, Muhammad Babar4 and Muhammad Adeeb Khan1

Omer Baris Ince* 

...ot and Mouth Disease and evaluation the carrier rate in the region and the risk of infection and given information on the immune ratio of the animals. As a result, prevalence was observed to be 6.6% for breeding enterprises, 13.3% in bovine animals and 1% in ovine animals individually. Prevalence was found 13.3% throughout Konya. Generic immune ratio in bovine animals was found 58.8% for serotype O and 61.1% for serotype A; and in sheep, 51% for serotype O and...

Naseer Ahmed Abbasi1, Mian Noor Hussain Asghar Ali1*, Bilawal Abbasi2, Shakeel Ahmed Soomro1, Najeeb Ahmed Khan Nangraj1, Jam Ghulam Mustafa Sahto1 and Sajjad Ahmed Morio1 

...ics is combined with the evaluation of land characteristics. The correlation coefficient is high for both indices, but results obtained with fuzzy set method (r=0.97) showed a higher accuracy with yields than those obtained with the parametric method (r=0.86). Furthermore, finally formed the suitability grade or suitability index. Besides a dominant suitability class, the fuzzy set method equally provides information on the degree of belonging of the land unit...
Muhammad Usman Asif*, Raza Muhammad, Waseem Akbar, Mubasshir Sohail and Muhammad Awais  
Muhammad Arshad1, Muhammad Irfan Ullah1,*, Muhammad Afzal1, Yasir Iftikhar2, Samina Khalid3, Zahoor Hussain4, Jaime Molina-Ochoa5,6 and John E. Foster6

 Asad Sultan1, Rabia Ali1, Rifat Ullah Khan2,*, Sarzamin Khan1, Naila Chand1 and Ambrina Tariq3

Ragia S. Mohamed1, Rania F. El Naggar2, Mamdouh. M. Hamoud1, Mohamed M. Hamoud3, Abdulrhman M. Gamal1, Samah E. Laban1, Shimaa A.E. Nasr1, Manal M. Zaki1, ElShaimaa Ismael1, Osama K. Zahran1* 

Muhammad Adnan Islam1,2*, Muhammad Iqbal2, Zia-ul-Haq2,3, Muhammad Mohsin Ali1, Hafiz Sultan Mahmood1, Shabbir Ahmed Kalwar1, Liaqat Ali Shahid1, Badar Munir Khan Niazi1 and Muzammil Husain1 

Gulnaz Saleem1, Aijaz Hussain Soomro1*, Nouman Rashid2 and Mehar un Nisa Narejo3 

Farhat Iqbal1, Abdul Waheed2,*, Zil-e-Huma3 and Asim Faraz2
...ns and RMSE were used as evaluation measures in the Bayesian setup. Both approaches were strongly in favor of the Brody model as the best fit model than the competing nonlinear growth models for Thalli sheep. Results displayed that complex nonlinear functions can be easily fitted to weight-age data of animal via Bayesian approach.
Senol Celik
...tested algorithms, model evaluation criteria such as the correlation coefficient between actual and predicted LBW values (r), Akaike’s and corrected Akaike information criterion (AIC and AICc), root-mean-square error (RMSE), mean absolute deviation (MAD), standard deviation ratio (SDratio), and mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) were estimated. According to these criteria, MARS produced better predictive accuracy in explaining the variabili...
Abid Hussain Shahzad1, Abdul Sattar1,*, Nasim Ahmad1, Ijaz Ahmad2, Deniz Nak3 and Yavuz Nak3
Jun Yan Bai*, Shuai Yang, You Zhi Pang, Xiao Hong Wu and Guang Lu Li
.... Based on comprehensive evaluation, the egg quality of Korea quail is better than those of other two species, egg production and laying rate of China yellow quail are significantly higher than those of Korea quail and Beijing white quail (P<0.05). The average egg weight of Korea quail is significantly higher than those of China yellow quail and Beijing white quail (P<0.05). The egg laying capacity of China yellow quail is better compared to other two sp...
Junli Sun1,2,3, Lin Bai1 2, Xiaogan Yang1,2, Yangqing Lu1,2, Shengsheng Lu1,2,* and Kehuan Lu1,2,*
Rana Waqas Arshad1, Asim Aslam1, Muhammad Saeed Imran1, Kamran Ashraf2 and Raheela Akhtar1,*
Hui Wang1, Lin Wang1, Xuanlu Li1, Shanshan Li1, Yongqiang Zhao2, Shicheng Lv2, Xinrong Xu1, Guang Yang1 and Bingyao Chen1,*
De-Yong Zhang1, Xiao-Lu Xu1,*, Qin Ruan2, Xiu-Ying Shen3 and Yin Lu1
...tion and spermatogenesis evaluation. PFOS ≥ 11 mg/kg (accumulative dosage) resulted in visible histopathological changing in testis, including disorder and vacuolization of spermatogenic cells. Changed testicular organ coefficient (for dosage ≥ 55 mg/kg), decreased sperm concentration (for 110 mg/kg dosage), decreased motility (for 110 mg/kg dosage) and increased sperm malformation (for all of the treated groups) were also confirmed (p<0.05). S...

Durr-e-Nayab*, Iftikhar Hussain Khalil, Fida Mohammad and Shad Khan Khalil 

... Therefore, simultaneous evaluation and selection under both planting environments is more effective strategy for developing wheat cultivars with optimum performance under both normal and late environments. 

Sikander Ali1, Muhammad Kamil Malik1, Muhammad Zubair1*, Muhammad Jawad Saleem2, Kanwal Hanif2 and Saira Azmat3
Nouf Alharbi*, Mai Elobeid and Promy Virk
...m, and histopathological evaluation of liver and kidney. Results showed that low dose of quercetin was significantly (p≤0.05) more effective than the high dose. Low dose was more efficacious in reducing Cd accumulation in the tissues, reversing the effects of Cd toxicity on blood profile, and on the CAT and SOD activity in the liver and decreased the MDA levels in both serum and liver. Thus, the key findings suggest a profound antioxidative potential of the...
Muhammad Zameer Khan1, Sair Sarwar1*, Ahmad Khan1, Razaullah Khan1, Munazza Yousra1 and Muhammad Ilyas2
...d can safely be used for evaluation of K status of soils derived from diverse parent material.

Muhammad Abu Bakar1, Muhammad Anjum Aqueel1, Abu Bakar Muhammad Raza1, Rashid Mahmood2, Ziyad Abdul Qadir2, Muhammad Arshad1 and Mubasshir Sohail3 

Muhammad Zubair1, Sagheer Ahmad2*, Awais Rasool1, Muhammad Asad Farooq1 and Ibni Amin Khalil3 be applied facilitate evaluation of superior sugarcane varieties for different agro-ecologies. 

Tahsin Razzaq*, Muhammad Fareed Khan and Shahid Iqbal Awan
...1 progeny and evaluation of F1 progenies and their parents was done in June 2018 for morpho-pathological traits to assess the impact of NCLB on yield loss and yield related attributes. Results showed that area under disease progressive curve ranged 10-402dsu while disease incidence ranged 25 to 77% and showed negative correlation with grain yield and yield traits. Parents and their F1 progenies indicated that there is improveme...
Jiaxin Guo1, Xiumei Zhang1,2, Xiaoyan Wang2, Liqin Liu2 and Tianxiang Gao1,*
...arkers will be useful in evaluation germplasm and genetic composition in the further research.

Abdul Razzaq1*, Muhammad Islam2, Zahra Islam3, Zahida Fatima1, Munib Hussain4 and Farmanullah5,6 

...drug resistance and also evaluation of available or practiced anthelmintic. 


Arifa Khan1*, Shazia Erum2, Naveeda Riaz1, Abdul Ghafoor2 and Farhat Ali Khan3 

... eyes per tuber, sensory evaluation and proximate analysis. Results showed significant differences in all yields and phenotypic quality traits. High sprouting (100%) and plant height was observed in CIP8 (31.60 cm). CIP12 produced more number of tubers/plant (23.4 tubers) with low tuber weight while better average tuber weight was observed in CIP22 followed by CIP13 genotypes (95%) while CIP7 showed minimum sprouting (70%).CIP28 genotypeproduced maximum plant ...
Syed Maaz Nadeem1*, Muti ur Rehman Khan1, Asim Aslam1, Ali Ahmad Sheikh1, Arfan Ahmad1* and Muhammad Anees2
... and requires continuous evaluation. In this study, sequencing and molecular analysis of specific regions overlapping VP1-VP2 and VP2-VP3 genes of CAV strain from outbreaks in broiler flock (n=45) were undertaken in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The phylogenetic analysis clustered study strains of CAV in group II similar to those reported previously from China. These findings are helpful for an understanding of currently circulating strains of CAV; however,...

