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Molecular Characterization of VAR2 among IBV Infected poultry in Lebanon

Molecular Characterization of VAR2 among IBV Infected poultry in Lebanon

Riham H. Bassam, Hussein A. Hussein, Mohamed M. Amer, Basem M. Ahmed and Ahmed A. El-Sanousi


Background: IBV is very important disease affecting mainly the respiratory tract of chickens. In
Lebanon; there is a few data concerning the IBV among poultry flocks.
Objective: The aim of the present study is to detect the molecular characterize IBV in samples
collected from Lebanese flocks geographically distributed in 7 Governorates.
Methods: Blood sera, tracheal swabs and tissue organs were collected from 60 poultry flocks from
different ages, different type of raising which were housed in different Governorates in Lebanon
including, broilers, layer hens of breeders, backyard chickens and ducks for serosurveillance and
molecular characterization. Also; sequence analysis of the same IBV-positive samples.
Results: flocks had shown high discrepancy of CV% values with regard to ELISA results against IB
virus. Out of 60 flocks tested; 12 were positive to the presence of IBV by rt-RT-PCR despite the fact
that the detected flocks had a history of previous IBV vaccination except for backyard chickens and
ducks. Sequence analysis for three IBV detected viruses had shown 99% similarity with VAR2
serotype present in Egypt.
Conclusion: VAR2-IBV is circulating among chickens demonstrating mortalities which affect poultry
industry in Lebanon.

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Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 3, Iss. 1


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