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Process development of nano emulsion Foot and mouth disease virus vaccine

Process development of nano emulsion Foot and mouth disease virus vaccine

Soad, E. Elsayed 1, Mohammed A. Shalaby2, Ausama A. Yousef2, Abu bakr A. Agor1,
Sherouk E. Aly1


Background: Foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious disease of livestock that is endemic in
Egypt with severe economic impact. The main method of control is through vaccination of the
livestock with a potent vaccine.
Objective: Process development of the current formulations and generating new ones is crucial.
Currently, Montanide ISA 206 is the adjuvant used in FMDV vaccine produced in Egypt which is
w/o/w microemulsion.
Methods: We aimed to increase the efficacy of the conventional formulation by converting the
microemulsion to Bio-compatible and stable Nano emulsion. Emulsification was applied through
ultrasonication of Montanide ISA 206 in the presence of Tween 80 as a detergent. The physical
characteristics were studied and imaged by TEM.
Results: Images showed particle size ranged from 200-400 nm instead of 1 micron of the original.
Immunological evaluation by serum neutralization test showed enhanced immunogenicity of
developed formula when compared to the conventional one. Challenge test revealed high protection
levels that reached 90% of the Guinea pig vaccinated by nano emulsion.
Conclusion: Our findings suggest that we aimed to enhance immunity through nano emulsion of
Montanide ISA 206 is well achieved.

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Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 3, Iss. 1


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