Iffat Nawaz1*, Farhatullah1, Fida Muhammad1, Sajid Ali2 and Ghulam Muhammad Ali

...ign: justify;">Germplasm evaluation is of great importance in breeding and crop improvement. Common bean accessions grown by the farming community in Himalaya region are an important source of genetic diversity. A total of 96 indigenous accessions of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) were collected from three different areas of Himalaya region of Pakistan. In all accessions, 78.1% were collected from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while 11.5% from Kashmir and 10.4% fro...

Syeda Naila, Muhammad Ibrar, Fazal Hadi* and Muhammad Nauman Khan 

Nazir Ahmad Khan1,*, Mudassir Alam1, Rafiullah khan1, Kamran Khan2 and Sadeeq ur Rahman3
...y Pakistan maize variety evaluation committee in January 2017, were provided by International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Pakistan. The content of CP was higher in QPM300 (10.8% dry matter (DM)) and QPM200 (9.12% DM) than the CM (7.78% DM). Moreover, QPM200 and QPM300 had higher contents (% of DM) of methionine (0.20-0.24 vs. 0.12), threonine (0.43-0.69 vs. 0.17), and tryptophan (0.07 each vs. 0.05) as compared to CM. For ...

Noorullah Khan1*, Farrukh Siyar Hamid1, Fayaz Ahmad1, Sabaz Ali Khan2, Imtiaz Ahmed1, Muhammad Abbas Khan1, Shamsul Islam1, Abdul Waheed1, Basharat Hussain Shah1 and Hussain Shah

...ter seedlings growth and evaluation of seedlings root systems architecture and seedling growth attributes could be used to predict the field performance of seedlings. 


Muhammad Sohail1*, Imtiaz Hussain2, Maqsood Qamar2, Sikander Khan Tanveer2, Syed Haider Abbas2, Zeshan Ali1 and Muhammad Imtiaz3 

Basharat Hussain Shah*, Farrukh Siyar Hamid, Shams ul Islam, Naveed Ahmed, Fayaz Ahmad, Noorullah Khan and Qamar uz Zaman. 

Muhammad Ramiz Murtaza1, Tahir Mehmood2*, Aziz Ahmad2 and Uzma Arshad Mughal3 

Mohammad Aquil Siddiqui1*, Muhammad Tahir Khan1, Ghulam Shah Nizamani1, Shafquat Yasmeen1, Imtiaz Ahmed Khan1, Abdullah Khatri1 and Nighat Seema Soomro2 

...crop, after two years of evaluation, indicated the earliest maturity in the mutant AEL-40/30 (92.0 days). Plant height was observed to be low in all the studied mutant lines (AEL-40/30, AEL-13/30 and AEL-12/30) against the parent and the control varieties. Important yield contributing traits like number of branches plant-1, seeds pod-1 and 1000 seed weight were also seen to be highest in the mutant AEL-40/30 (3.95, 1.91 and 29.11 (g), respectively). Moreover, ...
Rafia Sadaf1, Ishrat Younus2*, Sidra Maqbool2, Talha Bin Fayyaz3Sarah Jameel Khan1, Sidra Siddique1 and Rida Fatima1
Weigeng Wen1,2,3, Xu Chen1,2,3, Wang Zhao1,2,3, Qibin Yang1,2,3, Jian G. Qin4 and Zhenhua Ma1,2,3,*

Rehman Ullah Khan* and Muhammad Ayub 

...ant capacity and sensory evaluation of guava aloe vera blended pulp. The treatments were as GABP0 (control), GABP1 (0.1% P.S), GABP2 (0.1% K.M.S), GABP3 (0.1% S.B), GABP4 (0.05% each P.S and K.M.S), GABP5 (0.05% each P.S and S.B), GABP6 (0.05% each K.M.S and S.B), GABP7 (0.033% each P.S+ KMS and SB). The guava aloe vera blended pulp samples of all treatments were packed in pet bottles and stored at ambient conditions for six months. The results revealed signif...
Qaisra Siddique1, Sajid Abdullah1, Huma Naz2*, Khalid Abbas1, Laiba Shafique3


...transferase in fish. The evaluation of GST is a useful bio-marker for assessing the environmental stress due to these pesticides.

Faisal Hafeez, Asad Aslam*, Ayesha Iftikhar, Afifa Naeem, Muhammad Faheem Akhtar and Muhammad Jawad Saleem 

Ghulam Mohi Uddin Paracha* and Yasser Durrani 

...nt activity) and sensory evaluation of blends was carried out. The treatments in this study included BPo [peach persimmon blend (6:4)], BP1 [peach persimmon blend (6:4) + potassium sorbate (0.1%)], BP2 [peach persimmon blend (6:4) + potassium metabisulphite (0.1%)], BP3 [peach persimmon blend (6:4) + sodium benzoate (0.1%)], BP4 [peach persimmon blend (6:4) + potassium sorbate (0.05%) + potassium metabisulphite (0.05%)], BP5 [peach persimmon blend (6:4) + pota...

Muhammad Medrar Hussain*, Asad Jan* and Sayyar Khan Kazi 

...d in greenhouse. For the evaluation of OsTZF8 gene role in drought stress tolerance, two weeks old rice seedling were subjected to drought stress. OsTZF8-OX transgenic indica line A and B displayed 69% and 64% survival rates respectively compared to 33% of control. These results confirmed that due to overexpression of OsTZF8 gene, transgenic line A and B displayed considerable level of drought stress tolerance. Additionally, the chlorophyll content of top four...

Shah Nawaz Khuhro1*, Irshad Ali Junejo1, Muhammad Haroon Hullio1, Sultan Ahmed Maitlo2, Javeed Shabir Daar3 and Shahjahan Rajput

Iram Fatima1*, Imran Pasha1, Ambreen Saddozai2, Shahid Nadeem3, Amer Mumtaz4 and Saqib Jabbar4 

Zubair Aslam and Ali Ahmad* 

...ays after sowing and the evaluation was done on the basis of various morphological (root length, shoot length, root fresh weight, shoot fresh weight, root dry weight, shoot dry weight, number of leaf, leaf length, stem girth) and physiological parameters (relative water contents (RWC), chlorophyll contents and membrane stability index (MSI)). The obtained results indicated that vermi-fertilizers and chemical fertilizer significantly increased all of the above ...

Hafiz Abdul Ghafoor1*, Muhammad Afzal1, Muhammad Luqman2, Muhammad Arshad Javed2, Syed Wasim Hasan3 and Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed

Imad Hassan1, Bilal-ur-Rehman2, Muhammad Amir2, Faheem Ali2*, Salman Ilahi2 and Amjad Ali3 
...y analysis. Experimental evaluation of the proposed ESP design is carried out for the removal of particulate matter from a biomass combustor. The results shown in this paper are promising and exhibit that a simple solution can achieve above 90% efficiency. The average particulate collection efficiency of our proposed ESP reached its peak stable value of 99.1% when tested with applied voltage of 25kV at an air velocity of 0.5 m/s. Moreover, it was observed and ...

Riaz Muhammad1*, Naseer Ahmeda, Abdul Basit2, Rizwan Alim Mufti2 

...racture toughness
evaluation of the studied alloy using indentation energy model. The indentation method resulted a fracture toughness
of the studied alloy with 14.5% when compared to the results obtained from strain dependent ductile damage model. 


Aqeel Nawaz1, Muhammad Ali Kamran1 

...and describes parametric evaluation to assess the effects
of seven independent and defining geometric variables of the star and other ballistic factors including density of
propellant and characteristic exhaust velocity on the burn pattern and performance profile for qualitative analysis of
sliver fraction (tail-off)and neutrality. The purpose of the study is to expand the design domain by evaluating entire
convex Star family under ...

