Lei Chen, Ling Zhu, Zhi-Wen Xu, Wan-Zhu Guo


Molecular Genetics of Aichivirus C (Porcine Kobuvirus) in China
...lecular and epidemiology characterizations of Chinese Aichivirus C strains. Mutiple Aichivirus C strains and Aichivirus C variants are circulating in China. Recombination events were also observed in Chinese Aichivirus C strains. More further studies are needed to clarify the evolutionary features and pathogenicity of Aichivirus C.



Mohammed A. Rohaim1*, Rania F. El Naggar2, Ahmed M. Helal3, Hussein Ahmed Hussein1 and Neil LeBlanc4

...t pathotypic and genetic characterizations of the pigeon paramyxovirus type I (PPMV-1) from pigeon in Egypt during 2014. Pathotyping, based on the mean death time (86 hours) in eggs and the intracerebral pathogenicity index (1.2), and the amino acid motif, (112KRQKR116), at the cleavage site of the fusion (F) protein indicated the emergence of PPMV-1 in Egypt. Phylogenetic analysis of the F and haemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) genes indicated that the isolate...

Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman1, Rokshana Parvin1, Ataur Rahman Bhuiyan1, Mohammad Giasuddin2, Shah Md. Ziqrul Haq Chowdhury3, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam1, Emdadul Haque Chowdhury1*


Muhammad Abubakar1*, Shumaila Manzoor2, Jonas Johansson Wensman3, Emeli Torsson3, Qurban Ali1 and Muhammad Munir4

...e samples. The molecular characterization revealed clustering of the PPRV within lineage IV with significant substitutions in the nucleoprotein (NP) gene. Genetic variations within NP gene, and possibly in other proteins which are essentially mediating protective immunity, may explain the extreme infectious nature of the virus and its host-specific pathogenesis. Moreover, understanding the nature of such circulating field viruses is essential to underpin the e...

Muhammad Jurial Baloch1*, Ghulam Murtaza Channa2, Wajid Ali Jatoi2, Abdul Wahid Baloch1, Imdad Hussain Rind1, Muhammad Ahmed Arain1 and Ayaz Ali Keerio1

 Aqila Shaheen

..., Zn and B was poor. The characterization of eroded lands provides a quantitative data and on the basis of this data application of integrated soil conservation practices could improve the soil sustainability and crop productivity of eroded lands. Furthermore, this data could also be helpful in developing policies, strategies and programs for the conservation of eroded lands.


Christopher U Orji1*, Ignatius O Onyeocha2, Steven S Shaida3, Peter M Dede4, Bitrus Yakubu5, Elijah E Ella6 and Pam D Luka5

Usman Ijaz1, Muhammad Sajid Tahir2, Khalid Abdul Majeed3*, Shahid Iqbal4, Iffat Huma5, S. Firyal6, Ijaz Ahmed7, Shahid Chohan8 and Aamir Riaz Khan9 

Siyu Yang1, Fukuan Du2 and Pao Xu1,2*

Süleyman Kök1*, Sertaç Atalay1, Hasan Semih Eken2 and Mustafa Savaşçi3

Ahmed Samy, Wesam Mady, Naglaa M. Haggag, Samah H. Mohamed, Ebtissam N. AlShamy, M.K. Hassan

...genotypic and pathogenic characterization of H9N2 in avian species. However little is known about the impact of different strains on the innate immune response. In the present study, using quantitative real-time PCR, cytokines gene expression were examined in response to infection with two strains of Egyptian H9N2 (namely V3 and RSF/1) in chicken peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). Hemagglutinin gene sequence analysis of the two strains reveal high simi...

Ibrar Khan1,2,3,*, Sadia Qayyum2, Shehzad Ahmed2, Kashif Syed Haleem2, Mujaddad-ur-Rehman1, Guang-Lei Liu3 and Zhen-Ming Chi3

Xiangxing Zhu1, Junyu Nie1, Shouneng Quan1,2, Huiyan Xu1, Xiaogan Yang1, Yangqing Lu1, Kehuan Lu1 and Shengsheng Lu1*

Aiza Tahir, Muhammad Asif, Zaigham Abbas and Shafiq ur Rehman*

...rphological, biochemical characterization and 16S rRNA sequencing indicated that two strains were S. aureus, while all others were different coagulase negative Staphylococci. Their sensitivity against three phages indicated broad host range of phages SANF and SA2, and relatively narrow host range of phage SA. Phage SNAF showed an effective growth reduction of S. aureus RP isolate, compared with other bacteriophages. The bacterial challenge test in milk indicat...

Iram Liaqat1*, Najma Arshad2, Muhammad Arshad3, Safdar Ali Mirza4, Nazish Mazhar Ali1 and Ammara Shoukat1

...ological and biochemical characterization. 16SrRNA sequencing was performed to identify three highly resistant strains at species level. Antimicrobial activity of aqueous and methanolic plant extracts of Camellia sinensis (Green tea), Syzygium aromaticum (Clove) and Mentha piperita (Peppermint) was evaluated against identified isolates. Agar well diffusion assay was used to monitor the antimicrobial activity of these strains both in mono culture and mixed cult...
Eman Mahmoud El-Diasty1,Madeha Abd El-Halim Ibrahimand Ghada Kamal El Khalafawy2,*
Sameera Akhtar1*, Muhammad Akram Muneer1, Khushi Muhammad1, Muhammad Yasin Tipu1, Muhammad Anees2, Imran Rashid1, Raza-ur-Rehman3 and Irshad Hussain1
...however, their molecular characterization is largely inadequate and requires continuous evaluation. In this study, sequencing and molecular analysis of fusion (F) and hemagglutinin (HN) genes of NDV strain isolated from an outbreak in a peacock flock was undertaken. Proteolytic cleavage site of F0 showed a cleavage motif (112RRQKR↓F117), representative of a velogenic serotype. Moreover, based on F and HN gene nucleotide se...
Jun Cui, Xiaoxu Zhou, Zhicheng Wang, Derong Kong, Xuemei Qiu, Hongdi Wang and Xiuli Wang*

 Eman M. Farghaly1, Ahmed Samy1,2*, Heba Roshdy

... Bacterial isolation and characterization were performed in accordance with the clinical laboratory standards and confirmed by PCR. In life birds, only E.coli and Salmonella could be recovered from Cloacal swabs, while in freshly dead birds all four pathogens disseminated in various organs with higher incidence of mixed compared to single infection. Different serotypes of E.coli and Salmonella could be recovered from dead birds however E.coli (O78) and S.enter...
Urooj Fatima1, Arslan Mehboob2, Muhammad Abid3, Muti-ur-rehman Khan4 and Tahir Yaqub4*


...esearch on the molecular characterization of CPVs in dogs would establish foundations to carry out effective control strategies in future.

Shams Ur Rehman, Muhammad Arif and Abdul Mateen 


Soil-borne viruses in major potato growing areas of Pakistan
...l techniques. Biological characterization of the field isolates revealed that variability in the symptoms produced by them on host plant. The interaction and association of vi-ruses (PMTV and TRV) and their vectors was calculated by using Jaccard index of similarity. The association of PMTV to its vector Spongosporsa subteranea in Hazara division was found 27.0% while their association in Malakand division was found 24.4%. The TRV associated to its vectors Tri...

Dhananjoy Mandal 2K. Baral 3M. K. Dasgupta

Developing site-specific appropriate precision agriculture
...not about an abstract of characterization. The specific values indicating variations in population at exact grids and helping the individual farmer in decision-making in pest management at varied pesticide doses depending on varied soil pest population intensity and spatial distribution. Often it ends up in reducing the quantum of a pesticide threatened with withdrawal. We understand Appropriate PA (Appropriate Precision Agriculture, APA) as Site-Specific Appr...
Ali Karabacak1, Senol Celik2, Adile Tatliyer3, Ismail Keskin1, Yakup Erdal Erturk4, Ecevit Eyduran5, Yasir Javed6 and Mohammad Masood Tariq7,*
...r researches linked with characterization of sheep breeds, and sheep breeding in very large flocks.

Muhammad Abid1*, Tahir Yaqub2, Arslan Mehboob3 and Muhammad Zubair Shabbir4

Kulsoom Akhter1, Tahseen Ghous1,2,Saiqa Andleeb3,*, Faiz-ul-Hassan Nasim4, Samina Ejaz5, Zain-ul-Abdin1, Bilal Ahmed Khan1 and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed1
...tion, identification and characterization of some indigenous heavy metal resistant bacteria isolated from rhizosphere of Tagetes minuta, growing in soil adjoining automobile workshops to investigate their bioaccumulation capacity for three selected metals Cr(VI), Ni(II) and Cd(II). The plant was selected due to its natural abundance in the climate of Kashmir and also in the area of study. On the basis of morphological, biochemical, 16S rRNA gene sequenc...
Wanchao Zhu1, Qinguo Wei1, Shuyu Xue1, Huanxin Zhang2, Tianshu Lv1 and Honghai Zhang1,
Furqan Sabir1, Muhammad Tayyab1,*, Bushra Muneer2, Abu Saeed Hashmi1, Ali Raza Awan1, Naeem Rashid3, Muhammad Wasim1 and Sehrish Firyal1
... with the production and characterization of recombinant thermostable phytase from Thermotoga naphthophila (PHYTN). This study was an initial step for the fulfilment of domestic industrial requirement of phytase in Pakistan.The PCR resulted in the amplification of 1.8 kb phytase gene. SDS-PAGE confirmed the size of recombinant protein as 70 kDa. The optimization studies demonstrated the maximal production of recombinant phytase, when t...
Farid S. Ataya,1,2,* Dalia Fouad,3,4 Ajamaluddin Malik,1 Nikolaos E. Labrou,5 Mohamed S. Daoud1,6 and Hesham M. Saeed7
... cloning, expression and characterization of the glutathione transferase isoenzyme P1-1 gene from Camelus dromedarius (CdGSTP1-1). The coding sequence was cloned using RT-PCR. Sequence analysis demonstrated significant differences between amino acid sequence of C. dromedarius and other mammalian GSTP1-1 enzymes. Phylogenetic relationship was studied with different organisms belonging to animal kingdom and revealed that CdGSTP1-1 is ...
Aqsa Imtiaz and Abdul Rehman*
.../i> based on biochemical characterization and 16S rRNA Ribotyping. B. subtilis BML5 showed maximal keratinase activity at 37°C and at pH 8. An increase in keratinase activity of B. subtilis BML5 was determined in the presence of Ca2+, Mg2+, and Zn2+ while keratinase activity was inhibited by added copper ions. A 130-kDa protein was detected from feather-treated bacterial cells, suggesting its rol...
Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq1, Muhammad Shahzad2, Xiaokang Wu3, Chaofeng Ma4 and Jiru Xu1,*
... gene, was performed for characterization of gut microbial composition. Sequencing of most dominant excised gel bands was done. Real-time PCR was performed to evaluate the copy numbers of dominant bacteria of gut microbiota. The results indicated that a significant diversity difference between asthma and healthy groups (*P< 0.05), was shown in DGGE profile. Similarity index was found to be lower in inter-group than intra-group that indicated a change...

