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 Ihsan Ali1#, Asim Aslam1*, Habib-ur-Rehman2, Beenish Zahid3, Ishtiaq Ahmed1

Effect of fish oil on growth performance and immune response in experimentally infected broiler chicken with avian influenza virus H9N2 organs through
histopathology, growth performance and antibody response in H9N2 challenged
broilers. A total of 80 chicks were divided in to 4 groups A, B, C & D. Group A and
B were challenged with AI virus (H9N2) on 21 day of age, group B and C were
treated with 3% FO while group A and D were treated with cooking oil. For isolation
of virus, 21 samples were collected, out of which 8 (40%) were positive for H9. The
Rana Waqas Arshad1, Asim Aslam1, Muhammad Saeed Imran1, Kamran Ashraf2 and Raheela Akhtar1,*
...ct in terms of immunity, histopathology of bursa of Fabricius and FCR. These results can be implemented in field for complete protection and better growth performance of broiler industry.
Naveed Akhtar1*, Muhammad Fiaz Khan1*, Sadia Tabassum1
Munawar Saleem Ahmad2 and Khan Dil Badshah3
...n all treated groups. In histopathology, dose dependent lesion and alterations in gills, liver, brain, kidney, intestine and muscles related with oxidative stress damage was observed. Genotoxicity increased with increase in time and concentration of cypermethrin. Cypermethrin is therefore extremly harmful to aquatic life.

Safia Bibi1, Saima Naz1*, Saba Saeed1, Ahmad Manan Mustafa Chatha2

...mi-nants on fish. Hence, histopathology must be consider to monitor contaminated aquatic systems.
Chao-Qun Shi1, Hong-Ying Lin1, Jin-Qing Zheng1, Fan Yang1, Kwame Ayisi Lartey1, Dan-Ju Kang1, Hwa-Chian Robert Wang2, Ravi Gooneratne3*and Jin-Jun Chen1*
...n in duodenal villi, and histopathology of duodenum were also studied. TFCO significantly increased the IgA and IgG concentration (P<0.05), reversed the intestinal mucosal damage caused by E. coli, and increased the relative expression of TGF-β1 mRNA. Therefore, TFCO has potential to improve immune function against E. coli infection, restored the intestinal structure and cured the E. coli-induced diarrhoea in mice.
Rizwana Sultan1, Asim Aslam1, Muhammad Yasin Tipu1, Habib ur Rehman2, Saba Usman1, Ahsan Anjum1,*, Muhammad Saeed Imran1, Muhammad Usman3 and Muhammad Zahid Iqbal3
... serum biochemistry, and histopathology. Species specific PCR based on polymorphic site of the ITS1 gene was developed and used to identify the organism. Haematological examination of the blood demonstrated a decrease in total erythrocytes, packed cell volume, haemoglobin concentration, and red blood cell indices. Differential leukocyte analysis revealed leukocytosis, heterophilia, eosinophilia, monocytosis, and lymphocytosis. Serum biochemistry showed ...
Nacira Djabali1*, Souad Dougat2, Wahida Haddadi2 and Lamis Fadhli2
...perm, the weight and the histopathology of the testes were studied. The results obtained show a significant dose-dependent decrease in LH, FSH and testosterone in the treated groups compared to control. The administered solvent caused severe deterioration in sperm quality, decreased sperm concentration, mobility and vitality, with increased sperm morphological malformations. The treated individuals show hypogonadism and severe tissue damage, especially in grou...

Aly M. Ghetas1*, Dalia M. Sedeek1, Hanaa S. Fedawy1, M.A. Bosila1, Hoda M. Mekky1, Kh. M. Elbayoumi1, 3, Mohamed M. Amer2 

Jocelín Selene Sánchez Cisneros1, Braulio Alejandro Fuantos Gámez1, Martin Herrik Ramón Kane1, Laura Miranda Contreras2, Camilo Romero Núñez2* 

...n samples were taken for histopathology and compared with a healthy specimen of the same species and colour characteristics. The diagnosis was cutaneous collagen dysplasia suggestive of cutaneous asthenia. This is the first report of cutaneous asthenia in a baby albino Burmese python in Latin America.