Ghani Akbar1, Muhammad Munir Ahmad1, Abdul Ghafoor1, Matiullah Khan1, Zafar Islam1 

...using surface irrigation evaluation Model WinSRFR 4.1.3.
The study revealed poor irrigation efficiencies, AElq (41% to 82%), PAEmin (43% to 95%), ADlq (1.16 to 2.29)
and DUlq (80% to 99%), on farms. The average AElq on farm was in the order of; level basin (58%) < border
(65%) <furrow bed (68%). Simulation modelling indicated that there is further potential to increase average PAE
up-to 94%, 87% and 96% for level basin, border...

Hamza Tariq1, Imran Hayat1, Saima Rafiq1*, Aqsa Qayyum2 and Sohrab Qayyum1 

...l phenolics, and sensory evaluation (color, flavor, taste, overall acceptability) during storage (90 days) at ambient temperature for consumer acceptability. An increase in titratable acidity, vitamin C, total phenolics and antioxidant activity was observed with increasing the concentration of autumn olive in the beverage blends while a decreasing trend was observed for pH, reducing sugars, non-reducing sugars and total sugars. Organoleptic parameters such as ...

Atta Ur Rehman, Laiq Hassan, Nasir Ahmad, Kashif Ahmad, Shakirullah

...e (SVM) are applied. The evaluation results on CASIA V.1
dataset show that Hamming distance algorithm is more suitable for the classification (with average accuracy of
93.85 %) of iris patterns.

 Muhammad Khurram Ali*, Raft Javed Qureshi**, Mirza Jahanzaib***

...ded an in depth scenario evaluation which has added value to the degree of reliability and confidence regarding acceptability of results. The paper is a unique contribution for strategic managers of the cement sector being an aid tomake confident globa...

Inayat Ullah*, Shah Khusro**, Saeed Mahfooz**, Azhar Rauf**

IMPACT OF NETWORK SCALABILITY ON THE PERFORMANCE OF RIP AND IGRP FOR EMAIL SERVICES email application as evaluation entity. The objective is to find that where, in simple network architectures, RIP with its simple metric will produce better email services or IGRP will win the race with the help of its composite metric. This study also investigates the effect of scalability on both of the routing protocols when the size of the network grows. The behavioural study of RIP and IGRP for email, in different sizes of networks...

Zeeshan Sabir*, M. Inayatullah Babar*, Saeed Ur Rehman**, Amjad Ullah Khattak * Syed Riaz Ul Hassnain*

...on their TCP window size evaluation and the number of tcp packets successfully received at the receiving node under each scenario.

Mumtaz Shah*, Hashim Nisar Hashmi* Naeem Ejaz* Abdul Razzaq Ghumman*

... Taxila was selected for evaluation and comparison of the performance of three aquatic macrophytes regarding sewage treatment. A bench scale laboratory model was developed and used for experimentation. Six experimental runs were conducted and each run laps over thirty (30) days. In each experimental runcontinuous monitoring of municipal sewage was done for each macrophyte specie. The aquatic macrophyte species used for the performance comparison...

Abroon Jamal Qazi*, Afzal Khan*, Muhammad Tahir Khan*, Muhammad Ali Kamran* and Khizar Azam*

...The technique results in evaluation of appropriate gains that result in superior performance of the designed system. The models are compared on the basis of suspension displacement and tire displacement for ascertaining ride comfort and road handling attributes respectively.
Muhammad Shaheen
...o far been developed for evaluation by an automatic tracking system, (2) No automated system exists to evaluate the performance of GIS service provider and the client on the basis of performance indicators and (3) there is no centralized mechanism for penalizing negligence of either party. This paper proposes (1). a method to regulate the technical part of the GIS contract by suggesting a simple and wizard-based Graphical user interface. (2). Conversion o...

 Nisar Mohammad1, Mohammad Mansoor Khan1

...raphic study, grain size evaluation and chemical analysis were undertaken on talc bearing rock of Swat emerald mines, aiming at finding some suitable processing technique to recover talc. A few processing tests using flotation, gravity separation and leaching methods were conducted to see the amenability of talc to enrichment by these techniques. Analysis of seven talcum powder products available in the local market including pharmaceutical...

Mehwish Liaquat1*, Arshad Mahmood Malik1, Muhammad Ishaq1, Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Ashraf2 and Ismara Naseem

Muhammad Usama Hameed*, Zulfiqar Ali Gurmani, Sajjad Khan and Allah Bakhsh 

Syeda Farzana Bibi* and Siraj-ud-Din

Fluorescence Analysis, Extractive Values and Cytotoxic Screening of Crataeva adansonii DC Leaf and Bark through Brine Shrimp Larvae Assay
...toxic study helps in the evaluation of a drug for its toxicity, which is determined by the prevention of growth and replication. Such drugs can be used to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. During the present study ethanolic extracts of leaf and bark parts of C. adansonii were evaluated through cytotoxic activity. Brine shrimp larvae assay was conducted for this purpose. Extractive values of leaf and bark parts were estimated ...

Mazhar Abbas1*, Kishwar Jam1, Rashid Iqbal Khan1, Muhammad Zafar-ul-Hye2, Tariq Rafique3 and Zahid Mahmood 2018-19 aiming at the evaluation of impacts of new commercial products “Quantis” and “Acevit-C” on growth, yield and antioxidative behaviour of bottle gourd cv. Aakash F1. Three level of Quantis (6 ml, 8 ml, 10 ml) and Acevit-C (100 ppm, 150 ppm and 200 ppm) were applied as foliar treatment following RCBD design. Results showed that impact of foliar application of both Quantis and Acevit-C on bottle gourd growth and reproductivity we...
Shikun Ge1, 2, Yanli Yang3, Brindha Chelliappan4, 5, Antonysamy Michael5, Fagang Zhong1 and Xiaoying Zhang1, 2, 3, 4*

Ghulam Akbar1*, Ali Ahmad2, Neha Arooj1, Muhammad Anjum Zia1, Aamna Rafique1, Sania Riasat1, Mohsin Raza1, Mahpara Qamar1, Shahneela Nusrat1 and Shakila Hanif1

Critical Update for the Treatment of Anemia by using Advanced Genome Editing Crispr Cas Technology types of anemia. In evaluation we defined currently developed genome editing device update used for the remedy of anemia, its mechanism of movement and sickle cellular mutation corrections.

Rida Younas1*, Tamseela Mumtaz1, Nabeela Roohi2 and Muhammad Amir Iqbal3
... potential biomarker for evaluation of disease severity.

Syeda Farzana Bibi* and Siraj ud Din

Unraveling the Bioherbicidal Potential, Elemental Analysis and Nutritional Evaluation of Crataeva adansonii Dc Leaf and Bark
...40%. The pharmacognostic evaluation of this medicinal drug will be supportive in the detection of adulteration and quality control. Due to the herbicidal potential, it can be used in the agricultural industry. For future studies, it is suggested to understand the mode of action of its active compounds through future studies.

Hamida Sarwar1, Kousar Perveen1,Rida Mazhar2, Muhammad Afzal1, Syed Amir Gilani3
...ed reference statistical evaluation was performed by using SPSS version 2.6. The data was analyzed to assess the severity of symptoms of depression, anxiety, distress, and insomnia; and then conferred as numbers and percentages. A significant proportion of doctors, nurses, and paramedics reported symptoms of anxiety (38.3%), depression (58.9%), insomnia (45.2%), and distress (61.64%). Overall data collected showed that the ratio of symptoms was comparatively h...
Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1*, Muhammad Afzal1,Muhammad Asam Riaz1,Kanwer Shahzad Ahmed1, Muhammad Luqman2, Mehar Zubair Shehzad1, Muhammad Bilal Tayyab1, Mujahid Tanvir1 and Saadia Wahid1
... encompasses comparative evaluation of insecticidal potential of indigenous ethnomedicinal flora of Soone Valley and surrounding Salt Range of Pakistan. Acetone extracts (10%) of forty plant species were evaluated against Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri), armyworm (Spodoptera litura), house mosquito (Culex quinquefasciatus) and subterranean termite (Odontotermes obesus) using twig-dip, leaf-dip, aqueous exposure and filter pa...

