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Rafi Ullah1, Sarzamin Khan1,*, Abdul Hafeez1, Asad Sultan1, Nazir Ahmad Khan2, Naila Chand1 and Naseer Ahmad1 

Lucas Pedroso Colvero1, Paulo Eduardo Brandão2*, Cesar Alejandro Rodriguez Rosales2, Hanny Swam3 and Laura Yaneth Buitrago Villarreal1 


Samina Qamer*, Iram Nasir**, Um-Habiba Zafar**, Salma Sultana** and Tayyaba Sultana**

...17mgkg-1 ,402.57mgkg-1 and286.84-1 gkg . Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content of honey samples were measured as 30.25 mgkg -1 from Jhang, 18.10 mgkg -1 from Kalar Kahar, 25.29 mgkg from Bahawalpur,19.71mgkg fromMultan, and19.62mgkg fromJhelum, respectively.


 Syed Haider Abbas*, Ayesha Tahir**, Muhammad Asim***, Muhammad Sohail* and Riaz-ud-Din*

Dildar Hussain Kalhoro1,2,, Shan Liang1, Muhammad Saleem Kalhoro2, Shoaib Ahmed Pirzado2, Nasir Rajput2, Muhammad Naeem2, Fahmida Parveen2 andYongjie Liu1*

Muhammad Adnan Khan1*, Majid Suhail Hashmi1, Ali Muhammad1, Muhammad Muneeb1, Haris Bilal1 and Gul Wali

Tengfei Lu1, Wenhua Pei1, Shuang Zhang2, Yangnan Wu1, Fenghao Chen2, Xiao Han2 and Weijun Guan1,*
Mingming Ning1,2, Yanjie Zheng1, Yuanyuan Dun1, Weijun Guan2 and Xiuxia Li1,*
Rida Zainab1, Sana Elahi1, Afshan Kaleem2,*, Daniel C. Hoessli3, Mehwish Iqtedar2, Roheena Abdullah2, Faiza Saleem2, Shanza Khan1, Anusha Ijaz1, Shagufta Naz2 and Abdul R. Shakoori4,5,*
A.H. Shahzad1, A. Sattar1,*, A. Husnain1, I. Ahmad2, N. Ahmad1, D. Nak3 and Y. Nak3
...) received CIDR from d14-d21 post TAI. On day 23, all cows received GnRH shot and open cows received remaining Ovsynch protocol. Blood was collected on d14,d16 and d30 for P4 profile. Cross-sectional area of luteal tissue was measured on d30 in pregnant animals in both groups. In experiment II, both control (n=64) and resynch (n=54) groups were similarly treated as in experiment I, without P4 profile and luteal cross-sectional area measurement. P...
Adel E.M. Mahmoud1, AdamCieślak2, Paulina Szulc2, Anna Łukomska3 and Małgorzata Szumacher-Strabel2,*
Laiba Shafique1,*, Muhammad Afzal2, Syed Zakir Hussain Shah3, Mahroze Fatima4, Huma Naz5, Saif ur Rehman1, Youchuan Wei1 and Qingyou Liu1,*

Mazhar Habib1, Aamir Saleem1, Arshad Mahmood Malik2*, Sarfraz Ahmed3 and Sameera Arshad4 

Sajida Rasool1, Saba Irshad1*, Neelam Saba1, Mehak Fiaz1Muhammad Sajid Hussain2, MuhammadWajid Hussain3 and Peter Nürnberg2


Muhammad Rehan3, Asim Aslam3, Javeria Umber4, Muti-ur-Rehman Khan3, Waqar Azeem3, Hassan Aftab5, Ahsan Anjum3, Muhammad Abid6, Abdul Hameed Khan3, Hafiz Hasnain Ayoub5, Altaf Hussain2 and Muhammad Farooq Khalid1* 

Mehtap Bayir*
... of sod1 and sod2 genes in fugu—a model organism—were determined. Maximum amino acid similarity identity was found between putative fugu Sod1 and Sod2 proteins and their orthologs from teleost fish and tetrapods. Phylogenetic clustering was seen between sod genes in fugu and their orthologs. Finally, highly conserved gene synteny was determined between fugu sod genes and their ortholog...
Yan Xu1, Jia Zhou1, Guangfu Lv2, Yuexin Liu1, Xintong Zhao1, Xin Li1, Doudan Ye2, Xiaobo Qu1,* and Xiaowei Huang1*
...b> protein levels and Smad2, Smad3, ERK phosphorylation levels. These results suggest that PAP can protect DOX-induced H9c2 damage by inhibiting the TGF-β / Smad / ERK signaling pathway.