Farah Rauf Shakoori, Momina Shokat, Faiza Saleem and Tanzeela Riaz

Saba Rafique1,2,*, Khalid Naeem1, Naila Siddique1, Muhammad Athar Abbas1, Aamer Ali Shah2, Akbar Ali1, Abdul Rahim1 and Farooq Rashid1
...d to undertake molecular characterization of an Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) recovered from a suspected case of avian infectious bronchitis from commercial poultry. Initially the isolated IB-virus was characterized by RFLP using enzymes Alu I, Hae III, BstYI and XcmI. On the basis of its distinct RFLP pattern from other known IBV vaccine strains, the isolate was named as KU145467_NARC/786_Pakistan_2013 (also named as Pak-786) was subjected to Spike gene s...
Haixia Liu, Yuwei Ye, Yang Li, Xiaolin Liu, Dongmei Xiong* and Lixin Wang
... to evaluate the genetic characterization using 120 samples from 2 tributaries (ZZ and LX populations) of the Weihe river and 2 tributaries (YX and TB population) of Hanjiang river. A total of 59 alleles were found and the number of alleles in each locus ranged from 3 to 8, with an average of 5.4. There were 6 highly polymorphic loci and 4 moderately polymorphic loci. The average expected heterozygosity (He) and observed (Ho) heterozygosity in fo...

 Muhammad Zahid Kiani*, Arshad Ali**, Tariq Sultan** and Muhammad Munir Ahmed***

... study was isolation and characterization of bacterial strains from rhizosphere, endosphere and rhizoplane of sunflower. Thirty six bacterial strains were selected out of 44 from plant root samples along with rhizospheric soil, collected from different salt affected areas of Central Punjab (Pakistan). Selected bacterial strains were characterized morphologically as well as biochemically at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad during 2011-13. It was...
Anum Rafique, Sajid Abdullah, Khalid Abbas, Huma Naz* and Wardah Hassan
...zyme for further partial characterization against different range of temperature and pH. As a result of ion exchange chromatography enzyme from kidney of control and Pb+Cr treated fish had highest activity as 508.33 and 427 UmL-1 while highest specific activity was 1105.06 and 1055.55 Umg-1 with 1.98 and 2.70 fold purification, respectively. Recovery was 70% and 68% in kidney of control and Pb+Cr treated fish, respectively. After
Sabah Mansoor1, Muhammad Tayyab1,*, Amna Jawad1, Bushra Munir2, Sehrish Firyal1, Ali Raza Awan1, Naeem Rashid3 and Muhammad Wasim1
...roduction, refolding and characterization of recombinant α-amylase (AMYSBS) from Geobacillus SBS-4S. AMYSBS exhibited a highest identity of 99.78% with Geobacillus thermoleovorance GTA. E.coli BL21-CodonPlus (DE3) cells were used as host for expression studies of AMYSBS. Recombinant AMYSBS produced as inclusion bodies was transmitted to soluble active form by denaturing the insoluble protei...
Shahzad Mahmood1, Memuna Ghafoor Shahid1, Muhammad Irfan2, Muhammad Nadeem3*, Quratulain Syed3
Ligia Neves Scuarcialupi, Laila Andreia Rodrigues Beserra, Julia Rosas Hochheim, Rodrigo Martins Soares, Fabio Gregori*

Nadia Faqir1, Aish Muhammad2*, Ghulam Muhammad Ali2, Armghan Shehzad2, Hafeez Ur Rahman3, Farhatullah4 and Muhammad Zeeshan Hyder

Ayesha Munir, Hafiz Muhammad Umer, Anjum Nasim Sabri and Imran Sajid*
...emical and physiological characterization along with the molecular identification by 16S rRNA gene sequencing confirmed that caries isolates are pathogenic S. mutans and soil isolates belong to the genus Streptomyces. The antibiotic resistance profile of S. mutans illustrated resistance to optochin. The antimicrobial screening of Streptomyces against S. mutans showed that these strain are the prolific producers of active agen...
Baoying Guo*1, Yu Chen1, Chuan Zhang2, Zhenming Lv1, Kaida Xu3, Hongling Ping4 and Huilai Shi4

Xiangbin Meng1,Tianxiang Gao2, Chunhou Li3, Na Song1, Lu Liu1, Liqin Liu2 and Xiumei Zhang1,*


Abdul Wajid1,*, Asma Basharat2, Muhammad Akbar Shahid3, Sidra Tul Muntaha1, Abdul Basit4, Tanveer Hussain5, Muhammad Farooq Tahir6, Muhammad Azhar7, Masroor Ellahi Babar1 and Shafqat Fatima Rehmani2
Nuzhat Huma1, Fozia Ghaffar1, Saima Rafiq2,*, Imran Pasha1, Aysha Sameen1, Imran Hayat2 and Imtiaz Hussain2

Ahmed Zein Elabdeen Mahmoud1, Muaz Magzob Abdellatif2* and Mohamed Abdelsalam Abdalla

...r support the continuous characterization of PPRV strains in small ruminants to support the global eradication plan in 2030. 

Binbin Shan, Yan Liu, Changping Yang, Shengnan Liu and Dianrong Sun*
...nderstanding and further characterizations of transcriptomes of non-model organisms.
Imran Taj1,*, Ferhat Abbas1, Zafar Ahmad1, Mohammad Kamran Taj1, Deedar Ahmad2, Zahoor Ahmed2, Ghulam Mohammad2, Ajaz-ul-Haq1, Farooq Shahzad1 and Sabiha Azam3

Sana Rana1, Sajid Abdullah1, Huma Naz2* and Khalid Abbas1 

...on technique and kinetic characterization was also performed against different pH and temperature. CAT activity was measured spectrophotometrically at A240 nm. Results showed that highest CAT activity was noted from the crude extract of control fish gills (140.66±0.71UmL-1) as compared to DM+END exposed fish (99.23±0.71UmL-1). After desalted the CAT activity in gills of both control and insecticides exposed fish was calculated as 73.45±0.7...
Nimra Naseer, Adeela Fatima and Imran Sajid*
...ological and biochemical characterization and by 16SrRNA gene sequencing. For biological screening different methods including cross streak, agar plug and well diffusion method were performed. Seven Streptomyces strains including NWMD-6, NWMD-7, NWMD-10, NWMD-11, NWMD-12, NWMD-15 and NWMD-16 were found to have significant antimicrobial activity against MDR bacterial pathogens. Secondary metabolite profiling of each methanolic extract by TLC and HPLC-UV ...

Zulqarnain and Zafar Iqbal* 

...isolation and structural characterization of its antifungal compounds. 

Mehwish Aftab, Tariq Mahmud*, Muhammad Asim Raza Basra, Aqsa Gulzar, Sumaira Basharat and H.M. Junaid
...techniques were used the characterization and structure elucidation of the prepared Schiff base and its La (III) and Ce (III) complexes. The proposed geometries of the complexes were established on the basis of metal ligand ratio through ICP. Schiff base showed antioxidant activity against diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH). The results showed that metal complexes are good antioxidant agents as compared to Trolox (standard) and ligand was less active as compared to...
Muhammad Khan
...novo identification, characterization and validation of new bioactive molecules. Proscillaridin A (PSD-A), is a natural cardiac glycoside molecule used to treat cardiac arrhythmia. Recently, it has been rediscovered for its potential anticancer activity. This review will mainly focus on the anticancer activity, cellular targets and anticancer mechanism of PSD-A which may help the further design and conduct of research and repositioning it for oncologi...

Shaukat Ali1,*, Sundas Nasreen1, Sobia Safeer1, Saiqa Andleeb1, Mubashir Ejaz1, Saira Bano2, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir3

Medicinal plants as therapeutic agents for cancer treatment
...utic value of plants and characterization of biologically active
compounds from them that may lead towards developing anticancer drugs and proper treatment of cancer.

Haniya Mazhar1, Naaz Abbas2, Tehseen Zamir3, Zahid Hussain1, Syed Shahid Ali4*
...iochemical and molecular characterization. Best medium for lipase production was olive oil and mustard oil cake and the best carbon sources were fructose and maltose whereas yeast extract was found to be the best nitrogen source, showing 55U/mL enzyme activity. The best inoculum size for the growth of this strain was 4-5%. Optimum pH was 8 and best temperature was 40oC for the reported strain. Addition of divalent Mg2+ and Ca2+...

Sahar Shibli1,2*, Farzana Siddique1, Saeeda Raza2, Zaheer Ahsan3 and Irum Raza4 

...10 mg/100g K. Fatty acid characterization of groundnut cultivars through gas liquid chromatography revealed six fatty acids namely palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidic acid, eicosenoic acid and behenic acid. The peanut cultivars Bard-479 and Local-334 were more suitable for oil extraction and peanut butter development because of their high oleic acid to linoleic acid ratio (2.3-2.4). Bard-92 was less preferable cultivar for product development o...
Jam Nazeer Ahmad1,2,*, Muhammad Jafir1, Muhammad Wajid Javed1, Sumaira Maqsood3 and Samina J.N. Ahmad1,2,*
...cular identification and characterization of dusky cotton bug (DCB), Oxycarenus hyalinipennis (Oxycarenidae: Hemiptera) was done through Polymerase chain reaction and sequencing. In PCR, mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I (COI) gene based primers were used for identification of this pest collected from various cotton fields in Punjab. Phylogenetic analysis was also complemented to differentiate DCB identified from other countries of the world. The PCR b...