Md. Gulam Rabbany Rassel1, Kazi Afsana Homayra Orchy1, Md. Moshiur Rahman Khan1, Marzia Rahman2 and Md. Mahmudul Alam1*

Hematological and Serum Biochemical Indices in Calves with Navel Ill
...eparated for biochemical evaluation. In term of haematological profile, Hb and TEC were decreased whereas PCV and TLC were elevated compared to healthy calves. Some leading enzymes such as ALT, AST, ALP, LDH, CK were elevated in affected calves than their healthy counterparts. Creatinine, BUN, LDL, HDL, cholesterol and triglyceride were also elevated remarkably. Mild alterations of electrolytes such as Na+, K+, Cl- and Ca+2 were also observed. The results demo...
Rehman Akhtar1, Khizar Azam2, Abdur Rehman Babar1, Qazi Salman Khalid1, Rashid Nawaz1 and Imran Ahmad1 
...el and Shergarh city are evaluation by Fuzzy AHP on the basis of above-mentioned factors. Shergarh city is selected for most suitable location for the installation of solar panels.

Zaka ur Rehman1*, Kashif Akbar1, Altaf ur Rehman1, Hassan Waqas1, Alif Khan1 and Asad Ali2

Development and Storage Stability of Diet Mango Juice
... ratio) and organoleptic evaluation (appearance, taste, flavor, overall acceptability) for three months. These were prepared with sweeteners, numbered as (T0) pure mango juice (control sample), (T1) mango juice+2.5g sucralose, (T2) mango juice+2.5g cyclamate, (T3) mango juice+2.5g aspartame, (T4) mango juice+1.25g sucralose + 1.25g cyclamate, (T5) mango juice+1.25g sucralose +1.25g aspartame, (T6) mango juice+1.25g cyclamate + 1.25g aspartame and (T7) mango ju...
Sana Mehmood1, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir1*, Muhammad Summer1, Sher Muhammad Sherawat2, Shaukat Ali1*, Sajida Naseem3
...ure. Authentic molecular evaluation will also help to correct the misidentified specimens.
Muhammad Mohsin Raza1*, Hera Gul2, Malik Muhammad Yousaf1, Sami Ullah3, Ghulam Sabir Hussain4, Mumtaz Hussain1, Jahangir Shah1, Bashir Ahmad1, Rao Wali Muhammad1, Ijaz Ahmad5 and Muhammad Zeshan6

Muhammad Jahanzaib1*, Nazakat Nawaz1, Muhammad Arshad1, Haris Khurshid1, Muzamil Hussain2 and Shahid Ali Khan1



... recommended for further evaluation through future breeding program.
Sadaf Javaria1, Anum Marwat1, Muhammad Nadeem2, Mehwish Zerlasht1, Aiman Kareem3, Iqra Rubab1 and Masooma Munir4*
...ated. Results of sensory evaluation showed that all the samples were in an acceptable range. However, Mix fruit leather with 50 % apple puree and 50% peach puree was liked the most by the panelists.
Salman Ali1*, Ayaz Ali2, Riaz Ali Rind2, Majid Ali3, Zulfiqar Ali Mastoi2, Shagufta Naz3, Muhammad Shakir3, Rashid Ahmed Qaim Khani1
...According to the sensory evaluation the result of microwave method were found significantly high than other methods with score of all sensorial parameters i.e. color (7.33), flavor (7.66), texture (8.00), taste (7.66), aroma (7.33) and overall acceptability (8.00). Whereas, the lowest sensory score was recorded in fish with grilled method of cooking and scored (6.00), (5.66), (5.66), (5.33), (5.00), (6.33) in color, flavor, texture, taste, aroma and overall ac...

 Caner Öztürk1*, Mücahid Onay1 and Neşe Hayat Aksoy2 nitrogen. For further evaluation, the samples were thawed at 38 °C for 30 s. A phase-contrast microscope (400x) was used to determine the sperm motility. PNA-FITC staining was used to examine the acrosome integrity under a fluorescence microscope. Total oxidant status (TOS) and total antioxidant status (TAS) were measured using ELISA. The methionine group showed an increase in the post-thaw motility (53.08 ±3.6%) and viability (47.5 &pl...
Rukhsar Ali* and Ali Muhammad

...n C content) and sensory evaluation as color, taste, and overall acceptability stored at ambient conditions (25±2⁰C) for six months with twenty days interval. Based on sensory analysis, the best suitable blend was selected within different ratios of mango pulp and loquat pulp. The blended pulp with ratio (60:40) got the highest mean score of judges for overall acceptability which used for further study. The different treatments were included in this s...
Aysha Riaz* and Said Wahab
... composition and sensory evaluation. The results showed that moringa leaves powder have higher protein content, crude fat, ash content and crude fiber whereas lower NFE content compared to whole wheat flour. In moringa leaves powder and whole wheat flour, the protein, fat, ash, fiber and NFE contents were 23.27 and 12.48, 8.49 and 1.48, 12.98 and 1.33, 12.64 and 2.41 and 34.60 and 75.15% respectively. The farinograph water absorption and mixing tolerance index...
Muhammad Farooq1*, Allah Rakha2,Jawad Ul Hassan2, Iftikhar Ahmed Solangi1, A. Shakoor3, Muhammad Bakhtiar4, Muhammad Noman Khan5,Shoaib Khan5, Ibrar Ahmad6, Shabir Ahmed7 andWang Yunyang1*

.... The results of sensory evaluation showed that muffin prepared with 10% mushroom powder have high sensory score while muffins prepared with 40% mushroom powder had very low sensory score. 

Mehwish Saleem1*, Maria Tahir1, Maryam Ilyas2 and Aqsa Malik2

Jabeen Farheen1,2*, Simeen Mansoor1 and Maria Abid1

...and 36 h for microscopic evaluation. The onion root tips morpho-physiology was severely affected as the concentration of FCAs increased. The macroscopic analysis manifested that allura red had 95% broken-ended extremely thin and transparent root tips at 1% concentration. In the microscopic analysis, FCAs induced eight different kinds of chromosomal aberrations in which allura red significantly induced the highest frequencies of abnormal prophase, sticky metaph...

Muhammad Adnan Islam1*, Zia-Ul-Haq2, Rana Shahzad Noor2, Matiullah Khan4, Muhammad Mohsin Ali1, Zulfiqar Ali3, Asif Ali Mirani3, Hafiz Sultan Mahmood1, Muzammil Husain1 and Badar Munir Khan Niazi1

Hafiz Basheer Ahmad1*, Sajida Habib2, Waqas Shafqat Chattha3, Rizwana Qamar2, Shazia Saeed2, Abdul Khaliq1 and Salsabeel Rauf2

Muhammad Ashraf Sumrah1*, Muhamad Jan1, Azhar Hussain2, Shoaib Akhtar1, Hussain Nawaz1, Muhammad Afzal3 and Humara Umar1

Muhammad Waqas1*, Muhammad Shoaib2, Muhammad Saifullah1, Adila Naseem4, Sarfraz Hashim1, Farrukh Ehsan1, Irfan Ali3 and Alamgir Khan1

...assessed the performance evaluation. DTF was more efficient AI techniques with the average evaluation parameters R2, NSE, and RMSE are 0.998, 0.992, and 382 m3/sec. The assessment revealed that DTF has potential and may be considered as an alternative method for streamflow forecasting.


Misbah Ali1, Safdar Ali1, Muhammad Ahmad Zeshan2*, Rana Binyamin3, Nadeem Ahmed4, Muhammad Usman Ghani5 and Awais Ahmed Khan2

Aly Khan1*, Shagufta Ambreen Sheikh2, Khalil Ahmed Khanzada1, Syed Shahid Shaukat3 and Javaid Akhtar1

...ify;">The study involves evaluation of two nematicides, namely Turtob-F (a new nematicide) and carbofuran on 3 nematode populations and two bacteria associated with the rhizosphere of brinjal. The effect of the nematicides was observed on the population size of the selected nematodes and bacteria as well as the yield of brinjal crop. All three nematode populations were markedly reduced by the applied nematicides. The bacterial populations (Pseudomonas and Kleb...