Keywords | Burmese python, Histopathology, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Wounds, Cutaneous asthenia 


Rana A. Ali1, Abd-Elraheim A. Elshater2, Heba A. Mohammed3*, Mahmoud Elshazly4 

...ncreas was dissected for histopathology. Results: biochemically, there was a significant increase in hepato-renal enzymes, cholesterol, glucose, and insulin in the STZ group, while, the other treated groups showed an improvement in such enzymes. Histopathology, STZ induced necrosis, and degenerative changes with vacuolation. Treated groups displayed moderate to mild vacuolation and congestion of the blood vessels. Conclusion...
Asmaa Khamis1, Osama Abdalla1, Mohamed Hashem2, Noha Abdelnaeim1*
...hloride, hepatotoxicity, histopathology, apoptotic markers

Ida Bagus Oka Winaya1*, Anak Agung Ayu Mirah Adi1, Putu Henrywaesa Sudipa2, I Gusti Ketut Suarjana2

Dalia M. Aboelhassan1*, Inas S. Ghaly1, Noha E. Ibrahim2, Nermeen M. Shaffie3, Mariam G. Eshak1, Aboelfetoh M. Abdallah4, Ibrahim M. Farag1
...induced genotoxicity and histopathology in rats. In the genetic study, the assaying of expressions of IkBα and COX-1 genes in liver tissues, as well as the expressions of mdr1a and COX-1 genes in kidney tissues are evaluated. In addition, the histological architectures of these organs are examined. Bisphenol A (BPA) treatment causes over-expressions of the above mentioned genes, and induces massive damage to the histological architectures of liver and ki...

Peyman Mohammadzadeh1*, Aida Rasuli2, Bahman Noroozi Gorgani2, Sajjad Mohammadi3

...umatic axonal injury. In histopathology, activated microglia and reactive astrogliosis were seen. The cause of death was TBI followed by eye blindness caused by toxoplasmosis, during which was the formation of a hematoma larger than 60 mL, a primary Glasgow coma scale less than 8, and basal nucleus ganglia dysfunction. A 40-ml intracerebral hemorrhage occurred followed by severe blood aspiration and asphyxia.
Keywords | Choroid b...

Heba S.S. Salem1, Hend M. Megahed2, Marwa M. Sarhan2, Maha M. El Alem3, Gehan N. Alagmy3* 

...ed an improvement in the histopathology compared with the untreated groups. In conclusion, BV treatment is of value in the treatment of S. aureus-induced arthritis in rabbits.

Keywords | Antibacterial Activity; Bee Venom; Staphylococcus aureus; Septic Arthritis 


Ashira Manzoor1, Imran Ahmad Khan1,2*, Muqadas Sadiq3, Muhammad Omer Iqbal4 and Shaukat Hussain Munawar5

Marwa S. Khattab1*, Ahmed H. Osman1, Huda O. AbuBakr2, Rehab A. Azouz3, Asmaa A. Azouz4, Heba S. Farag5 

...y (HPLC) technique. Skin histopathology and immunohistochemistry of collagen were performed. Results: Ivermectin was detected in 36 samples, out of them 15 contained high ivermectin levels (100 ppb). Chlorpyrifos, piperonyl butoxide, and acetamiprid were below the limit of quantification in 3 samples only. Histopathology of tick-infested skin revealed severe multifocal eosinophilic dermatitis and inflammation of subcutaneous...
Chunlan Shan1, Chaoying Liu1, Qin Lu1, Guowen Fu2, Syed Aftab Hussain Shah3, Rana Waseem Akhtar4, Ru Zhao2, Libo Gao2, Chang Liu2, Shushu Miao2, Hongdan Wang2 and Hong Gao2*


...ns, respectively for the histopathology examination. The higher organ damage was observed by E. coli HPI+ than HPI- strain in mice. This study postulates the predicted protein structures of major genes, and validates the HMWP expression under iron starvation and provides a theoretical basis for prevention and treatment of E. coli related diseases.


Mohamed M. Bahr1, Mohamed S. Amer1*, Khaled Abo-EL-Sooud2, Shaimaa M. Kamel3, Marwa A. Fouly4, Ahmed N. Abdallah5, Ashraf A. Shamaa1, Omar S. El-Tookhy1 

...Exosomes, corneal-ulcer, histopathology, corneal-transplantation, AS-OCT, New-Zealand-rabbits, paracrine-signaling. 


Öznur Özil*, Öznur Diler, Mevlüt Nazıroğlu, Aşkın Atabay 

...cribes the intensity and histopathology of the Clinostomum complanatum infection in Garra rufa used in the health and beauty industries in foot spas for ichthyotherapy. In total of 25 examined fish specimens 56% were infected with the metacercariae of C. complanatum. The mean intensity of the infection was 27.14 cysts per host, varying between 1-75 cysts. The parasites were determined encysted in the base of the fins, muscle, inner wall of the operculum, gill...

