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Investigation of the Epidemiology of Foot and Mouth Disease in Sheep and Cattle with NSP ELISA and LPBE

Investigation of the Epidemiology of Foot and Mouth Disease in Sheep and Cattle with NSP ELISA and LPBE

Omer Baris Ince* 

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Afyonkarahisar Provincial Directorate, 03100 Afyonkarahisar / Turkey. 


Control of Foot and Mouth Disease depends on the disease control policies and epidemiological status of the country. In countries where the disease is endemic, protective vaccinations are performed with inactive vaccines of suitable serotype and measures are taken in order to reduce the prevalence of the disease. In this study, blood samples were collected from clinically healthy sheep and bovine in the surrounding region of the southeast of Konya province that were classified as non-vaccinated, single-vaccinated, multiple vaccinated, aged 0-1 and 1-3 and male and female starting from the third month following the vaccination. In the study aimed to show the disease-related status of the selected region, to investigate the active virus circulation and determine the antibodies formed against the nonstructural proteins (NSP) of Foot and Mouth Disease and evaluation the carrier rate in the region and the risk of infection and given information on the immune ratio of the animals. As a result, prevalence was observed to be 6.6% for breeding enterprises, 13.3% in bovine animals and 1% in ovine animals individually. Prevalence was found 13.3% throughout Konya. Generic immune ratio in bovine animals was found 58.8% for serotype O and 61.1% for serotype A; and in sheep, 51% for serotype O and 55% for serotype A. Difference was detected to be significant (p<0.001) in bovine by groups’ vaccine, age and gender. It was significant in sheep varying by groups vaccine-age (p<0.001) 


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Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews


Vol. 7, Iss. 1, Pages 1-91


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