Arshad Khan1, Mohammad Ihsan1, Mohammad Nisar1, Ali Hazrat1*, Murad Ali3, Rashid Ul-Haq3, Khalid Khan2, Karishma Gul1 and Shah Faisal1 

Syed Muhammad Sulaiman, Nazir Ahmad and Nazir Ahmad Khan*

...orphological and quality evaluation, samples were collected from randomly selected one-meter long strip of two consecutive rows of each plot at feekes stages 7 to 8, when the second last leaf was visible. The collected samples were immediately weighed, and 10 plants were subsampled from each sample for morphological evaluation. Ten plants were weighed and separated into stem and leaves portion, subsequently weighed and analy...

Muhammad Akhtar1, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood2*, Kaiser Latif Cheema1, Mushtaq Ahmad2, Muhammad Jahanzaib Khalid1, Amir Amin1, Javed Anwar Shah1, Zeeshan Qadeer1 and Zeshan Ali3

...efforts are required for evaluation of available genetic material to evolve drought tolerant chickpea cultivars for drought prone regions of the country. For this purpose, a research experiment was conducted in moisture stress (drought) and non-stress conditions (irrigated) at Gram Breeding Research Station, Kallurkot, Pakistan during 2019-20. Mean performance of various traits revealed significant differences among all the included chickpea advance lines. Dro...

Afaf. A. Khedr*, Ekram Salama*, A. A. Samy**, Abdella, Y.A.*** and Suzan. K. Tolba***

Amro A. Farrag1; Ahmed K. El-Attar1; Om-Hashem M. El-Banna2; Ibrahim A. I.2; H. M. Mazyad 1 
...erent growth stages. The evaluation
was performed using whitefly inoculation in insect proof green house. Two commercial
varieties (Tema and Giza 6) were found to be tolerant to SLCV infection in all tested
growth stages. The disease severity of the viral infection varied in the other four
susceptible varieties at the different growth stages. It was observed that infection
percentage and disease sever...

Mohamed I. Azzam1, Safaa M. Ezzat1, K. A. El-Dougdoug2, Badawi A. Othman2

...atic viral isolates. The evaluation was
carried out using real time-quantitative reverse transcriptase - polymerase chain reaction
(rt-qRT-PCR). Eight coliphage isolates were detected in both Rosetta Branch and
drainage water samples. Transmission Electron microscopy revealed that, the isolated
coliphages have an isometric head and long-contractile tail; some particles revealed a
short tail with full ...

Magdy, Mariam1 ; Abou ElHassan D.G. 2 ; and Salem, S.A.H 3

...tes. This study based on evaluation of vaccinated animals by detection of antibodies
against serotypes of FMDV (A),(O) and (SAT-2) by (SNT) as well as by analysis of negative
Non Structural Protein sera by solid phase competitive ELISA for differentiation between natural
infected and vaccinated animals by detection of Non-Structral protein of FMDV by priocheck
test. Five hundred sera were collected from vaccinate...

Manar F. Seioudy1, Magda M. Sayed1, Ahmed A. El-Sanousi2 and M. A. Shalaby2

... could be used for rapid evaluation of PPR vaccine including RT-PCR for identity testing and for detection of BVDV as adventitious contaminant and PCR assay for detection of bacterial contaminants as mycoplasma.


Lamya A. F. Ateya1 , Said. A .Ahmed2, Khamees K.S. Ashraf3, Heba A. Abdel-Hady4

Ola Youssef 1; EL-Deeb A.H.2 Nassif S.A.1 and Ahmed A. El-Sanousi 2.

...ity control protocol for evaluation of recombinant H5
vaccines had been established yet so, these vaccines are evaluated by applying the conventional QC
tests such as identity, safety, purity, potency and efficacy that were not satisfactory in vaccine
Objective: The present study was conducted to standardize a protocol for quality control and

Ehab M. El-Nahas1, Hemat S. El-Sayed2, Sawsan S. El-Basuni3, Gabr F. El-Bagoury1

...isolates beside periodic evaluation of cross-protective capabilities of such vaccine.


Manar F. Seioudy1, Magda M. Sayed1, Ahmed A. El-Sanousi2 and Mohammed A. Shalaby2

... could be used for rapid evaluation of PPR vaccine including RTPCR
and real time RT-PCR for identity testing. However, the one-step real-time RT-PCR is proved to
be the most rapid, sensitive and specific assay for identification of peste des petits ruminants virus in
PPR vaccines. In the meanwhile, the conventional RT-PCR using primer set that targets N gene is
more sensitive in identification of PPRV than RT-PCR...

Nermeen A. Marden1, Lamiaa M. Gaafar1, Hussein A. Hussein2

...ounding environment. The evaluation methods of the AI vaccines are very important
for controlling the license of the bad vaccines. Comparative studies between the invitro and invivo
methods for 8 types of AI vaccines (5 batches for each) to evaluate their efficacies were done.
Methods: The invivo method, was done through the vaccination-challenge pathway of SPF chickens
to estimate the protection percent of each ...

Rana A. Rabiea1, Mohamed Fawzy2, Mohamed H. Khodeir3 and MokhtarM. EL-Tarabili2

Youssef A. Elgharbawy1, Mervat M. Ali1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2, Mohamed A. Shalaby2

Soad, E. Elsayed 1, Mohammed A. Shalaby2, Ausama A. Yousef2, Abu bakr A. Agor1,
Sherouk E. Aly1
Immunological evaluation by serum neutralization test showed enhanced immunogenicity of
developed formula when compared to the conventional one. Challenge test revealed high protection
levels that reached 90% of the Guinea pig vaccinated by nano emulsion.
Conclusion: Our findings suggest that we aimed to enhance immunity through nano emulsion of
Montanide ISA 206 is well achieved.
Karim M. Selim1, Abdullah A. Selim1, abdelsattar Arafa1, Hussein A. Hussein2, Ahmed A. El-Sanousi2
...>parameters used in this evaluation are the antibody immune response using hemagglutination
inhibition (HI) assay, protection post challenge, virus shedding and transmission in contact
non vaccinated chickens using qRT-PCR test.The genotype VII (GVII) vaccine group
induced higher HI titer by using GVII monospecific antigen and decreased virus shedding
than other group. The vaccinated group with genotype VII signi...

Moazama Batool1*, Sajid Abdullah2, Huma Naz3, Mubashar Hussain4, Sadia Maalik1, Sajida Mushtaq1, Tanveer Ahmed5 and Laiba Shafique6

Khawaja Adeel Tariq1*, Hadhi Hassan Khan2, Shuja Zaib Afghan3 and Arslan Raza4
Song Jiang1,2,3, Xianbin Mo1,2, Falin Zhou2,3, Jianhua Huang2,3, Qibin Yang2,3, Lishi Yang2,3 and Shigui Jiang2,3*
Wenjuan Yan1, Qunlan Zhou2, Bo Liu2,3*, Cunxin Sun2, Huimin Zhang3 and Changyou Song2
...eased the muscle sensory evaluations including whiteness and succulency. Therefore, 100 mg Kg-1 I. cicadae could improve growth performance and meat quality of giant freshwater prawn, reduce the damage of oxidative stress.
Arshad Khan1, Mohammad Ihsan1, Ali Hazrat1*, Mohammad Nisar1, Muhammad Laiq1, Maryam Bibi1, Nasir Ali2, Ulfat Naz1, Muhammad Zakria1, Nausheen Nazir3, Adam Khan4 and Muhammad Asif Nawaz5

Masudul Haq Wani and Arshad Bhat*

...or its adoption, ex-ante evaluation was carried out by employing economic surplus model on the experimental data collected from the technical expert group of scientists involved in its cultivation, assessment, evaluation and dissemination. By adopting high advance impact assessment technologies and models, the study reveals that under medium density plantation at 2×2.5m (2000 trees/ha) resulted in the productivity of a...

Kawa A. Ali1*, Sazar S. Noraldeen2 and Arshad A. Yaseen2, 3

Zhi-Ming Luo*, Xiao-Yan Wang, Jiong Yin, Ying-Kun Huang, Wen-Feng Li, Rong-Yue Zhang, Hong-Li Shan, Xiao-Yan Cang and Jie Li
...sed in future resistance evaluations of novel sugarcane varieties during the crop breeding process.

