Farhad Zulfiqar, Muhammad Ashfaq

...edge of supply greatly helps planners and policy makers to allocate and achieve production targets and in longer term planning. A study was conducted during 2009-10 with an objective to estimate the wheat yield response function in two agro-ecological zones in Punjab. The method of ordinary least square was used. Time series data for different explanatory variable (eco- nomic, location and climatic) from 1979-2009 relating to wheat were used for Faisalabad and...

Amitha Reena Gomes1, Belamaranahally Muniveerappa Veeregowda2, Sonnahallipura Munivenkatappa Byregowda1, Vinayagamurthy Balamurugan3*

Sania Subhan Qureshi, Mian Saeed Sarwar and Zahir Shah

...e local population and helps in poverty alleviation and a source of family income through entrepreneurship. A hen with the complaint of swelling on abdominal region, came to Veterinary Teaching Hospital, The University of Agriculture Peshawar. Physical examination was performed and it was diagnosed a case of muscle tumor (myoma). A skin incision was given to expose and to remove tumor mass from the surrounding tissues. Peritoneum, muscle and subcutaneous tiss...
Zhenyu Chang1, Hui Zhang1, Khalid Mehmood1,2, Mujeeb Ur Rehman1, Xiaodan Yuan1, Zhaoyang Li1, Fazul Nabi1, Xiaoxing Wu1, Xinxin Tian1, Xueting Liu1, Jingen Xu3 and Donghai Zhou1,*
Teresa Napiórkowska* and Julita Templin
...with two segmented pedipalps and one chelicera with two fangs. The larva was obtained as a result of a teratological experiment based on the application of temperatures of 14 and 32°C changed every 12 h for the first ten days of spider embryogenesis.

Liaqat Ali Shahid, M. Azhar Saeed and Nadeem Amjad*

...he crop yield. It also helps to reduce the labour drudgery and ultimately increased farmers’ prosperity.


 Naveed Jehan*, Khalid Mahmood Aujla**, Muhammad Shahzad*, Abid Hussain**, Muhammad Zahoor*, Majid Khan* and Ahmed Bilal*

...osperity. Mobile phone helps farmers in getting information about commodity prices in different markets. The farmers can get up-to-date information about various markets in different regions and can accordingly arrange transportation and labor services in time. The study was conducted to see the effect of timely information availability with mobile on productivity. The data was collected through well structured questionnaire by interviewing 60 farmers from dis...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 50, Iss. 3, Pages 799-1198


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