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Phylogenetic Characterization of Some Bovine viral diarrhea viruses in Egypt

Phylogenetic Characterization of Some Bovine viral diarrhea viruses in Egypt

A. A. El-Kholy1, S. Vilcek2 and A. M. Daoud1

l- veterinary Sera and Vaccines Research Institute. Abbasia, P.O. Box 131, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: 202-3421866 Fax: 202-342832/ E-mail.
2- Department of infectious and Tropical Diseases. University of Veterinary Medicine, Komenskeho 73, 041 81 Kosice, Slovakia


Sixty-seven buffy coat specimens, obtained from clinically suspected cattle at farms located in Belbees. El-Sharquia, were screened for BVDV. Only 9/67 of the tested specimens (13%) were BVDV positive by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Whereas virus isolation followed by immunostaining procedure in cell culture confirmed only 6/9 BVDVs that were cytopathogenic. Direct sequencing of the RT-PCR amplicons revealed an extreme nucleotide sequence homology (≥ 98%) among all tested Egyptian isolates versus the local vaccine strain. sequence alignments showed variable identity (74% - 93%) of the Egyptian vaccinal strain versus reference laboratory and vaccinal strains of BVDV. Clustering and phylogenetic analyses suggested that these Egyptian vaccinal and field BVDVs are low-Kinetic variants of reference BVDV-Ia. particularly the NADL, represented as a distinguished branch within the phylogenetic tree. Accordingly, BVDV-la (NADL-like), is the dominant circulating genotype in Belbees, El-Sharquia, to date, and the local vaccine could likely induce an antigenically appropriate immune response. The present study offers a useful molecular epizootiological tool to group local BVDVs in a herd-specific manner at a geographic region to recognize new virus introduction and thus to improve local vaccines and diagnostic assays for effective control policies.

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Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 3, Iss. 1


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