Zafar Khan, Asad Sultan, Rajwali Khan, Sarzamin Khan, Imranullah and Kamran Farid


Soraya Khosravian Dehordi*, Abdolnaser Mohebbi and Kahin Shahanipour

...ts spleen exposed to the cadmium (Cd) metal. For this purpose, thirty male rats equally divided into six groups, group I received nano-Se (0.1mg/kg) alone as dose, group II selenite odium (0.1mg Se/kg) alone, group III Cd chloride (300mg/250cc), group IV Cd along with nano-Se, group V Cd along with selenite sodium and group VI (control) given (1 ml) saline. All doses was orally (gavage) given to rates.Protein carbonyls (PC) andthiobarbituric acid reactive subs...
Asmatullah1, Chaman Ara1,*, Shagufta Andleeb2, Maha Tahir1, Beenish Zahid1 and Madeeha Arshad1
...nital defects induced by cadmium in developing mice. For this purpose, different aqueous concentrations of cadmium chloride i.e. 0.00, 6.25, 12.50, 25.00 µg/g B.W of mice were given orally to pregnant mice on days 6-12 of gestation daily. Another series of mice were treated with different concentrations of cadmium chloride and also with an antidote (guava fruit extract) on day...
Shagufta Andleeb*1, Shabana Shaukat1, Chaman Ara2
... by a sub-lethal dose of cadmium chloride and protective role of garlic (Allium sativum), to minimize the intensity of these toxicities. For this purpose, fertilized eggs of Gallus domesticus were randomly divided into four groups of forty eggs each. Control group was intact and untreated. Eggs of one group were injected with a sub-lethal dose of cadmium chloride (1.5 µg/egg) in albumin on 7th ...
Shagufta Nighat1, Muhammad Sajid Nadeem1,*, Syed Israr Shah1, Amber Khalid1, Tariq Mahmood2, Ayesha Aihetasham3 and Muhammad Asif4
... population. We measured cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu) lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) concentrations in bat tissues through atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Our findings showed that metals were more concentrated in the liver and kidneys, Zn and Pb showed high mean values as compared to other metals but these values were below the lethal levels. Within the regions and sexes no significant variations were found in metal concentrations; however within three bat species ...
Rahila Huma1,2, Tariq Mahmud1,*, Rubina Munir2, Sana Javaid Awan3,Kiran Iftikhar4 and Mufakkira-Tul-Islam5
Nouf Alharbi*, Mai Elobeid and Promy Virk
...ect of quercetin against cadmium-induced toxicity and oxidative stress in a male Sparaque Dawley rat model. There were four experimental groups with 6 rats in each: Group I control orally received normal saline, Group II orally administrated cadmium chloride (5 mg/kg bw/d), Group III orally administrated cadmium chloride (5mg/kg bw/d) and treated with low dose of quercetin (50 mg/kg bw/d),...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 5, Pages 1599-1997


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