Amjad Ali1, Awais Salman1, Gul Daraz Khan1, Aftab Ahmad Khan2, Sher Shah Hassan2*, Muhammad Arif Goheer2, Mahmood Alam Khan3 and Sajjad Ahmed

Kajol, A. H. Bhat, Aasha and A. K. Chaubey

Biochemical and molecular characterization of Photorhabdus akhurstii associated with Heterorhabditis indica from Meerut, India

Kanwar Muhammad Raheel Mehboob1, Rashid Iqbal2*, Muhammad Israr3,4, Jaweria Shamshad5, Umair Riaz6, Muhammad Habib-ur-Rahman7,8, Fawad Ali9, Arif Nawaz10, Maliha Sarfraz11, Abdul Waheed12, Muhammad Tahir Khan13 and Muhammad Aslam2


Assessment of the Consequences of Heat Changes on Cotton Cultivars Growth, Phenology and Yield at Different Sowing Regimes
... 30, 15 and 30 May, 14 and29 June) and other factor comprising of three Bt. cotton cultivars (BH-184, MNH-886 and CIM-598). The after effects of the test indicated that both sowing dates and cultivars fluctuated fundamentally for development, phenology and yield. Highst leaf area index (LAI) 4.38, total dry matter (TDM) 1033 g m-2, leaf area duration (LAD) 275.6 days and mean harvest development rate 6.51g m-2 day-1 were recorded on April 30 sowing. Yield cont...

Kecheng Zhu1,2,3, Peiying He1, Baosuo Liu1,2,3, Huayang Guo1,2,3, Nan Zhang1,2,3, Liang Guo1,2,3, Shigui Jiang1,2,3 and Dianchang Zhang1,2,3,* 

Muhammad Rizwan1*, Jehanzeb Farooq1, Muhammad Farooq1,2, Aqeel Sarwar4, Abid Ali3, Farrukh Ilahi1, Muhammad Asif1 and Ghulam Sarwar1

Quantitative Studies in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) using Multivariate Techniques
Yawang Sun, Yongjiang Wu, Jingbo Chen, Zili Wang, Juncai Chen, You Yang and Guozhong Dong*

Agha Mushtaque Ahmed*1, Ali Zachi Abdulqader Alhilfi2, Fahad Nazir Khoso1, Imran Khatri1, Jamal-U-Ddin Hajano3, Qurban Ali4, Imran Ali Rajput5 and Muhammad Akbar Lashari1

Muhammad Tariq Mahmood1*, Muhammad Akhtar2, Kaiser Latif Cheema2, Abdul Ghaffar3, Imtiaz Ali4, Muhammad Jahanzaib Khalid2 and Zeshan Ali5

Nargis Sardar1*, Maria Binte Sarfraz2, Sufian Rasheed3 , AKM Rezwan Sardar4 , Fahamida Zaman5, Arsalan Rasheed6,7* 

...NnFs/ITO, BSA/Ab-VD/Asp-Gd2O3NRs/ITO, 25OHD Antibody, 25OHD, 25OHD Antibody, IoT Enabled Enzyme Embossed Biosensor, Au-Pt NPs/APTES/FTO and GCN-β-CD/Au nanocomposite. The proposed electrochemical biosensors utilized in the previous publications studied were based on glassy carbon, carbon dots, or carbon paste, functionalized with the various electrochemical biosensors. Further research should be conducted on existing problems and future opportunities of t...

Magdy M. Fahmy1, Nisreen E. Mahmoud 1*, Mohamed R. Mousa2, Manal M. Zaki3, Elshaimaa Ismael3, Mai Abuowarda1 

...staceans, 4Monogeneans and2 Protozoans) of which the crustaceans recorded the highest prevalence (63.67%). In the present study, Manzala Lake and its corresponding fish farms considered new localities for the detected crustacean and monogenean species. Significant positive correlations between the prevalence of parasitic infestation and water quality parameters were reported. Pathological finding of the affected fish tissues revealed deleterious responses espe...

Laiba Shafique1*, Mahroze Fatima2, Syed Zakir Hussain Shah3, Muhammad Afzal4, Huma Naz5, Saif ur Rehman1 and Qingyou Liu1*

Hafiz Liaqat Ali1, Muhammad Tahir Hassan1*, Muftooh Ur Rehman Siddiqi2, Mehwish Arshad1 and Muhammad Mudassar Sharif3

Xiaowei Huang1, Jinji Wang1, Zhun Yu2, Minghua Duan1* and Zhe Lin1*

...1, phosphorylated (p-)Smad2, p-Smad2, p-Smad1, p-Smad5 and BMP7 in kidney were detected by western blotting. In the results, compared with the model group, NOS, NO and MDA contents were decreased in the middle and high dose groups while SOD contents were increased in low, middle and high dose groups. The levels of TGF-β, p-Smad2 and p-Smad3 were increased in low, middle and high dose ...

Xiajun Zhang1, Jie Yang2, Wenjun Zhou1, Zhenshi Chen2, Weidong Wu3, Shaoru Zhang2 and Lihui Wang2*

Farrukh Shehzad1, Muhammad Islam1,2*, Muhammad Omar3, Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah4, Rizwan Ahmed5 and Naeem Sohail6

Asim Zubair1*, Zohaib Atta Mehdie2, Iffat Batool3, Ghulam Akbar Malik4 and Ayesha Aziz5

...d by flood during 2010 and2011 and now in 2022 same as previously 9.1 million acres agricultural land is affected by floods and now the flood situation is worse than the past. Being an agrarian country more than 70% labour force of Pakistan depends on the agriculture. Due to climate changes people living or depending on agricultural sector for their livelihoods are facing much serious problem as their production in agricultural sector is much less than before....