Kemi Funmilayo Omotesho1*, Philip Akintunde Fatodu1 and Toyin Benedict Ajibade2

...eria greatly impedes the evaluation of the performance of farms, national planning, budgeting for commercial agricultural development, and control of postharvest losses. The study analysed the record keeping behavior of youth farmers in Ekiti State. Specifically, it assessed the level of record keeping among farmers; examined their attitude towards record keeping; assessed the farmers’ knowledge of record keeping; determined their intentions towards keep...
Farhat Iqbal1, Abdul Waheed2*, Zil-e-Huma3 and Asim Faraz2
...ndidate methods, various evaluation measures such as the mean absolute error, root mean squared error, mean absolute percentage error, coefficient of determination and the correlation between the actual and predicted body weights were calculated. A 10-fold cross validation was used on the training dataset for tuning the hyperparameters of the models whereas a separate testing dataset was used for evaluation of the predictive...
Muhammad Mohsin Javed1*, Muhammad Azhar Nisar2 and 

Muhammad Usman Ahmad2 

...tions of NaCl and pH for evaluation of power generation. The MFC with 50 mM NaCl concentration showed maximum response and gave 88.9 W/m2 power densities and 569 mV of open circuit voltage. The results showed that NaCl, at its optimum level, plays an important role in increasing the bioelectricity and sustaining the internal resistivity. Six different pH parameters were subjected to check the effectiveness of the treatment on the power production. T...

Mohammad Aquil Siddiqui1*, Muhammad Mahran Aslam1, Mahboob Ali Sial1, Nighat Seema Soomro1, Muhammad Tahir Khan1, Shafquat Yasmeen1, Shumaila Sial2 and Imtiaz Ahmad Khan1

...during 2004-05 for yield evaluation in zonal varietal trials and the national uniform rapeseed yield trials (NURYT). The resultant variety exhibited the highest seed yield (2826 kg ha-1) in NURYT compared to other contesting advanced genotypes during 2008-09. Surhan-2012 was performed better for seed yield (1460.8 kg ha- 1) as compared to parent genotype (800kg/ha seed yield) in advanced station yield trials. Surhan-2012 produced higher seed yield (1818kg/ha) ...
Luis Daniel Jiménez Martínez1, Vicente Morales Garcia2Carlos Alfonso Frias Quintana3, Alejandra del Carmen Castillo Collado1, Gloria Gertrudys Asencio Alcudia4, Carina Shianya Alvarez Villagomez4, Emyr Saul Peña Marín4,5, Bartolo Concha Frias1 and 
Carlos Alfonso Alvarez-Gonzalez4

Muhammad Shahbaz1,2, Sajid Abdullah1*, Huma Naz3*, Khalid Abbas1, Tanveer Ahmed4, Sana Mehmood1, Muhammad Adeel Hussan5

Jhan Zeb1*, Saiqa Tufail1, Nausheen Saboohi1, Zafar Samuel2, Asher Azeem3, Yaseen Amir4 and Sehrish Akram5
... design executed for the evaluation of optimum lipid/protein level in pelleted diets for Labeo rohita (Initial weight; 2.87±0.01g). Four pelleted diets varying in their lipid/protein levels i.e. 7.5/25, 9.5/25, 7.5/30 and 9.5/30% were formulated and hand fed for 90 days to four groups of 10 fish each. Results of the present study showed that L. rohita attained significantly higher aver

Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1*, Muhammad Irfan Ullah1, Dilbar Hussain2, Muhammad Luqman3, Muhammad Qasim1, Gulfam Yousaf1, Hamza Latif1 and Muhammad Zeeshan1

Aftab Ahmad Sheikh1, Khalil Ahmed1*, Belqees Akhter1, Ghulam Qadir1, Muhammad Qaisar Nawaz1, Hafeezullah Rafa1, Abdul Wakeel1, Abdul Manan Saeed2

Amal H. Mostafa, Mohammed Y. Matoock, Heba M. A. Khalil* 

...ed a modified behavioral evaluation associated with a management program for stray dogs. Eight adult native dogs were collected from Maadi district streets in Cairo. and brought to the clinic to assess their aggression level. They were exposed to a 10 behavioral test series, including friendly greeting, room behavior, leash manner, look test, sensitivity test, tag test, squeeze test, food behavior, toy behavior, and dog to dog behavior to measure the dog&rsquo...

Saleem Ur Rahman1, Muhammad Irfan Yousaf1*, Mozammil Hussain2, Khadim Hussain1, Shahid Hussain1, Muhammad Husnain Bhatti1, Dilbar Hussain1, Aamir Ghani1, Abdul Razaq1, Muhammad Akram1, Iqra Ibrar1, Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad1, Shoaib Anwar Kohli3, Muhammad Abubakar Siddiq4

K.M. Injarul Haque, Sharmeen Islam*, Md. Rokibul Islam Khan, Md. Ruhul Amin 

Shaokun Lu1,2, Ronghua Li1,2*, Chunlin Wang1,2, Changkao Mu1,2 and Weiwei Song1

...berculatus. Polymorphism evaluation was tested on 30 wild individuals of P.trituberculatus collected from Xiangshan, Zhejiang province, China. The minor allele frequency ranged between 0.292 and 0.500, with an average of 0.384. The expected and observed heterozygosities (He and Ho) ranged from 0.422 to 0.545 and from 0.000 to 1.000 respectively. Four loci were found deviate significantly from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Blast results give significant hits for ...

Esraa Yosry Abdel Halim1, Hamdy El-Essawy1, Abeer Abdel Nasser Awad1, Mona S. El-Kutry2, Lamiaa Ibrahim Ahmed1* mandate the microbial evaluation of the imported dairy products. In the present study, ninety random samples of imported milk powder, labneh and cheddar cheese from New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands, European Union and Switzerland were collected from the Egyptian markets then were investigated organoleptically and microbiologically. The sensory evaluation revealed that the majority of the examined labneh a...

Abdul Haleem1*, Ghulam Hassan1, Arshad Iqbal2, Fahim Ullah Khan3, Muhammad Sajid3, Farhad Ahmad4, Rafi Ullah Khan5 and Mohammad Ilyas2

...ustify;">Development and evaluation of segregating derived from diallel cross provides an opportunity to identify potential transgressive segregant in early generation. To assess genetic variability, broad sense heritability and traits varied from, 36 lines of wheat were field tested in RCBD with three replications. The experimental materials include twenty eight F2 population and eight parents. Data showed considerable genetic variation amongst the studied li...

Ho Le Quynh Chau, Than Thi Thanh Tra, Duong Thi Huong, Du Thanh Hang, Le Thi Thu Hang, Vo Thi Minh Tam, Dinh Van Dung*, Ho Trung Thong 

...myogenic gene expression evaluation (myostatin, myf5, MEF2B). The results showed that the higher level of dietary SID methionine than that of Evonik recommendation (2010) improved growth performance in slow-growing colored chickens but had no effect on body weight gain in fast-growing strain. The increasing breast muscle yield and decreasing abdominal fat were observed in the fast-growing chicks fed high dietary SID methionine. The improvements in breast muscl...

Fulencio Ferretiz-Rodríguez1, Jose Alejandro Roque-Jiménez1, Héctor A. Lee-Rangel1*, Gregorio Alvarez-Fuentes1, Juan Carlos Garcia-Lopez1, Rolando Rojo-Rubio2 

Damat Damat1*, Roy Hendroko Setyobudi2, Juris Burlakovs3, Zane Vincēviča-Gaile4
Devi Dwi Siskawardani1, Rista Anggriani1 and Anas Tain5
...r intensity, and sensory evaluation. The data were analyzed by ANOVA and continued according to Duncan’s multiple range test. The results showed that all formulas of analog rice produced from arrowroot starch, with the addition of seaweed pulp and spices, fulfill the chemical and physical properties of paddy rice requirements according to Indonesian National Standard No. 6128-2008. With an increasing concentration of the seaweed pulp, thefoodfiber,andthe...