Ahmed Samy1*, Hala Mohamed Nabil Tolba2, Gamelat Kotb Farag3 and Ahmed Abd El Halim1 

... subjected for genotypic characterization based upon partial F gene sequencing. Partial F gene sequencing revealed that all tested isolates harbor a cleavage site with multi basic amino acid 112KRQKR/F117 characteristic of velogenic strains. However, phylogenetic analysis revealed clustering of all tested strains within sub-genotype VIg. Three isolates were assessed for pathogenicity based upon the mean death time (MDT), the intracerebral pathogenicity index (...
Aisha Khalid1, Muhammad Tayyab1,*, Abdual Rauf Shakoori2, Abu Saeed Hashmi1, Tahir Yaqub3, Ali Raza Awan1, Muhammad Wasim1, Sehrish Firyal1, Zaheer Hussain4 and Munir Ahmad5
...uction, purification and characterization of recombinant thermostable cellulase from Thermotoga naphthophila. PCR using the genomic DNA of T. naphthophila as template resulted in amplification of 1 kb cellulase gene. The amplified cellulase gene was cloned in pTZ57R/T and sub-cloned in pET28a. The expression of recombinant cellulase was analyzed using BL21 CodonPlus (DE3) cells as expression host. The expression studies resulted in the production...
Luo Lei1, Xingxing Deng1, Dengyue Yuan2, Zonglin Zheng1, Chengke Zhu1, Hui Luo1, Baohai Li3, Hua Ye1,* and Chaowei Zhou1,3,*

 Huma Naz1,*, Sajid Abdullah2, Khalid Abbas2 and Muhammad Anjum Zia3

...age recovery. Results of characterization showed that SOD had broad range of pH from 4 to 8.5 but show maximum activity at pH 7 and 7.5 for stressed and control fish, respectively. At 30°C activity of SOD was maximum for both control and stressed fish. At 40 °C the enthalpy of denaturation (∆H*)for metal treated and control fish were 0.373 and 0.736 KJ mol-1, respectively and decreases with further increase in temperature (70 °C) until...
Sumreen Hayat1,6, Muhammad Hussnain Siddique2, Bilal Aslam1, Habibullah Nadeem2, Asma Ashraf3, Muhammad Saqalein1, Mohsin Khurshid4, Naveed Shahzad5 and Saima Muzammil1,*
...c resistance pattern and characterization of ESBL producing K. pneumoniae isolated from children of different age groups. K. pneumoniae isolated from blood and urine samples were identified through API® 20E kit. Antibiogram was determined by disc diffusion method and isolates were screened for ESBL production using double-disc synergy test (DDST). Molecular detection for the presence of bla-SHV and bla-TEM was carried...

 Ping Zhang1,2, Yabin Pu1, Yu Zhang2, Jia Chen2, Kunfu Wang3, Qian Li3, Yujiao Sun3, Yuehui Ma1, Shuqing Jiao2,* and Weijun Guan1,*

Javed Asghar Tariq1*, Bashir Ahmed2, Manzoor Ali Abro2, Muhammad Ismail1, Muhammad Usman Asif1 and Raza Muhammad1 

Shamsudin Bojang1, Idris Abd Ghani2, Jugah Kadir1, Adamu Saidu Paiko1, Yasir Iftikhar3 and Muhammad Kamran3,4,*
Syeda Shazia Bokhari*, Ghashia Qayyum, Uzma Rafi and Aisha Waheed Qurashi
... tests and morphological characterization. Bacterial strains were screened and those showing positive results for their adherence ability, autoaggregation and coaggregation response were used for the vermicomposting process. Both of these strains were inoculated for vermicomposting and whole of the setup was maintained for 60 days.The results showed that microbes were characterised and identified as Bacillus cereus and Citrobacter freundii. Both ...
Fatima Tufail1, Sajid Abdullah1, Huma Naz2*, Khalid Abbas1, Laiba Shafique3
...vely. Results of kinetic characterization showed that optimum pH and temperature for hepatic CAT was noted as 7.5 and 25oC, respectively. It was concluded that the insecticides mixture exposure can alter the activity of antioxidant enzymes in fish. T
hese parameters can be used as a good biomarker to evaluate the aquatic pollution.

Wesam Mady*, Nahed Yehia, Mohammed Hassan Elhussieny, Azhar Gaber Shalaby, Moataz Mohamed El Sayed, Neveen Rabie Bakry, Asmaa Shaaban, Abdel Satar Arafa, Afaf Abdel Baset Mahmoud and Wafaa Mohammed Hassan 

... Situation and molecular characterization of HPAIV (H5N8) in backyard poultry production sector in Egypt. In this study, a total of 7505 samples of tracheal swabs representing 1180 backyard poultry flocks were collected based on the surveillance conducted by the GOVS (General Organization for Veterinary Services), Egypt during the period from May 2017 to August 2018. 11 positive cases were confirmed in seven governorates with a prevalence rate of 0.93% and the...
Ghaleb Adwan*, Sami Bdir and Kamel Adwan
...thodendriidae. Molecular characterization of certain cercariae obtained from M. praemorsa snails has not been investigated previously elsewhere. C. melanopsi palestinia I and C. melanopsi palestinia III could be placed in the genera Lecithodendrium and Opecoeloides, respectively, or to closely related genera. Further studies are needed using laboratory experimental infections to clarify the complete life cycle for these larva...
Nida Zia1, *, Ayesha Maqbool2, Muhammad Safdar3, Umm-I-Habiba1, Altaf Mehmood4, Muhammad Usman5, Zahid Iqbal6, Javed Iqbal6, Shahid Mehmood6, Amanullah Khan7 and Sajid Umar8
...uate FAdVs diffusion and characterization to design effective control strategies. 
Jam Nazeer Ahmad1*, Taiba Sharif3, Samina J.N. Ahmad2, Sumaira Maqsood4 and Fariha Zafar3 
...cular identification and characterization of tephritid fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae), Bactrocera zonata, Bactrocera dorsalis and Bactrocera cucurbitae was done in Punjab, Pakistan through PCR analysis using mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I (COI) gene based primers. Phylogenetic analysis was also complemented to differentiate fruit flies identified from other countries of the world. The sequencing results and phylogenetic analysis of collec...
Irfan Irshad1, Asim Aslam1,*, Muhammad Yasin Tipu1, Kamran Ashraf2, Beenish Zahid3 and Abdul Wajid4
Mohammed Al Bratty1,*, Hassan A. Alhazmi1,2, Desam Nagarjuna Reddy3, Abdul Jabbar Al-Rajab3, Sadique A. Javed1 and Zia ur Rehman1,4
Zhijun Zhong1, Rui Tu1, Xichun Wang2, Yi Geng1, Qicheng Xiao1, Yinan Tian1, Bin Wei1, Jiaming Dan1, Ya Wang1 and Guangneng Peng1,*
Beenish Zahid*1,2,7, Javed Iqbal Qazi2, Amir Zohaib2, Asim Aslam3, Raheela Akhter3, Haleema Sadia4, Qurat ul Ain5, Razia Sultana6, Irfan Irshad3 and Sobia Alyas7
Jiaxin Guo1, Xiumei Zhang1,2, Xiaoyan Wang2, Liqin Liu2 and Tianxiang Gao1,*
Syed Maaz Nadeem1*, Muti ur Rehman Khan1, Asim Aslam1, Ali Ahmad Sheikh1, Arfan Ahmad1* and Muhammad Anees2
...however, their molecular characterization is largely inadequate and requires continuous evaluation. In this study, sequencing and molecular analysis of specific regions overlapping VP1-VP2 and VP2-VP3 genes of CAV strain from outbreaks in broiler flock (n=45) were undertaken in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The phylogenetic analysis clustered study strains of CAV in group II similar to those reported previously from China. These findings are helpful for an ...
Qaisar Jamal*, Akram Shah, Syed Basit Rasheed and Muhammad Adnan

Iffat Nawaz1*, Farhatullah1, Fida Muhammad1, Sajid Ali2 and Ghulam Muhammad Ali

...groups. Conservation and characterization of this diverse germplasm is recommended for future breeding programmes. 

Huanxin Zhang1,2, Hongshuo Tang3, Jun Chen1, Yu Zang1,2, Xuexi Tang1,2,* and Ying Wang1,2,*

Naglaa M. Hagag1*, Mervat E. Hamdy1, Mary A. Sargious1, Sara M. Elnomrosy1, Nahed A. Ahmed1, Ayman A. Hamed1, Ahmed R. Habashi1, Essam I. Ibrahiem1, Mahmoud A. Abdel-Hakim2 and Momtaz A. Shahein

...t. Molecular and genetic characterization indicates that serotype SAT2 is widespread (in 96 cases), while only four cases of Serotype O were detected. Phylogenetic analysis of the study sequences indicates that the circulating FMDV serotype SAT2 viruses were homogeneous and related to Topotype VII. Importantly, the newly emerged viruses were closely related to strains isolated from Libya in 2012 (Topotype VII, lineage 3), with 92–93% amino acid identity,...

Hamoudi Naoual1, Alloui Nadir2*, Barberis Abdelhak2 and Boudaoud Amine2 

...stern Algeria. Molecular characterization of circulating avian influenza viruses in these wild birds will help assess the potential for spread of these viruses in poultry farms. 

Sana Aslam1, Wayne Thomas Shier2 and Imran Sajid1*
...n exhausted so molecular characterization of actinomycetes from less explored habitats may be an alternate solution to this challenge. The aim of this study was to explore the actinobacterial diversity of the saline lake, situated in the salt range, Punjab, Pakistan and to screen them for antagonistic activities against multi drug resistant pathogens and to characterize the bioactive metabolites produced by them. A total of seventy strains of actinomycetes wer...
Kanwal Nisa1, Sadaf Ashraf1, Masood Ahmed Siddiqui1*,Naila Taj1Habib-Ur-Rehman1, Arifa Bano1 and Naeem Rashid2
...port on purification and characterization of a POR/PDC from T. kodakaraensis.
Samia Afzal*,Sadia Zahid, Iram Amin, Muhammad Shahid and Muhammad Idrees
..., confirmatory molecular characterization of the viral genome remains controversial and further studies are needed in this respect.

Ahmad-Ur-Rahman Saljoqi1, Muhammad Zubair Khan1, Ayesha Bibi2, Muhammad Shehzad Khan1*, Bashir Ahmad

...onducted for biochemical characterization of pathogen of tomato stem rot and to evaluate the effect of different doses of boron, plant extracts and a bactericide in different combinations on tomato plants. This research study was performed at Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab, Peshawar-Pakistan. Different biochemical tests were conducted to confirm stem rot pathogen. Boron was applied at the rates of 1.97, 2.96 and 3.95 g seedbed-1. Plant extracts were n...
Mahvish Rajput1, Abdullah G. Arijo1, Muhammad Bachal Bhutto1Rehana Shahnawaz Buriro2, Javaid Ali Gadahi1, Muhammad Naeem3 and Zubair Ahmed Laghari1*
...stan and their molecular characterization with analysis of their evolutionary relationship. A total of 200 rumens from slaughtered sheep were examined and out of 200 sheep, a total of 75 (37.5%) were positive for rumen fluke infection. The results indicate that sheep were infected with the morphologically identical species indicating the only species infecting rumen. Further, it was found that the infection was prevalent in all months sampled but the highest i...

Hassan Boulahyaoui1,2*, Sanaa Alaoui Amine1,3, Marouane Melloul4, Farida Hilali5, Elmostafa El-Fahime1,3, Saad Mrani1,2 and Nadia Touil1,5* 

... we report the molecular characterization, antigenic disparities and the phylogenetic analysis of unusual human rotavirus VP4 genotype detected in Moroccan children fully vaccinated with Rotarix™. After RNA virus extraction, the rotavirus VP7 and VP4 genes were amplified. The DNA was purified, sequenced and genotypes were determined using the RotaC online classification tool. A phylogenetic tree was constructed using the Maximum Likelihood method applyin...