O.S. Osunlola† and B. Fawole1

... Lam.) were observed for histopathology
changes included cellular disorganization in the root cortex, endodermis and vascular cells. Female nematode
displaced root cells and occupied large cavities and the surrounding cells were compressed. The nematode induced
formation of an average of four giant cells each with 7 ± 0.5 nuclei around the head of nematode close to vascular

Oussama Zghari*, Mouloud Lamtai, Sofia Azirar, Mohamed Yassine El-Brouzi, Hajar Benmhammed, Aboubaker El-Hessni, Ali Ouichou, Abdelhalem Mesfioui

Nawfal Hammadi Jasim1, Yasmeen Jassim Mohammed2 , Jala Amir Salman Alahmed1, Majdy Faisal Majeed3* 

Ibrahim Elmaghraby*, Abdel-Baset I. El-Mashad, Shawky A. Moustafa, Aziza A. Amin 

Kazi Afsana Homayra Orchy1, Mst. Antora Akter1, Nelema Yesmin1, Md. Moshiur Rahman Khan1, Marzia Rahman2, Md. Mahmudul Alam1* 

...the basis of morphology, histopathology, and biochemical analysis, it can be concluded that PRP, irrelevant of source improves and accelerates the burn wound healing with no adverse effects 


Shafi Muhammad1, Bibi Nazia Murtaza2, Aftab Ahmad1, Muhammad Shafiq3, Nurul Kabir4 and Hamid Ali1*

...owards HCC by performing histopathology and immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques in liver tissues in HCV patients from the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. In addition, the network of IL-17A and its KEGG pathway related gene IDs were constructed using GeneMANIA and STRING online web tools. IL-17A serum levels were significantly higher in fibrotic patients compared to chronic HCV patients and showed a positive correlation with age. The const...

Jasir Hakim Hidayah1,2, Yos Adi Prakoso2, Sitarina Widyarini3* 

...f calabash fruit against histopathology of the brain in a mouse model with artificially induced ischemic stroke. As many as fifty – rat models were used in this study. The rats were separated into P1 (sham-operated), P2 (ischemic stroke model (IS)), P3 (IS + 0.74 mg/kg BW of calabash), P4 (IS + 1.48 mg/kg BW of calabash), P5 (IS + 2.96 mg/kg BW of calabash). The P2 – P4 groups were artificially induced ischemic stroke using common carotid artery li...

Oghenebrorhie M. Oghenochuko1,4*, Olubukola T. Adenubi3, Olusola L. Ajayi3, Fakilahyel M. Mshelbwala3, Johnny O. Olukunle3, Samson A. Rahman3 and Godfrey N.O. Ezeri2

... and kidney function and histopathology of some visceral organs were examined. Proximate composition of the bulb was determined. Onion bulb revealed presence of carbohydrate (7.82%), protein (4.48%), crude fiber (1.68%), iron (0.5mg/l), magnesium (210mg/l), flavonoids (0.46%), saponins (0.28%), tannins (0.95%). PCV, Hb, RBC and WBC were increased in all treatments but values were higher in bath treatment for RBC (3.0×1012/L), PCV (32.7%), Hb (10.7%). MCV...

M.R. Abd-El Wahab l, H.A. Hussein2, T.M. Asfourl and M.A. Shalaby2

Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui1,2*, Shabana Usman Simjee2,3, Nurul Kabir4, Muhammad Ateeq3,5, Kevin Joseph Jerome Borges6, Muhammad Raza Shah3 and Rahman M. Hafizur2
...nine were tested. Kidney histopathology was done and damaged kidney areas were measured. Immunohistochemistry for actin and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) were also carried out. Real time RT-PCR studies were performed to check mRNA expressions of nuclear factor-κB (NFκB) p50, inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), kidney injury molecule-1 (Kim-1) and hemeoxygenase-1 (HO-1). CA and CA-AuNPs improved blood urea and creatinine levels when compared with the...

Suhad Mohmmed Alrobyrai1 , Falah Muosa Al-Rekabi2*

...GGT, PT, INR), and liver histopathology. After 30 days, G5 showed a significant (P ≤ 0.05) increase in body weight (29.2±1.32) compared to the positive control (20.8±1.2). After withdrawal, G5 displayed a significant (P ≤ 0.05) increase in body weight(31.4±1.17) compared to all other experimental groups G1(29.2±0.37),G2(25.8±2.4), G3(25.0±1.38) and G4(27.2±1.02). Positive control (117 ± 42.9) had si...

Tayfun Karatas1*, Betul Apaydın Yıldırım2 and Serkan Yıldırım3, immunity, apoptosis, histopathology and DNA damage caused by CMN.



... thyroid and parathyroid histopathology. Tissues were recovered following 48 h of DZ treatment. Micrometric data in terms of follicular size of thyroid, cellular, nuclear sizes of the follicular and chief cells were obtained from the histological sections. Statistical analysis has shown significant (p<0.001) variations in mean follicular size of thyroid indicating dose dependent depletion of colloid (thyroglobulin). Mean Cross-Sectional Area (MCSA) of folli...

Biologia (Lahore)


Vol.65, Iss. 2


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