Raheela Naz1*, Muhammad Aftab1, Ghulam Sarwar2, Ana Aslam1, Qudsia Nazir1, Asifa Naz3, Abid Niaz4, Farah Rasheed1, Amina Kalsom1, Nisa Mukhtar1, Sadia Sultana1, Ifra Saleem1, Arfan ul Haq1, Muhammad Arif1, Aamer Sattar1, Sarfraz Hussain5 and Muhammad Adnan Rafique6

Alexander Tsybulsky1*, Tatyana Tabakaeva1, Anna Klimovich2, Michail Shchelkanov1, Eduard Kostetsky1, Maksim Aliev1, Anton Degtyarenko3 

...ressive activity of FeLV evaluation in the infected organism cells, innate immune factors for antivirals evaluation, interferon system (IFN) in particular, molecular guard factors for cell genome integrity evaluation (p53, etc.). Methods. In domestic cats with a previously established diagnosis of «FeLV-infection and chronic leukaemia» (n = 10) and healthy control cats (n = 6),...

Chukwudi Njoku1*, Inyang Etim-Inyang2, Prince-Charles Itu1 and Arinze Uzoezie1

Gülseren Kırbas Dogan1,*, Emin Karakurt2, Mushap Kuru3 and Hilmi Nuhoglu2

Ramy S. Yehia1,3, Essam A. Shaalan2* and Hashem M. Al-Sheikh1 

...rmore, research on field evaluation and deleterious effects of environmental conditions on fungi capacity is required.

Mohamed Ali Zayed
...ere obtained for sensory evaluation (aroma, flavor, tenderness, juiciness, and palatability) for the three types of muscles for lambs kept on fresh water against to those drinking saline water. A micrograph of a section BF muscle of lambs that drinking fresh water showing intact muscle fibers, however the lambs that drinking saline water showing relative atrophy of muscle fibers. While LD musc...

Heba El-Zahar*, Zeinab Abd El-Rahman, Abbas El-Naggar 

... in association with the evaluation of C-reactive proteins (CRP), haptoglobin and fecal calprotectin concentration as prognostic markers in dogs with IBD. After a detailed clinical, laboratory and ultrasonographic examination 21 IBD dogs with symptoms of chronic gastrointestinal diseases were chosen for the study. In addition to 11 healthy dogs served as control group. In comparison to controls, hematological analysis revealed significant variations (p<0.05...
Aly M. Ghetas1*, Dalia M. Sedeek1, Hanaa S. Fedawy1, M.A. Bosila1, Asmaa M. Maatouq1, Hoda M. Mekky1, Kh. M. Elbayoumi1,2, Mohamed M. Amer3
... vaccinated chickens and evaluation of the used vaccines are required.
Keywords | IBDV, Identification, Phylogenic tree, Native chickens, RT- PCR
Ali Zohaib1*, Muzzammil Hussain1, Iftikhar Ahmad1, Mushtaq Ali2, Tahira Tabassum3 and Adnan Bashir1

Sana Shakoor, Tahir Rehman Samiullah, Naila Shahid, Abdul Qayyum Rao*, Aneela Yasmeen, Sana Tahir, Ayesha Latif, Saira Azam, Ahmad Ali Shahid and Tayyab Husnain

Amal Hamad1, Ashraf M. Abu-Seida2*, Faisal A. Torad2, Nahed S. Thabet3, Shabaan M. Gadallah1

...ively. The zero time for evaluation was 10 min for Nalbuphine HCl, 45 min for Tramadol HCl, 7 min for Fentanyl citrate and one hour for Meloxicam. The dogs were evaluated every15 min interval for up to 90 minutes. Assessments included the degree of analgesia, sedation, behavioral abnormalities and changes on vital signs, hemogram and serum biochemistry. Statistical analysis was carried out by paired samples t-test. Unlike Nalbuphine HCl, Fentanyl citrate and T...

Muhammad F Tajol Ariffin1, Chai M Hian1, Muhammad Z Sukiman1, Mohd F Ghazali1, Siti M Zainal Ariffin2* the potentials of APP evaluation as alternative tools for early diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in goats. Also, there was a significant relationship between milk Hp and SCC, thus reflecting the intensity of the inflammatory response to mammary tissue.

Keywords | Acute phase proteins, Subclinical mastitis, Serum, Milk, Goats. 


Mohamed Mohamady Ghanem1*, Yassine Mahmoud Abdelraoof1, Abdelghany Hefnawy Abdelghany2, Eman Abdelhamid El-Ebissy3, Ahmed Ragab Askar4,5, Attia Ahmed Eissa6  

Abida Shehzadi*, Muhammad Shafique and Ahmad Ali Shahid

Wael Felefel1*, Mohamed EL-Beskawy2, M. F. El -Dakroury3, Mohamed Morsi Elkamshishi4, Eman Sayed Mohammed5 

Masudul Haq Wani and Arshad Bhat*

...ropensity score matching evaluation of the developed module was undertaken.

Uzochukwu Ephraim Emeto, Chukwuemeka Calistus Okolo* and Nwakaego Ernestina Nweze

...inthics, epidemiological evaluations are necessary for deploying meaningful intervention strategies. Such investigations are lacking in the region; hence, the occurrence, risk-factors and nature of cestodiasis and nematodiasis of horses at Obollo-Afor southeastern Nigeria were investigated. Horses billed for slaughter were randomly selected (N = 304) for sampling. About 5grams of faeces and 2ml of blood were collected from each horse into labeled containers fo...

Saied Belal1, Ashraf Albrakati1*, Khalaf Alsharif2, Saad Al-Shehri2, Mohamed Alblihed3, Malik Almuqati4, Anfal Alsharif5, Alaa Albarakati6 and Anas Al-sharif7

Luke Chukwudi Ali*, Nnanna Ephraim Ikeh, Bright Chigozie Amaefule, Amarachi Linda Obinna, Ndubuisi Samuel Machebe 

...ks, semen collection and evaluation were carried out. Thirty six (36) rabbit bucks were slaughtered and testes collected and dissected for testicular morphometry and histomorphology evaluation. Semen colour showed milky white in all groups although T4 appeared creamy white. There were significant (P<0.01) differences among treatment groups of rabbits in all the semen traits except in semen volume. Semen pH showed signific...

Ghassan Zahid1, 2*, Sara Iftikhar3, Muhammad Umer Farooq4 and Shakeel Ahmed Soomro5

...s and nematodes, market devaluation and access, urbanization, poor gardening, poverty climate change, small landholdings, exogenous factors and managerial decisions, etc. So, to counter these fruit yield declining factors the use of advanced molecular markers is a handy option for the improvement of the fruit germplasm in Pakistan. Additionally, they also have diverse applications in the area of genetic diversity, varietal identification studies, hybrid detect...

Gamal Shawki1, Tawfek Mohamed Barakat1, Attia Mohamed Samy2, Ahmed Alhamed AL-Mejren2, Ayman Mesalam1* 

Barirah Rehman Talpur1, Zaheer Ahmed Nizamani1*, Imdad Hussain Leghari2, Mansoor Tariq1, Aisha Rehman3, Shahnawaz Kumbhar1 

...nd 18 of experiment, for evaluation of liver and kidney functions. Dose and time dependent significant (p<0.05) increase in serum Alanine aminotransferase (GPT), Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), Gamma glutamyl transferase (γGT), uric acid and creatinine levels and significant (p<0.05) decrease of serum calcium levels were noted in all treatment groups of both species as compared to control. In rabbits and broilers, necropsy findings included mild inflam...
Noha M El-Motaily1, Ossama M Abdou1, Heba S Farag1, Kawkab A Ahmed2, Mahmoud Saber1*
...cosis infected dogs, for evaluation of hematological, biochemical and histopathological alterations. Beside detection of the antioxidant trace elements (Zn, Cu, Se) levels in dogs suffering from demodicosis. Results showed significant decrease in the value of (PCV) and (TEC). Affected dogs also showed leukocytosis associated with lymphocytosis. Hypothyroidism demonstrated by reduced levels of free T4 and significant decrease in antioxidant trace elements level...

Avijite Sarker, Sharmeen Islam, S.M. Ariful Islam, Md. Rokibul Islam Khan*, Md Mukhlesur Rahman 

Rubaijaniza Abigaba1,4*, Pharaoh C. Sianangama1, Progress H. Nyanga2, Edwell S. Mwaanga3, Wilson N.M. Mwenya1
...more favourable attitude evaluations than their female counterparts (p <0.01). The overall mean attitude scores for males (3.91±0.03) and females (3.81±0.02) were generally positive. The influence of awareness level on the mean attitude scores was significant for both male (P<0.001) and female respondents (P<0.001). In conclusion, this study has revealed significant disparities in socio-demographic characteristics, awareness, and attitud...