 K. Abbasi 1 , R. Wick2† and D. Zafari1

Chitinase activity of biocontrol fungi cultured from the golden potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis
...ere selected for further characterization. Of the 10 selected isolates, three chitinase enzymes were evaluated using three substrates. Based on the results of our chitinase assay, Beauveria bassiana, Lecanicillium muscarium, Paecilomyces sp. and Trichoderma atroviridae had the highest activity. We selected these four isolates to determine the optimum pH, temperature, and reaction time. Zymography was also used to demonstrate the chitinase activity of the four ...

Zeeshan Al Hameed1, Junaid Saleem2*, Syed Sajid Hussain1, Ahsan Abdul Ghani2, Hira Lal2 

...ns and a detailed
characterization was carried out including chemical, mineralogical, and spectroscopic analysis. Further, indigenous
Fluorspar was applied as flux in the ladle refining operation of a local steel mill of Pakistan and results were stated
on the basis of degree of desulphurization and different basicity indexes. 


Ebtisam Mirza1, Nadeem Ehsan1 

...nceived a few complexity characterization models but a comprehensive complexity measurement model
encompassing factors of important project constraints i.e. scope, time and cost is still missing. In this research, a
model has been developed to compute PECI (Project Execution Complexity Index) for various categories of projects
considering varying levels of complexity, i.e. PECI(R) for R&D/Technology projects, PECI(I) for Infrastructure...

Farid Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Iqbal1 

...ibes the fabrication and characterization of a medium scale vibration shaker and a wind tunnel
for testing of micro and meso scale vibration based, wind based and hybrid (using combined vibration and wind)
energy harvesters. The mechanical shakers used for vibration and shock testing are the most versatile, inexpensive
and easy to operate, however, due to their fixed displacement, single frequency and sinusoidal behavior, usage of

Farid Ullah Khan*, Tashfeen Ali*, Khubroo Jamil* 

...presents fabrication and characterization
of a 3 stage Low Voltage Cockcroft-Walton converter in an area of 5.5 x 3.3 cm2. The converter was capable
of converting a minimum AC voltage amplitude of 10 mV with a transformation factor of 6.5. The variation in the
input frequency had almost no effect on the DC output voltage of the converter. Upon integration of the converter
to different energy harvesters, the converter successfully re...

 Muhammad Amjad1,*, Saeed Badshah1, Muhammad Adil Khattak2, Rafi Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Mujahid1

... paper is the mechanical characterization of TI-27Nb. Tensile, hardness, microscopy and scanning
electron microscope tests were conducted on TI-27Nb specimens. The tensile strength and young modulus of TI-27Nb
were lower than commonly used Titanium alloy i.e Ti-6Al-4V. The SEM results show mixed brittle-ductile surfaces.
It is concluded that TI-27Nb has lower stress shielding/bone restoration because of low modulus than comm...

Nisar Mohammad*, Mohammad Mansoor Khan* Noor Mohammad*

...">In present research characterization/ pre-concentration investigations study was done for low-grade talc- carbonate rock of Mingora emerald mines located in District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP),

 Farid Ullah Khan·

...damping. Fabrication and characterization of Copper foil-type EMEH-l and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membrane type EMEH-2 under vacuum and without vacuum pressures are reported. The harvesters are subjected to harmonic excitation with constant accelera...
Aribah Naz1*, Uzma Badar1,Afsheen Arif2*, Zaid Qureshi1, Sondas Saeed1,Erum Shoeb1, Maqsood Ali Ansari1 and Obaid Yusuf Khan1
Aatif Amin1,*, Zakia Latif2, Arslan Sarwar1, Basit Zeshan1 and Mushtaq A. Saleem1
...s were performed for the characterization of isolates as Bacillus sp. AZ-1 (KT270477), B. cereus AZ-2 (KT270478), B. cereus AZ-3 (KT270479) and Enterobacter cloacae ZA-15 (KJ728671). Phylogenetic relationship on the basis of merA nucleotide sequence confirmed 51-100% homology with the corresponding region of the merA gene of already reported mercury resistant Gram positive bacteria. Restriction fragment length p...
Muhammad Umer Khan1,2*, Muhammad Farooq Sabar1, Atif Amin Baig3, Arif-un-Nisa Naqvi4 and Muhammad Usman Ghani1

Taqi Raza1*, Sergio de Los Santos Villalobos2, Muhammad Shehzad3, Shakeel Imran4 and Derly José Henriques da Silva5

PGP Characterization of Rhizobacteria Associated with Apple Gourd (Praecitrullus fistulosus L.)
...study was carried out to characterization of rhizobacteria associated with Apple Guard (Praecitrullus fistulous L.). Morphological, qualitative and quantitative tests were performed to characterize the PGPR abilities of isolated rhizobacteria. Lab study indicated that isolated bacterial strains have morphologically different colonies, shapes, and colors. The isolated strain mostly belonging to Coccus, Bacillus, and Spirillum. Nearly, 63% belonging to Coccus, 2...
Gautam Patra1*, Ana Sahara2, Sonjoy Kumar Borthakur1, Parthasarathi Behera3, Subhamoy Ghosh1, Apurba Debbarma4 and Seikh Sahanawaz Alam5
...scrimination and genetic characterization of P. relictum. This is the first attempt of genetic characterization of P. relictum from India.
Yasin Altay1, Saim Boztepe2, Ecevit Eyduran3, İsmail Keskin2Mohammad Masood Tariq4*, Farhat Abbas Bukhari4 and Irshad Ali4
...lection criterion in the characterization of the breed standards of the Karacabey Merino in wool characteristics for breeding goals.
Wentao Wang1,2, Xu Lin3, Jianshu Zhuo3, Dongjie Zhang2, Xiuqin Yang3* and Di Liu1, 2*

Muhammad Jahanzaib1*, Nazakat Nawaz1, Muhammad Arshad1, Haris Khurshid1, Muzamil Hussain2 and Shahid Ali Khan1



...ts production. Germplasm characterization plays a vital role in improved cultivars’ development. The current study was conducted to estimate genetic variability, traits association, and path coefficient analysis in eleven groundnut advanced breeding lines together with check vis BARD-479, using randomized complete block design with three replications at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan. Through One-Way Analysis of varianc...
Muhammad Qayash Khan1,2, Muhammad Zubair Anjum2, Muhammad Adnan3, Abbas Khan1, Hafsa Zahid1, Javed Nawab4, Sher Zaman Safi5Muhammad Ishaq Ali Shah6, Atif Kamil7 and Abid Ali1*
...nt study was a molecular characterization of fish species of economic importance belonging to the genus Schizothorax, Tor and Mystus collected from various rivers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The samples were morphologically identified, its mitochondrial DNA was extracted and subjected to molecular characterization by amplifying and sequencing the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 (CO1) gene. The ...
Rao Muhammad Ramiz1, Arfan Ahmad2*, Aamir Ghafoor2, Muhammad Avais3, Qurat-ul-Ain1 and Muhammad Zahid Iqbal3
...stigations and molecular characterization respectively. In this study, animals of group A (32.5%) showed significantly greater seropositivity (P<0.05) against BLV than group B (16%). Furthermore, exotic breeds of cattle showed significantly greater seropositivity (18.75%) compared to the local breeds of cattle (5.5%). Nested PCR on each of the 10% seropositive and negative samples confirmed BLV infection in three seropositive exotic animals (30%). Phylogene...
Saba Shabeer1, Riffat Tahira2 and Atif Jamal3*
...w, mycotoxin production, characterization, identification, and different economically important diseases associated with Fusarium species as well as their control are discussed in detail.
Sadaf Javaria1, Anum Marwat1, Muhammad Nadeem2, Mehwish Zerlasht1, Aiman Kareem3, Iqra Rubab1 and Masooma Munir4*

Saad A. Moussa1, Ahmed F. Afify1*, Suzan Salah2 and Ayman Hamed3

... antigenic and molecular characterization of betacoronavirus 1 (bovine coronavirus) BCoV in newborn gastroenteritis calves in the Delta Region, Menofia Province, Egypt, also for isolation and identification of the local circulating BCoV strain for further diagnosis or vaccination. In cattle, Betacoronavirus 1 bovine coronavirus (BCoV) is primarily involved in enteric infections which leads to serious complication which may be fatal in young calves up to 3 mont...
Bram Brahmantiyo1,*, Henny Nuraini2,3, Astari Wibiayu Putri3, Maizirwan Mel4,5 and Cecep Hidayat6 

Muhammad Farooq1*, Allah Rakha2,Jawad Ul Hassan2, Iftikhar Ahmed Solangi1, A. Shakoor3, Muhammad Bakhtiar4, Muhammad Noman Khan5,Shoaib Khan5, Ibrar Ahmad6, Shabir Ahmed7 andWang Yunyang1*

Raza Ullah Khan1*, Ahmad Khan1, Mohammad Zameer Khan1, Fayyaz Hussain1, Zafar Islam2 and Muhammad Asad Hameed2

...s NaOH. However, further characterization could not confirm it. The presence of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature of sites could be utilized to develop slow release plant nutrients based on humic substances.

Muhammad Naveed1, Asif Nadeem1,2*, Maryam Javed1, Muhammad Fahad Bhutta3 and Ruqayya Bint Khalid1
...arm animals. The genomic characterization of STAT5A gene has not been assessed before in Nili Ravi Buffalo. In present research work, the sequence of the bovine STAT5A gene was analyzed to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms and its effect on evolutionary divergence. Nine polymorphisms, six in intronic and three in exonic regions, were identified in STAT5A gene. One exonic polymorphism G→A, in exon 5, was significant that causes ...
Saqib Nawaz1, Sher Bahadar Khan1*, Umar Sadique1, Muhammad Israr2
Mumtaz Ali Khan3, Hameed Ullah Khan4, Muhammad Irshad5, Ihsan Ali1 and Haq Aman Ullah1

Arshad Khan1, Mohammad Ihsan1, Mohammad Nisar1, Ali Hazrat1*, Murad Ali3, Rashid Ul-Haq3, Khalid Khan2, Karishma Gul1 and Shah Faisal1 

...ological and biochemical characterization in order to estimate the genetic diversity among the barley landraces; to explore significant variation which can be used in breeding programs. For this purpose, 40 barley landraces were collected from Dir Lower and Swat, districts of KP, Pakistan. A total of 18 traits were recorded, 10 qualitative characters including spike density, awn barbs, glume awn, lemma type and awn color, length of the rechilla hairs, lemma co...
Sana Ilyas1, Muhammad Hidayat Rasool1,*, Muhammad Javed Arshed2, Muhammad Usman Qamar1 and Bilal Aslam1
...e prevalence and genomic characterization of ESBL producing E. coli from poultry, environment and poultry farm workers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Pakistan.A total of 250 poultry samples, 92 poultry environmental samples, and 50 poultry farm worker’s urine samples were screened for ESBL producing E. coli using ChromeIDTM ESBL agar. Biochemical confirmation of the isolates was carried out by API 20E. The antimicrobial susceptibili...