Lihang Wang, Qiling Chen, Tingsheng Lu, Shudan Yao, Xingwei Pu and Chunshan Luo*

..., Bcl-2, p38 MAPK and Smad2 were clarified. We found that MH and MH+MPS could effectively reduce apoptotic cells, dramatically minify TNF-α, IL-6, IL-8, MDA and Bax contents (P < 0.01) and elevate GSH-Px and Bcl-2 level (P < 0.01). Additionally, the P38AMPK/Smad2 pathway proteins (phosphorylated p -P38MAPK and Samd2) were notably higher in the model versus the control and the s...

Doungnapa Promket1,2,4*, Khanitta Pengmeesri2,4, Jennarong Kammongkun3, Thassawan Somchan2

Muhammad Shahid Nisar1*, Ahmad Kamran Khan1, Ghulam Fatima2, Irfan Ahmed4, Khizar Sami Ullah2 and Syeda Amber Hameed2,5

Agha Mushtaque Ahmed1*, Ali Zachi Abdul Qadeer Alhilifi2, Fahad Nazir Khoso1, Muhammad Ibrahim Kubar1, Tehniyat Naz Shah3 and Touseef Ahmed1

S. A. Sidaros*, S. A. EL-Kewey*, Eman A. H. khattab**, M. M. ELsharkawy* 

...xima and minima at 260 and245 nm, respectively for the two viruses. The absorbance ratios of A and A260/280 of the combined lower bands of purified BBSV preparations were 1.19 and 1.62, respectively. Infected faba bean plants yielded up to 0.48 mg/100g tissue. The corresponding data for CABMV were 1.20&1.22 and its yield was 3.52 mg/100g of cowpea leaves. The maximum antiserum titer against either BBSV or CABMV was I :512. The dilution end point of BBSV in...

Rondius Solfaine1, Faisal Fikri2, Salipudin Tasil Maslamama3, Muhammad Thohawi Elziyad Purnama4, Iwan Sahrial Hamid5*

...ody weight (0.35, 1.03 and2.74 g) and food consumption (2.60, 3.26 and 4.12 g) when larvae were fed on mulberry leaves dipped in 10 % Vitamin C Solution + 2 % Glycine + Alanine (T9).Significant differences were also observed in all growth parameters. Fecundity (439.67 #), Fertility (86.0%) and Hatchability (84.67%) were highest in T9which were significantly different from control (T0), 422.67, 79.33 and 76.33, respectively. Cocoon Weight (1...


...nt investigation, Pb2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+ concentrations were analyzed in mostly cultivated/consumed Brassica oleracea. Var. Botyris species in Lahore (LHR), Narowal and Kasur districts of Punjab, Pakistan. The average concentration of elemental Zn in sewage-irrigated samples was the highest (153.4233mg kg−1), followed by Cd2+ (70.47333 mg kg−1) and Pb (65.79667mg kg−1). Results showed higher Pb2+ and C

María Julia Traversa1*, Mónica Saracco2, María Alejandra Colombatti Olivieri3, Fernando Paolicchi4, Edgardo Rodriguez5, Silvia Estein5, María Cristina Jorge5, William C. Davis6

Muhammad Usman1, Majid S. Hashmi1, Ayaz Ahmad1*, Fawad Ahmad2 and Zahid Alam1

Kanwal Razzaq1*, Mudssar Aslam1, Sana Arif2, Ansa Idrees3 and Fatima Mubashir3

Syed Awais Hussain Shah1*and Rizwan Ali2 2

...hich belongs 54 genera and29 families, among the reported families Lamiaceae and Fabaceae were dominant families having six species each, followed by Asteraceae with five species. These plants are utilized by habitants from centuries as Ethnomedicine against various diseases like cough, cold, malaria, fever, stomach disorders, mouth and throat sour etc. This research provides a lot of Ethnomedicinal knowledge which depicts men’s interaction with plants.<...
Syed Majid Bukhari,Asma Zaidi,Asma Zaidi,Shamyla Nawazish,Muhammad Arshad Parvez,IKRAMULLAH KHAN,Muhammad Aamir,Syed Majid Bukhari
Hong Su1,2, Lu Chen1,3, Wenrui Guo1, Daqing Wang1,3, Aolei Dou1,2, Jie Su1, Yanyan Yang4, Ying Tian4, Tingyi He4, Caiyun Wang1, Chenguang Du1, Haijun Li1, Xihe Li5, Guifang Cao1*, Yongli Song5* and Fuxiang Bao3*

Rumisha Raza1*, Ali Raza Awan1, Muhammad Wasim1, Shagufta Saeed1, Muhammad Tayyab1, Aftab Ahmed Anjum2, Muhammad Muddassir Ali1 and Sehrish Firyal1*

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 4, pp. 1501-2000


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