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Bicephality in Eratigena atrica Larva

Bicephality in Eratigena atrica Larva

Teresa Napiórkowska* and Julita Templin

Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Nicolaus Copernicus University, 87-100 Toruń, Lwowska 1, Poland

*     Corresponding author:


The study contains a detailed description of a larva of the Eratigena atrica spider, which had a well-developed prosoma and an additional, partly developed head with two segmented pedipalps and one chelicera with two fangs. The larva was obtained as a result of a teratological experiment based on the application of temperatures of 14 and 32°C changed every 12 h for the first ten days of spider embryogenesis.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 5, Pages 1603-2000


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