Ahmed F. Afify1, Mohamed A. Shalaby2, Ahmed A. El-Sanousi2 and Amal S. Gaber1

trials and characterization of equine arteritis virus from field specimens. A total of
548 samples were collected from governmental and private studs of Arabian horses
and also foreign horse breeds, including 540 serum samples, among these, 4 EDTAblood
and 4 semen samples. Serologically, indirect ELISA was performed on 540
serum samples. 130 samples were clearly strong positive at a percentage of 24...

NawalM. Abdulla1, M. Haroun1*,Mohamed A. Shalaby2and Ahmed A. Elsanousi2

...tion, identification and characterization of Newcastle disease virus
(NDV) field strains was reported in two captivated falcons(Falcoperegrinusperegrinus)
in Qatar.Virus cultivation in specific pathogen free (SPF) embryonating chicken eggs
(ECE),haemagglutination (HA), haemagglutination inhibition (HI) and mean death time
(MDT)used in the investigation to reveal virus identity and pathogenicity. Both NDV

Fawzy Rania1, AboElkhair M.1, Bazid A.M.1, Sultan H.2, Hussien A.H.3

...2. Isolation and genetic characterizations were carried out for only ten samples which were positive for IBVs. Multiple nucleotide and amino acids alignments revealed prominent nucleotide substitutions which affect amino acids composition of HVR3 of S1 subunit. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that seven strains were belonging to variant 2 group of IBV of great similarity with Israeli IB strains, two strains were belonging to IS/1494/06 group like and one strain...

Hala K. Abdelmegeed 1, Eman M. Abohatab 1, Khattab,O. M. 1 , Salem, S.A.H. 1 , Arafa, A. 2, Nashwa M. Helmy 3

...Serotyping and molecular characterization by polymerase chain reaction PCR for (31) samples as FMD Serotype O , (2) Serotype A and (3) serotype SAT2 the samples collected from outbreaks in period November 2013 –July 2014 the season Autumn and winter for forming an Epidemiological map for 10 governorates of the circulating strains during this period

El-Bagoury, G.F., El-Nahas, E.M., El-Habbaa, A.S.

...ke but further molecular characterization was required to study their homology.

Amro A. Farrag1; Ahmed K. El-Attar1; Om-Hashem M. El-Banna2; Ibrahim A. I.2; H.
M. Mazyad1

Ahmed K. El-Attar; Samah A. Mokbel; Ali H. Hamed

...c primers. The molecular characterization for the Egyptian
isolate has been performed through cloning and sequencing for the OYDV CP gene
which amplified by RT-PCR then cloned and sequenced in the TOPO cloning vector. The
CP gene sequence has been submitted to the GenBank and compared to other available
isolates of OYDV. Sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis showed that the
Egyptian isolate of ...
M. A. S. El-kady1; A. B. Badr2; Ahmed K. El-Attar1, Hoda M. A. Waziri1 and Kh. E. A. Saker1

Amira A. Mazyad1; A. A. Kheder1; Ahmed K. El-Attar1; W. Amer.2; Mahasen, H. Ismail.2; Amal, A.F.1

Eman A. Ahmed1, Osama Y. Shalaby2, Emad F. Dwidar2, Samah A. Mokbel1, Ahmed K. El-Attar1 
...to 600 nm. The molecular characterization was performed for
three different samples representing the different symptoms of phytoplasma through
cloning and direct sequencing. The DNA sequencing, phylogenetic analysis and the
multiple alignments for the sequences of the Egyptian clones with each other and with the
other sequences of phytoplasma strains on GenBank showed that we may have two
different ph...

Sahar Abd El Rahman1; Mohamed Eladl2 and Mohamed M. El-Diasty3

...antigens, then molecular characterization of its genome. Infection by the bovine ephemeral fever virus (BEFV) was noticed in Dakahlyia governorates during the summer season of 2015. Twelve samples of buffy coats were collected from dairy farms suspected from clinical investigations to be infected by bovine ephemeral fever virus. The virus was isolated intracerebrally in suckling mice then successfully identified by indirect immunofluorescence technique in the ...

Abd El-Hamid, M.I1; Seham, A. ElZeedy1; El-Sanousi A.A2, Reda, I.M2, Nehal, S. Saleh1., Abbas, A.M1

... isolation and molecular characterization of EHV-1 of the local isolate Egypt/VSVRI/Zahraa/2014 using the glycoprotein D of EVH-1 due to its role in virus infectivity and its function in entry of virus into cells and is considered as one of the most potent inducers of virus-neutralizing antibody among the spectrum of EHV-1 proteins based on sequence analysis and multiple alignment revealed single nucleotide substitution at the base pair number 121 from the sta...

Ehab M. El-Nahas1, Hemat S. El-Sayed2, Sawsan S. El-Basuni3, Gabr F. El-Bagoury1

...er genetic and antigenic characterization. Methods: Beside a real time RT-PCR; sequence analysis of partial S1 gene, cross-neutralization and the challenge experiment for H120 vaccinated broiler chickens were also performed. Results: Egypt/Qal/014p had close relation with that of the Massachusetts prototypes. Comparisons nucleotide and amino acid sequence of partial S1 gene showed that the recent isolate had 98.2% and 95.2% nucleotide similarities and 96.8% an...

Ayman S. El-Habbaa 1, Gabr F. El-Bagoury1, Samar F. El-Adaway2, and Susan S. El-Mahdy2

... aimed for diagnosis and characterization of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) from infected broiler chickens in Egypt. Methods: Suspected virus isolates on embryonated chicken eggs was detected by Hemagglutination (HA) test and identified using hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test. F protein encoding gene of NDV was amplified using Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) then subjected for nucleotide and amino acid sequence detection. Results: N...
Muhammad G. Khodary1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2, Mohamed M. Emara2, Othman E. Othman1, Hussein A. Hussein2
...Disease Virus (FMDV) and characterization of the circulating strains
associated with the outbreaks.
Methods: The collected samples of Oropharyngeal, oral epithelial tissue and/or vesicular fluids were
tested by real time Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) for detection of
FMDV. The highly viral loaded FMDV positive samples were typed by conventional reverse
transcriptase polymer...

Naglaa F.S. Awad1, Gamelat K.F. Kotb2

...d to investigate genetic characterization of recent RHDV isolates from
naturally-infected rabbits in Sharkia governorate, Egypt in 2015/2016.
Methods: A total of 24 clinical samples were investigated by real-time reverse transcription PCR
(RRT-PCR). Hemagglutination analysis of RRT-PCR positive samples were performed, also these
positive RRT-PCR samples were purified and directly partial sequenced for C-terminal ...
Rasha M. Mahrous1,4, Ahmed K. El-Attar2, Ahlam A. AlWatban1, Sohair I. EL-Afifi3,
Nagwa M. Aref1,3
...(SR1 and SR2). Molecular characterization
of the isolated Phytoplasma was performed through the successful cloning and sequencing of the PCR
fragment that amplified from 16S rRNA gene. The nucleotide sequences were published to the
GenBank as Lemon Witches' broom-Egyptian strain (LWB-Eg strain) with accession number
“KJ948653”. Phylogenetic analysis showed a high similarity (99%) with Oman isolate.
Ashraf S. Khameis, lamya F. Atteya, Ayman H. Mansour, Heba A. Abdelhady, Ashraf A.
...ient for the
characterization and differentiation of Capripox viruses. This finding may provide new information on
the epidemiology of SPV in El Menofiya governorate.

Dina A. Abdulrahman1, Ayman H. EL-Deeb2, Momtaz A. Shaheen1 & Hussein A. Hussein2

routine molecular characterization of the circulating FMDV strains to ensure the rapid detection of any
new or mutant strains and update the used vaccine accordingly.
Methods: Twelve epithelial samples were collected from cattle showing signs suspecting of FMD.
The samples were tested by real time RT-PCR using universal primers for detection of all seven
serotypes of FMDV. The positive-resulted samples wer...
Dalia M. Omar1, Nermeen A. Marden1, Lamiaa M. Gaafar1, Elham A. El-ebiary1, Khalid El-Dougdoug2, Badawi Othman2, Abd Elsattar Arafa3, Hussein A. Hussein4
...tion, identification and characterization
of Avian influenza viruses (AIV) circulating among poultry in 2016 to determine its suitability to be
used in vaccine quality control in Egypt.
Methods: The newly isolated virus was identified and subtyped antigenically by serological test as
Haemagglutination inhibition (HI) using standard AI antisera for H5 antigen and genetically by RTPCR
using specific pri...
Ruqayya Bint Khalid1, Asif Nadeem1,2*, Maryam Javed1, Muhammad Zubair Shabbir3 and Masroor Ellahi Babar4

Akram I. Aboelkhair1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2, Momtaz A. Shahin1 and Hussein A. Hussein2

...de sequences and genetic characterization was conducted on (G-PCR)
gene segment of these isolates.
Results: 93 samples were positive for LSDV by using conventional PCR direct from nodular lesion, 4
positive samples were inoculated on CAM showed characteristic pock lesion, formerly after passaging
of samples on MDBK cell line revealed characteristic cytopathic effect of LSDV, as well as tissue
culture ...
Nagwa K. Meselhy1, Mohamed A. Abo El-khair1, Basem M. Ahmed2, Sherif A. El-Soally3,
Abdelhamid M. Fares1, Mohamed A. Nayel1 and Hussein A. Hussein2
...present study, molecular characterization of circulating EHV-1 viruses among horses
of equestrian clubs in Egypt was carried out. Sixty-two samples of whole blood with anticoagulant
were collected and screened for EHV-1 using nested PCR that amplify the conserved fragment of
glycoprotein B gene (ORF 33), followed by sequencing and phylogenetic analysis.
Results: The study revealed that 19% of our samples were pos...

Hanaa A. Elsamadony1, Laila A. Tantawy1, Sabry E. Omar2 and Heba A. Abd Alah1

...eld, so we need periodic characterization of circulating CAVs in
Egypt to improve methods of virus control and to usually determine the relationship of circulating
CAV with vaccine strains and other CAV strains. The most obvious thing in this study, that’s we need
to make our vaccine from our strain which circulating in the field with periodic updating.

Ahmed K. El-Attar1, Samah A. Mokbel1 and Om-Hashem M. EL-Banna2

... were studied. Molecular characterization and
phylogenetic analysis were performed for the AMV coat protein (CP) gene. An amplicon of the
predicted size (∼666 bp) derived from O. basilicum isolate was purified and cloned in E.Coli
into pCR®4-TOPO vector before proceeding to DNA sequencing and the alignment of
Results: Electron microscope examination of negatively stained preparation...
Riham H. Bassam, Hussein A. Hussein, Mohamed M. Amer, Basem M. Ahmed and Ahmed A. El-Sanousi
molecular characterization. Also; sequence analysis of the same IBV-positive samples.
Results: flocks had shown high discrepancy of CV% values with regard to ELISA results against IB
virus. Out of 60 flocks tested; 12 were positive to the presence of IBV by rt-RT-PCR despite the fact
that the detected flocks had a history of previous IBV vaccination except for backyard chickens and
ducks. Sequence ...