Abdul Qadoos1, Muhammad Bakhtiar2*, Wajiha Seerat3, Asma Bibi4, Sohail Rahman1, Muhammad Noman Khan5, Ghulam Yaseen6, Mamoona Munir7 and Sadiqullah Khan8

Naseem Sharif1,2*, Imran Muhammad Siqqique2, Muhammad Kashif Raza3, Urwa Irshad1, Muhammad Ikhlaq Khan4, Ammara Noreen4 , Muhammad Ahsan Qureshi1, Mohsin Abbas5, Muhammad Maaz Aziz5, Sitwat Riaz5, Komal Aslam5 and Naseem Akhtar6

Mahreen Hanif*, Shafqat Saeed, Mudssar Ali, Muqadas Younas, Huda Bilal, Syeda Fatima Bukhari

Nkana Kontchiachou J. Gwladys1, Kouamo Justin2, Vemo Bertin Narcisse3*, Mweugang Ngouopo Nathalie4, Wang-Baa Temoa Christophe1, Awantu Christian Funwi1, Semi Yam Alphonsius1, Kenne Noubissie Christèle5, Tendonkeng Fernand5

...oagulant (EDTA), for the evaluation of haematological parameters, and in dry tubes, for the dosage of serum biochemical parameters. The main results revealed that the number of total white blood cells, lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes increased significantly (p<0.05) in guinea pigs supplemented at 0.5% green anise, compared to the control. The haemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume, mean corpuscular volume of haemoglobin, the number of red blo...

Teguh Wahyono1,2*, Wahidin Teguh Sasongko3, Wijaya Murti Indriatama4, Setiawan Martono5, Slamet Widodo3, Widhi Kurniawan6, Muhamad Nasir Rofiq7

...gement. Based on sensory evaluation, colour, smell and sensory index increased after wilting treatment (P < 0.01). Based on chemical quality, pH and NH3-N values were lower in wilted groups than in unwilting sorghum silage (P < 0.01). Compared with non-wilted materials, higher dry-matter (DM) and organic-matter (OM) content were found in wilted materials (P < 0.01). Wilting did not affect crude protein (CP), ether extract (EE), neutral detergent fibre...
Amreen Zahra1*, Mushtaq A. Saleem2, Hasnain Javed3, Muhammad Azmat Ullah Khan4 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori4
...coupled with responsible evaluation of drug resistance in HIV-1 at higher resolution. This study emphasizes on the sudden emergence of circulating HIV-1 subtypes and its deadly drug resistant variants in Pakistan in the recent years. However, such molecular approaches in developing nations like Pakistan, will pave favourable strategies for advanced drug design, diagnostic assays and antiretroviral regimen therapies.


Madiha Khalil1, Amjad Farooq1, Asim Faraz2*, Abdul Waheed2, Nasir Ali Tauqir3, Riaz Hussain Mirza2 and Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq2

Muhammad Zaeem Abbas1, Khurram Ashfaq1, Amjad Islam Aqib2, Mughees Aizaz Alvi1*, Muhammad Haleem Tayyab1, Muzafar Ghafoor1, Muhammad Usman Naseer3, Ali Abbas4 and Ali Hassan1
C.A. Angel-Sahagún1, J.E. Ortega Palomares1, A.A. Hernández-Rangel1, C. Cruz-Vázquez2, R. Montesinos-Matias3, M. Valencia-Posadas1 and A.M. Cruz-Avalos4*

Muhammad Ajmal Khan1, Muhammad Yahya2*, Ali Hazrat2, Javed Khan3, Saeed Jan4, Tabinda Nowsheen2 and Inam Ullah5

Bibi Hajira*, Imran Khan and Zia-ud-Din

... to CB. Consumer sensory evaluation revealed that bread containing sorghum and barley flour, up to 40% level, was acceptable based on pre-set acceptability criteria. In conclusion, incorporation of sorghum and barley flour to white bread at 40% level is possible to decrease its digestibility and glycemic index, whilst maintaining consumer acceptability.


Umair Faheem1*, Qurban Ali2, Mussurat Hussain1, Abrar Ahmad3, Tamsila Nazir2, Ghayour Ahmad3, Idrees Ahmad3, Madiha Mobeen4, Hammad Hussnain3 and Nadia Hussain Ahmad3

Lyudmila Yakovlevna Rodionova*, Irina Valeryevna Sobol, Lyudmila Vladimirovna Donchenko, Artem Vasilevich Stepovoy  and Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev

Md. Sabuj Rahman and Md. Mahmudul Alam*

...ical report is about the evaluation and survival after using of incisional cecostomy technique in a calf treated for intestinal atresia. A 2-day-old cross-bred bovine calf was brought to Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh having atresia coli with atresia ani et recti. Bypass surgery was performed using incisional cecostomy techniques. After 10 days post-surgical administration of antibiotics and non-steroid...

Zaidi Zona, Zulfiqar Ali*, Rida Ahmad and Irfan Zainab

...ended that instream flow evaluations to include target species that occupy flow-sensitive habitat categories.

Faiza Ghazanfar1, Masood Rabbani1*, Aamir Ghafoor2 and Muhammad Hassan Mushtaq3

Muhammad Mansoor1, Shahid Hameed Khan Khalil2*, Zafar Islam2, Muhammad Asif2, Ghani Akbar2, Muhammad Ashraf Khan3 and Ibadullah Jan4

... of fresh dates. General evaluation of bunches bagging treatments on fruiting traits was conducted. It was concluded that bunches covered with blue paper bags obtained highest score among all the traits and is recommended to achieve best results under current climate change scenario. Generally, fruit covering shields the fruit from adverse effects of monsoon rains, birds, pests and dust.

Abdulaziz A. Alaqil1*, Mohammed I. Buhaya2
... The economic efficiency evaluation reviled that diet fortified by 6% LO is the most efficient diet in respect of the current Saudi Arabia market’s prices.
Keywords | Laying hens, Linseed oil, Egg production, Blood hematology, Plasma biochemistry, Cholesterol profile, Economic efficiency

Hassan Raza1, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1*, Muhammad Irfan Majeed2, Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman1 and Muhammad Asam Riaz1

Gudeta Nepir Gurmu, Tade Bitima Mulisa, Alemu Lenco Gemechu, Kegna Gadisa Amena and Gemechu Nedi Terfa*

Fatin Khalil*, Harinath Yapati, Zainab Al Blallam, Ronia Jose 

...ific Research, Kabd. The evaluation of biochemical and hematological parameters over time revealed a probable environmental effect on animal health. According to the findings, all of the hematological and biochemical indicators are within normal limits. The hematological data revealed that WBCs and RBCs vary by type and season (WBCs: 7.1–9.9 (x103/µl), and 5.2–7.9 (x103/µl); and RBCs: 8.7–11.6 (x106/µl), and 10–10.8 (x...

Jun Wang*, Xiaoming Jiang and Zhiwei Sun

...which is very useful for evaluation of the status of the river ecological health.


Oluwatoyin Adenike Fabiyi

...s. This has prompted the evaluation of medicinal plants as probable sources of nematicides. A study was conducted in the screenhouse to evaluate the nematicidal potential of Tridax procumbens and Sida acuta (weeds) on root knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita infesting lettuce and carrots. T. procubmens and S. acuta was applied as soil amendment (400, 600 & 800g) and organic solvent crude extracts (40, 60, 80g/kg soil) in M. incognita infested lettuce and ...

Sidrah Ashfaq1, Muhammad Nadeem1*, Muhammad Yamin1, Talha Afzal1, Muhammad Waqar Akram1, Rabia Anam1 and Ali Mehboob2

Hagar Magdy Ahmed1, Mohamed Mahrous Amer2*, Khaled Mohamed Elbayoumi1 , Sameh Abdel- Moez Ahmed Amer1, Asmaa Mahmoud Matoaq1 , Mohamed Abdel Aziz Kutkat1, Gomaa Abd El-Rhim Abdel-Alim2  

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 10, Iss. 9, Pages 1887-2089


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