Riham H. Bassam, Hussein A. Hussein, Mohamed M. Amer and Ahmed A. El-Sanousi

Aml S. El-Saadany1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2 and Hussien A. Hussien2

Youssef A. Elgharbawy1, Mervat M. Ali1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2, Mohamed A. Shalaby2

...t affect the immunogenic characterization of the LSDV and the process last for 18 hours with 1% concentration of BEI at 37°c. The inactivated LSDV tested on MDBK cells and the animals free of antibodies for residual live virus and determination of minimal protective dose (MPD) of prepared inactivated LSDV. The MPD was 1.5 ml of the inactivated virus and the vaccine was prepared by adding equal volume of the adjuvants (Montanide ISA 50 and Montanide ISA 206...
Huda S. Darwish 1, Om-hashem M. El-Banna2, Mohamed S. Abbas3, Hoda M. Waziri 1, Maisa A. Awad1
...ent tomato cultivars and characterization induction mutagens by ISSR molecular method.
Methods: ToRSV was isolated from infected tomato, grapevine and pelargonium plants and detected
using double antibody sandwich-enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA). Host range study
was carried out using mechanical inoculation into fourteen different diagnostic host plant species and
cultivars belonging to 6 families. ...
Bingjie Zhou1, Hitesh Bhagavanbhai Mangukiya1, Siva Bharath Merugu1, Fakhar-un-Nisa Yunus1, Yuchen Fan1, Zhenghua Wu1,* and Dawei Li1,2,*
Arshad Khan1, Mohammad Ihsan1, Ali Hazrat1*, Mohammad Nisar1, Muhammad Laiq1, Maryam Bibi1, Nasir Ali2, Ulfat Naz1, Muhammad Zakria1, Nausheen Nazir3, Adam Khan4 and Muhammad Asif Nawaz5
...ological and biochemical characterizations. A total of 80 genotypes were collected from different regions of district Dir and Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, and were characterized for 11 phenotypic traits (4 qualitative and 7 quantitative). A significant diversity was found for leaf length with the range of 4 to 15 cm, leaf width 1 to 7.0 cm, petiole length range from 0.5 to 4.5cm.The internodes length ranged from 0.5cm to 6. The seed length ranged from 4 ...
Muhammad Bilal Tayyab1, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1*, Muhammad Asam Riaz1, Muhammad Anjum Aqueel2, Sylvain Nafiba Ouedraogo3, Muhammad Luqman4, Kanwer Shahzad Ahmed1 and Mujahid Tanvir1
...heir further biochemical characterization and practical implication in future IPM programs against these and other sap-feeding insect pests.

Rizwana Sultan1, Asim Aslam1, Muhammad Yasin Tipu1, Habib ur Rehman2, Saba Usman1, Ahsan Anjum1,*, Muhammad Saeed Imran1, Muhammad Usman3 and Muhammad Zahid Iqbal3
...irst report on molecular characterization of E. tenella in Pakistan highlighting the pathological potential and distribution of E. tenella.

Kirshan Chand1, Fahad Nazir Khoso1*, Arfan Ahmed Gilal1, Abdul Mubeen Lodhi2, Agha Mushtaque Ahmed1, Ghulam Murtaza Jamro3, Sohail Ahmed Otho1 and Jamal-U-Din Hajano4

Tajnees Pirzada1*, Weenghar Ali Chandio1, Mansoor Ali Kalhoro2, Mir Munsif Ali Talpur1, Waheed Ali Mirbahar1, Abdul Ghafar Solangi1, Zulfiquar Ali Jumani1 and Rehana Kerio1

Sadaf Ashraf1, Masood Ahmed Siddiqui1*, Kanwal Nisa1, Samar Ali1 and Naeem Rashid2

Eman H. Mahrous1, Mohamed. W. Abd Al -Azeem2, Faisal A. Wasel1, Waleed Younis2* 

M. Hanafy1, Rehab Elhelw2, Soliman M. Soliman3, Sherif Marouf2* 

...phenotypic and genotypic characterization of members of Pasteurella species isolated from camel from different governorates in Egypt. Camels with respiratory manifestation as nasal discharge, fever, off food, with ocular discharge and air gasping, paralysis of lips and salivation were subjected to clinical examination and a total of 141 samples were collected as follow; 111 nasopharyngeal swabs, 15 tracheal swabs and 15 lung specimens collected from camels fro...
Lin Ye, Jie-Lan Jiang*, Jia Xu, Rui-Ting Liu, Yin-Qiu Tian, Qing-Qing Zang, Jia-Yi Cao and Ming-Guang Mao*

Shang Zhenda1,2*, Kong Qinghui1,4*, Li Jiakui1,4, Liu Suozhu1,2, Tan Zhankun1,2, Shang Peng1,3 and Wang Honghui1,2

Damat Damat1*, Roy Hendroko Setyobudi2, Juris Burlakovs3, Zane Vincēviča-Gaile4
Devi Dwi Siskawardani1, Rista Anggriani1 and Anas Tain5

Javed Khan1, Abdul Majid1, Mohammad Nisar2*, Ali Hazrat2, Nausheen Nazir3, Muhammad Zahoor3, Mohammad Ihsan2, Azhar Hussain Shah1, Muhamad Ajmal Khan4 and Muhammad Yahya1

... justify;">Morphological characterization is important in determining the genetic variation of genotypes among different plant species and its knowledge help the breeders and farmers to select the best variety. Alnus nitida is one of the native and most important plants in District Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, mostly used for medicinal purposes. In the present study, total 50 genotypes of Alnus nitida were collected from Dir lower and evaluated for...

G. Basana Gowda*, N.B. Patil, M. Sahu, S.R. Prabhukarthikeyan, S. Raghu, G.P. Pandi, T. Adak, C.K. Swain, S. Pokhare, S.D. Mohapatra and P.C. Rath 

Imtiaz Ali Shah1*, Maleeha Anwar1, Rafiullah2, Inamullah Wazir1, Muhammad Hasnain Riaz1, Abdur Raziq1, Muhammad Ijaz Ali1, Faizul Hassan1, Khalid Khan3, Yasin Ahmad4, Irshad Ahmad5, Muhammad Ibrahim Rashid5, Muhammad Tariq Zeb1* 

Mohamed Attia Ahmed Awad1*, Obaida Abdel Kareem Almasri2, Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Mohamed Ibrahim1, Rabie Ragab Sadek1, Samy Abou-Bakr1

Samah Samir, Amal Awad*, Gamal Younis 

...phenotypic and molecular characterization. The frequency of edw1, cds1, qseC and pvsA genes were 75%, 70%, 42.5% and 2.5% respectively. E. tarda isolates displayed high resistance to ampicillin, amoxicillin, clindamycin, cefuroxime, penicillin, and amikacin, while, it is more sensitive to ciprofloxacin. Multi antimicrobial resistance (MAR) was observed in 100% of the tested isolates. In addition, 33 isolates (82.5%) were positive for biofilm production. In con...
Zhan-Zhong Liu1, Chun-Ying Wang1, Jian-Ye Yang2, Qing-Hua Liu3,4, Xiao Zhang3* and Liang Wang3,4*

Dwi Budiono1,5, Ratih Rinendyaputri2, Ariyani Noviantari2, Mokhamad Fahrudin3, Ni Luh Putu Ika Mayasari4, Vista Budiariati1,6, Diah Nugrahani Pristihadi1,3, Noer Muhamad Dliyaul Haq1, Arief Boediono3* 

... CHIR99021 0 mmol/l. The characterization results showed that CHIR99021 0.003 mmol/l showed best pluripotency. The conclusion of this study was that the addition of CHIR99021 0.003 mmol/l is most effective in culture of mice parthenogenetic embryos. This is due to CHIR99021 is able to increase blastocyst rate, blastocyst quality, and formation of pESC colonies with improved quality.

Keywords | Blastocyst, CHIR99021, Embryonic stem cell, Parthenogenetic...

Mubasshir Sohail*, Qadeer Ahmed Soomro, Raza Muhammad, Muhammad Usman Asif and Imran Rauf

Zaniar A. Abas1, Mohammed Omer Baba Sheikh2,5*, Hardi N. Aziz3, Omed I. Abid4 

...t study on the molecular characterization of CPV-2 will provide foundations to carry out effective control strategies in the future.

Keywords | VP2 gene, Molecular genotyping, Phylogenetic analysis, Viral evolution. 

Mudassar Jehan1, Masroor Ahmed Bajwa2, Mohammad Masood Tariq2, Asim Faraz3*, Abdul Samaad2, Jameel Ahmad1 and Yousaf Hassan Barozai2
...es are the base of breed characterization. Hence, nearly 25 unrelated (including both male and female) animals of Balochi breed were sampled for DNA extraction. Some specific markers (15 out of available 30 SSR markers) were employed in the present study to highlight genetic polymorphism. The PCR was utilized for amplification of individual DNA samples. All of the 15 SSR markers were amplified. After gel documentation, a total number of 97 alleles were recogni...

Amjed Ali1, Muhammad Tayyab1*, Abu Saeed Hashmi2, Asif Nadeem3, Shumaila Hanif4, Sehrish Firyal1, Shagufta Saeed1, Ali Raza Awan1 and Muhammad Wasim1

...ent study deals with the characterization of recombinant β-lactamase from a locally isolated strain Bacillus subtilis R5. The study was an initial step for the fulfillment of commercial needs of β-lactamase in Pakistan. The 1 kb β-lactamase gene was amplified by PCR using the genomic DNA of B. subtilis R5 as template. The purified PCR product was cloned in pTZ57R/T and sub-cloned in pET21a. Expression of recombinant protein was examined in BL21 ...
Mohamed Lebdah1, Sahar Abd El Rahman2*, Ahmed Attia3, Reham Karam2, Naglaa Fathy Saeed Awad1, Mohamed Ibrahim El Bagoury1

Syeda Rubab Zaidi* and Safdar Ali Mirza

...n subjected to enzymatic characterization to find its thermal stability, effect of pH and selected chemical compounds. Other significant experimental findings were; optimum incubation period was 7 days, inoculum size was 3 discs of 0.5 cm, CuSO4 as inducer improved production, laccase activity of crude extract i.e. 10.89U/ml increased to 15.07U/ml with purification of the enzyme, the purified samples of enzyme was significantly greater protein concentration th...

Mohamed. E. Taha1, Mohamed S. Ahmed2, Ahmed I. Ahmed2, Amany Adel3, Salama Rehab4,5*, Nabila Osman2** 

Oluwatoyin Adenike Fabiyi

...e fractions with partial characterization. The reduction in nematode population in the screenhouse and field signifies that fractions from M. indica could be employed in place of the environmentally undependable synthetic nematicides, while encouraging a sustainable and safe environment in tomato cultivation.

Zeinab R. Aboezz1*, Ayman S. El-Habbaa1, Rania S. El-Mohamady2, Samia A. Elnagar2, Ehab M. El-Nahas1

Veronica Ngozi Emenuga1, Clara Idara Eleazar2*, Seto Tunrayo Aladenika1  

...ture, identification and characterization of isolates were carried out using standard methods. Antifungal biogram was performed. Result showed that all the cattle and the bedding tested positive for fungi, while 41(82%) of the milk samples had fungal contamination. Rate of isolation from cattle, bedding and the milk was not significantly (P= 0.365) different. The distributions of various species within the bedding was significantly different (P= 0.001). Trich...
Idrissa Sacko1, Madou Dao1, Souleymane Sanogo1,2*, B. Michel Orounladji2, Kaly Diakité1, Diakaridia Traore3, Mamadou D. Coulibaly1, Amadou B. Cisse1
...roscopic and microscopic characterization of Anglo-Nubian × Sahelian crossbred goat’s semen in Mali. From January to August 2020, a total of 45 ejaculates have been collected from 03 bucks (5/8 Anglo-Nubian, 3/8 Sahelian Goat) using artificial vagina. Semen volume, mass motility and live and dead sperm counts (spz) were measured by direct reading and electronic microscopy with a direct image transfer system on screen, respectively. Sperm concentrat...

Gawhara Ahmed-Abdelmonem1*, Zeinab Aboezz2, Ahmed Habashi1, Saad Sharawi2 

...study aimed at molecular characterization of serotype A FMDV that has been involved in the latest FMD outbreaks in Egypt. Thirty-six samples (26 blood and 10 oral epithelial tissue samples) were obtained from suspected cattle in three Egyptian governorates during 2019-2020. The samples were screened for FMDV by means of real‑time RT‑PCR that showed nearly 86% (n=31) of the examined samples to be FMDV positive. Virus isolation was carried out on ten of the ...

Xiangli Dong1,2, Shilin Mikhail Borisovich2, Jiji Li1,*, Jianyu He1, Zeqin Fu1, Yingying Ye1, Julia N. Lukina3, Olga V. Apalikova4 and Jianshe Zhang1

Waqas Raza1*, Muhammad Usman Ghazanfar1, Muhammad Asif2, Ikram-ul-Haq3, Muhammad Zakria4 and Laith Khalil Tawfeeq Al-Ani5,6

Caiyun Ma1, Hebao Wen1, Lu Li2, Gaofeng Liu1, Chunjing Wang1, Yu Guo1, Shiji Fang1, Hongyu Wang1* and Changqing Liu1*

Reem M. Ramadan1, Fady Sayed Youssef2, Gehad Genidy Mohamed3, Sameh Hamed Ismail4, M.M. El-Bahy1, Shimaa Abdel-Radi1* 

Ahmad Nadeem1,2 and Rubina Arshad1,2,*

...ical tests and molecular characterization. The co-culturing of LAB isolates with fungal cultures (in vitro) showed that among seven LAB isolates, only three possessed antifungal activity. One promising wild type isolate (LPA6) was subjected to gamma irradiation for mutation induction. Seeds of two chickpea varieties were inoculated with LAB isolates in four treatments comprising of T1 (wild type LPA6), T2 (mutant MLPA6), T3 (wild type LPA6 + mutant MLPA6 conso...

Qamar Javed Iqbal1*, Zainab Masood2, Asad Abbas3 and Sidra Munir4

...odynamic properties. The characterization of epoxidized pumpkin seed oil was accomplished by FTIR analysis which shows peak of epoxy group at 845cm-1.


Hasnain Raza1*, Tanveer-ul-Haq1, Muhammad Imran1, Nabeel Ahmad Ikram2 and Muhammad Bilal Shoukat1

Ansar Abbas1*, Muhammad Aman Ullah2, Abdul Waheed3 and Muhammad Asif4

...udy on the morphological characterization of Thalli sheep might be a good reference for next sheep breeding studies.


Masixole Maswana, Thinawanga Joseph Mugwabana and Thobela Louis Tyasi*

...formation on breed level characterization documented data is not enough and generates a low level of research interest on conservation of donkey genetic resources. The objective of the current review was to describe the morphological variations between different donkey breeds. This review study shows forms of slight variation in morphological traits among donkey breeds of the same area within that country. One of the key aspects in animal evolution and migrati...

Mehwish Saleem1* and Amina Atiq2

... UV-VIS was done for the characterization of the nanoparticles. Various bacterial strains were successfully combatted by garlic nanoparticles’ strong antibacterial properties (E. coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus). Additionally, Staphylococcus aureus showed the greatest sensitivity to garlic nanoparticles, with inhibitory zones of 19 mm, 17 mm, and 18 mm for an aqueous extract for aqueous extract and for ethanolic ga...

Sara Magdy Hashim1, Elshaimaa Ismael2, Mohamed Tarek3, Faten Fathy Mohammed1*, Fatma Amer Abdel Reheem3, Rawhia Esawy Doghaim1 

...sitive samples. For more characterization, the full HA gene was sequenced, followed by phylogenetic analysis according to the year examined, mortality rate, positive results of RT- qPCR with low Ct value (H5 and N8 were 15 and 20 respectively). The phylogenetic tree revealed that H5N8 field isolate clustering in clade The histopathological hallmarks, in H5N8 naturally infected ducks, included acute inflammatory, necrotic and vascular reactions that i...

Muhammad Nadeem1, Muhammad Rizwan2,3*, Tanveer Ahmad4, Muhammad Kashif5, Aneela Zameer Durrani2, Muhammad Ali6, Asghar Abbas7, Safder Imran8, Sidra Saher9, Syeda Fakhra Waheed10

...iochemical, and cultural characterization. Occurrence of significant trans-boundary animal diseases (TADs) was highlighted by adopting special parameters of participatory disease surveillance (PDS). Data analysis showed that FMD, theileriosis, and HS are the most important, of which FMD was found to be most common diseases in study area. Other main livestock health problems observed during study was respiratory syndrome, mastitis, enterotoxaemia, tick and mite...

Rahman Ullah1*, Muhammad Junaid2, Nabila Gulzar2, Rahat Ullah Khan3, Baseer Ahmad4, Ambrina Tariq5, Aamir Iqbal6, Mushtaq Ahmed7 and Mirwaise Khan8*

...ed out for the molecular characterization (identification) ETEC (Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli) strains in both raw and pasteurized milk available in the market of District Kasur, Punjab (31.0896° N, 74.1240° E). A total of 65 samples of milk including 5 pasteurized milk samples from various sources were analyzed through scientific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method including other microbiological laboratory techniques (Total plate count, Gram s...

Salma Bessalah1, Samira Jebahi2, Asim Faraz3*, Amel Raoufi2, Cem Tırınk4, Walid Dridi2, Mahmoud Daouad2, Hassib Keskes5, Touhami Khorchani1, Khaled Farah2, Abdul Waheed3 and Mohamed Hammadi1

...elatin was optimized and characterization and functional properties were determined. The structural changes occurring after γ-irradiation at doses from 5 to 30 kGy were reported by physico-chemical techniques such as electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) for the first time. Results revealed that gelatin yield increased significantly (P<0.05) as the extraction temperature and t...

Nauman Zaheer Ghumman, Muhammad Ijaz*, Arslan Ahmed, Muhammad Umar Javed, Iqra Muzammil and Ahmed Raza

...tudy regarding molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of MRSA isolates from the study area.


Barbosa Carla1*, Gregori Fabio2, Thomazelli Luciano1, Oliveira Amanda1, Araújo Jansen1, Ometto Tatiana1, Marcatti Roberta3, Nardi Marcelo3, Paludo Danielle4, Utecht Nathalia1 and Edison Durigon1

...he detection and genetic characterization of these viruses are scarce, especially in South American wild birds. Thus, this paper aims to detect and discuss the diversity of these agents in birds at migratory stopping and wintering sites, along Brazilian Segment of the Atlantic Flyway. Therefore, 738 avian samples from different regions of Brazil were subjected to a RT-Nested-PCR protocol, with primers targeting RdRp region. Positive samples were confirmed usin...

Shafia Riaz1, Khalid Abbas1*, Tanveer Ahmed1,2*, Huma Naz3, Hina Amjad1 and Shahbaz Ahmad1

...zed using SPSS. Genetics characterization was performed by employing five species specific polymorphic microsatellite markers. Overall, the results of growth trial confirmed that FQB genotype performed maximum while QBD evinced lowest performance among all the genotypes based on wet weight (g) and total length (mm). Genetic analysis revealed significant differences based on allelic frequencies, heterozygosity, inbreeding and genetic distance among hatchery gen...

Y. I. Erum and F. Shahina†

molecular characterization that the most diverse and resistant genotype against CCN was Moomal-2002 as compared to the
rest of the genotypes studied and the most effective loci to screen diversity was OPA-09.

Muhammad Nadeem1*, Aneeta Rehman1, Masooma Munir1*, Hira Fatima2, Faiqa Malik1, Aqsa Iqbal1 and Alaiha Asif3

Najam-ul-Sehar Afshan1*, Javeria Majeed1, Abdul Rehman Niazi1, Saima Khanum2, Maria Riaz1, Muhammad Fiaz2 and Shaila Anjum

Saba Iqbal1, Salman Khurshid1*, Hafiza Mehwish Iqbal1, Qurrat-Ul-Ain Akbar1, Aqeel Ahmed Siddique3, Saqib Arif1, Shahid Yousaf2, Masooma Munir4, Abdul Karim Khan4, Shazia Arif5,  Abdul Ahad6 and Muhammad Arif7

... method for quantitative characterization of wheat grains in terms of hardness. Since wheat is the staple food and its hardness is one of the basic quality traits being used in local and international trade. In addition to the NIR-spectroscopy, wheat grain samples were also analyzed through standard methods for hardness such as hardness index (HI) and particle size index (PSI). Samples had hardness scores ranging between 55.5 and 79.1. A positive correlation s...
Hafiz Abdullah Shakir1*, Iqra Javed1, Muhammad Irfan2*, Shaukat Ali3, Muhammad Khan1, Farah Rauf Shakoori1, Javed Iqbal Qazi1 and Muhammad Abrar Yousaf1
...ace methodology. Tannase characterization data revealed that 5.0 pH, 30°C temperature, 60 minutes incubation and 0.45% of substrate concentration showed highest tannase activity. The results depict utilization potential of low cost substrate (corn leaves) to reduce the production cost of tannase.


Rahmat Ullah Khan1*, Karim Gabol1, Asif Sadam2, Waheed Ali Panhwar3, Hamidullah4 and Abdul Rahim1

...ut its breeding and nest characterizations, complete research was carried out in the cultivated areas of Bajaur valley during 2020. The breeding season starts from mid-April and lasts until July. Nests were explored orderly in all the probable sites with help of the landowners. Overall, 52 nests were found mainly built on five different types of vegetation at an average height of 2.87±1.3 m above the ground. The shape of the nest was round to oblong, in...
...have implications in the characterization and diagnosis of diseases but it can prove helpful in assessing their severity and type. 
Jameel Ahmed1,2*, Mohammad Masood Tariq1, Nadeem Rashid1, Asim Faraz3*, 
Majed Rafeeq1, Irfan Shehzad Sheikh1, Mudassar Jahan1,2, Abdul Fatih1,2
Masroor Ahmad Bajwa1, Ifrah Jameel1, Muhammad Ali1 and Saira Iftikhar4
Syeda Fakhra Waheed1, Asim Aslam1*, Muti-ur-Rehman Khan1, Kamran Ashraf2 and Beenish Zahid3
...d March 2021 for genetic characterization, followed by phylogentic analysis. A total of 4 isolates were sequenced based on partial VP1 and hyper-variable region of the VP2 genes simultaneously. According to phylogenetic analysis, the study isolates genotype A3B3 were identified as predominant strains in country backyard poultry. Concerning the identity matrix analysis of VP1 representative part, study isolates shared (87-88% nt; 95-96% aa) identity with the vv...
A.l. Abd El-Fattah; A.s. Saclik M.M. El-Kholi; I.A. Åbdcl-Hmnid and M.A. Madkour
...erological and molecular characterization. Data of the use of Sorghum bicolor vars. Rio and Atlas show successful detection of 7 SCMV strains (A, B. D. E. H. l. and M). The indirect-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (I-ELISA) detection Of SCMV strains showed the presence or five strains. i.e., SCMV-A. SCMV-B. SCMV-D, SrMV-H and SrMV-I. The electron microscopy of SCMV-E-infected sorghum plant cells proved the presence or the cytoplasmic inclusions characterized...
Balquees Kanwal1*, Syeda Saba Shah1, Syed Waqas Hassan2 and Farzana Shaheen3
...s used for detection and characterization of Stx-1 and Stx-2 genes. In total, 75 (46.8%) isolates were detected as E. coli. Among them, 14 (8.75%) isolates were tested positive for Stx genes (Stx-1 and Stx-2). The detection of pathotype of shiga toxin producing E. coli O157:H7 in chicken meat is a significant finding because this pathogen has been related to food borne outbreaks. On the basis of our findings, routine diagnosis of STEC and improvement of hygien...

Edwin Ormachea V1,2*, Bilo Calsin C1,2, Eyner Aguilar S3, Buenaventura Ormachea V4, Henry Gonzales C1, Yecenia M. Masias G5

Sumbal Nazir1*, Farkhanda Manzoor2, Ishrat Perveen3, Anum Rana2, Irum Naureen1, Abad Ali Nadeem3 and Hafiza Najma Naeem2 

Endang Baliarti1*, Muh Auliya Rozzaq2, Adi Tiya Warman2, Sigit Bintara3, Tri Satya Mastuti Widi1, Diah Tri Widayati3, Bayu Andri Atmoko4, Tristianto Nugroho1 

...tigate body morphometric characterization in conjunction with the reproductive performance of Bali and Bali Cross Cattle in Indonesia. A total of 110 cattle consisting of 59 Bali, 27 Limousin × Bali (Limbal) and 24 Simmental × Bali (Simbal) were measured for body morphometric data collection. Reproductive performance data were collected based on information from farmers. Data were analyzed by analysis of variance followed by Duncan’s Multiple...

Bahlouli Fayçal1*, Chourghal Nacira2, Salamani Amel3, Benaini Mohammed4, Maamri Khelifa2, Kachaou Cherifa5, Djaballah Melak5, Atek Younes6 and Aissat Fares6

...siological and agronomic characterizations established by COI (1997).The results obtained indicate that the large number of stomata in the leaves of the Azeradj variety (1.22 stomata/1mm²), Limli variety has the highest value of the chlorophyll rate with 99.23%, Azeradj and Frontoio varieties are the earliest (February 25), Chemlal and Limli varieties are the latest (March 16),all the varieties studied are self-fertile. The six varieties tested present di...

Mati Ullah1*, Muhammad Rizwan2, Ali Raza3, Xianlin Zhao4, Yanling Sun4, Sarah Gul5, Muhammad Ihtesham Waheed6, Muhammad Nadeem Khan7, Alvina Gul8, Sami Ullah Jan9* and Chao Huang4*

...re genes. The functional characterization by subsystem category distribution analysis revealed “Carbohydrates” is the largest subsystem followed by “protein metabolism” while the biological pathway analysis by the Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG) database identified the “metabolic and biosynthesis of secondary metabolites pathway” as the dominant one. Similarly, the functional character...

Ying Liu1,2, Ji-Yong Fang2, Na Zheng3 and Hai-Long Wu1*

...phological and molecular characterization of S. schmackeri sp. nov., we generated new data on the Seuratascaris genus, providing a crucial scientific basis for future studies on the genus. 


Supawadee Piratae1*, Noraphat Khiewkham2, Nattawut Maungmungkun2, Chanakan Tippornwong2, Tossapol Seerintra2, Sirikanda Thanasuwan3, Luyen Thi Phung4 

Nadia Jabeen1, Abdul Mubeen Lodhi1*, Rehana Naz Syed1, Muhammad Ali Khanzada2 and Alia Gul3

...teristics. For molecular characterization, DNA extraction was performed from the samples using a kit , and PCR amplification  was done using ITS4 and ITS1F  primers designed from the conserved regions as described in the previous studies. The amplified PCR products were sequenced from Macrogen Korea, via worldwide scientific Pakistan. Phylogenetic analysis of the obtained sequences was done based on the maximum similarity method using Mega 6.0. The s...

Rameez Raja Kaleri1,2*, Hubdar Ali Kaleri1, Nazeer Hussain Kalhoro5, Raza Ali Mangi3, Ghulam Mustafa Solangi4, Deepsh Kumar Bhuptani6, Sher Muhammad Khosa1, Abdul Wahid Solangi1, Ayaz Ali Lashari7 and Sheva Dari1

...o observe the phenotypic characterization of indigenous backyard poultry birds in Tando Allahyar. For this purpose, total 470 birds with 240 male and 230 females were brought under the study. Their phenotypic characteristics were collected thorough observing by the researchers from different UCs of district Tando Allahyar. The data regarding quantitative traits were observed using the measuring tap mentioned in the (FAO) manual. The findings of our study 86.69...

Sagir Hussain1, Erum Iqbal2*, Nasira Kazi2, Sher Wali Khan1, Qamar Abbas1 and Abdul Razaq1

...logical and morphometric characterization of some plant parasitic nematode populations, recovered from agricultural fields during surveys of the districts Gilgit and Nager, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The analysis of samples yielded a new nematode species and two new reported species belonging to the order Tylenchida as new geographical records for Pakistan. Hemicycliophora pyri n. sp., is characterized by the broadly rounded lip region with two indistinct ann...
Nabila Rasheed1, Shumaila Usman2*, Madeeha Sadiq3, Bushra Wasim3, Kanwal Haneef4, Hafsa Shafqat3, Tabinda Urooj3 and Saman Rashid4
...munocytochemistry. After characterization, the analysis of GDM effect on WJMSCS proliferation rate was analyzed by calculating the population doubling time of the cells at different passages (P0-P3). Moreover, the expression of the important cell cycle genes (CDCA2, CDCA8, CDC20, and CCNA2) was analyzed by quantitative PCR to determine the effect of GDM at gene level. The isolated cells expressed the stem cell specific marker CD90 which confirmed that the isol...

A.M. Abdul Azeem1, A.N. El shahat1* and Mohamed H.M. Abd el Megid2

...SeNPs-CP), their general characterization, and their assessment for antioxidant activities against liver injury induced by bisphenol A (BPA) in male rats. In this work, Citrus paradise peels extract used for reduction of sodium selenite (Na2SeO3) to reduce Se ions to Se0 confirmed by changing the colour of the solution from light yellow to red. The synthesized SeNPs were characterized by Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis spectra), Fourier transform infr...

A.M. Abdul Azeem1, A.N. El shahat1* and Mohamed H.M. Abd el Megid2

...SeNPs-CP), their general characterization, and their assessment for antioxidant activities against liver injury induced by bisphenol A (BPA) in male rats. In this work, Citrus paradise peels extract used for reduction of sodium selenite (Na2SeO3) to reduce Se ions to Se0 confirmed by changing the colour of the solution from light yellow to red. The synthesized SeNPs were characterized by Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis spectra), Fourier transform infr...

Muhammad Ilyas Riaz1, Masood Rabbani1*, Sohail Raza1, Ali Raza Awan2, Aleena Kokab1 and Iqra Nazir3

Burarah Arooj1, Zeeshan Mutahir1, Moazzam Ali1, Mohsina Akhter2, Malik Siddique Mahmood1, Arslan Hamid3 and Mahjabeen Saleem1*

Mamona Jabeen1, Sumra Naz1, Hina Amjad1, Khalid Abbas1*, Sajid Abdullah1, Muhammad Anjum Zia2, Taqwa Safdar1 and Muhammad Sarfraz Ahmed1

Rabail Hassan Toor1,3, Raazia Tasadduq2, Jane B. Lian3, Janet L. Stein3, Gary S. Stein3 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori1*
...isolation and functional characterization of active compounds of signaling pathways that mediate osteoclastogenesis will contribute further insights on the anti-osteoporotic therapeutic activity of CQ.

Fariha Javaid1*, Zahoor Qadir Samra1, Madeeha Shahzad Lodhi1,2, Aroosha Hussain1 and Gulnaz Pervaiz1

Michelle Anne Diano1,2, Loel Dalan1,2, Neil Pep Dave Sumaya3 and Nanette Hope Sumaya1,2*

...ntified by morphological characterization and analysis of the D2-D3 expansion segments of the 28S rDNA sequence. The D2-D3 rDNA sequence alignment of the four isolates, B2R1 (MT459236), B2R2 (MT459237), B2R3 (MT459238), and B3R1 (MT459239), do not exhibit any nucleotide differences with each other or with previously described populations of C. briggsae from China (MN519141), Germany (EF417140), and the USA (AY604481, JN636061); therefore, they are conspecific....

Abdul Kabir1*, Anees Ur Rahman2, Inzamam Ali Shah2, Ibad ur Rahman2 

... surveillance, molecular characterization, and vaccine development for buffalopox.


Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners


Vol. 11, Iss. 2, Pages 13-25


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