Thaddeus Metz

... a succinct and accurate overview of the book’s central conclusions, and, while being generous about its contribution to the field, also advances some penetrating criticisms of it that merit engagement. Specifically, Kershnar maintains, first, that I did not provide enough evidence that meaning in life is a genuine value-theoretic category as something distinct from and competing with, say, objective well-being, and, second, that, even if there were a va...

Nayle Maria Oliveira da Silva1*, Ricardo do Carmo Zanella2


Hai-Bo Wang, Qiu-Hua Mo, Ze Yang*

...iruses. This mini review overviewed the basic principle of RT-NASBA and discussed the significance of these new findings.


Claudia Kohl*, Andreas Nitsche, Andreas Kurth


...agenomics. We provide an overview on the difficulties, challenges and opportunities that developed alongside metagenomic virus discovery. The field of metagenomics from clinical specimens promises the identification of novel, yet unknown, infectious diseases and etiologies.


Jose M. Rojas, Noemi Sevilla and Veronica Martin

...ns. This review gives an overview of the known immunosuppressive strategies of PPRV, among the Paramyxoviruses, as well as the strategies developed by this virus to evade the immune system, focusing on the newly identified factors involved. In the last years substantial progress has been reported in the identification of viral factors involved in the host immunosuppression, although future studies employing in vivo infection models are needed to clearly unders...

Giselle R.R. Ayres* and Brandão P.E

...cript aims to present an overview of the main aspects of the current knowledge on the main AvCoV replicase genes.

David P. Hunt
...opens with a substantial overview, itself worth the price of admission, written specially for the book.

 Hafiz Sultan Mahmood*, Munir Ahmad**, Tanveer Ahmad*, Muhammad Azhar Saeed* and Muhammad Iqbal***

...resent paper provides an overview of precision agriculture and examines the potentials, prospects, implications, issues and relevance of precision agricultural applications in Pakistani agricultural system. There is a scope of many precision technologies to be implemented in the country. In this perspective, farmers and government authorities should look forward to adopt new and sustainable technologies to increase the efficiency of available resources and red...

Fatma Abdallah1*, Ola Hassnain2, Elsayed Attar3, Haytham Ali3,5, Mohamed Megahed1 and Venugopal Nair

Fan Shuli1*, Ameer Hussain Jarwar1,3, Xiaoyan Wang2, Long Wang1 and Qifeng Ma

 Raazia Kiran1, Alya Riaz1, Muhammad Irfan1*, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir2

An overview of pre-treatment methods used for bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomasses into valuable products

Amany Adel, Wesam Mady*, Zienab Mosad, Fatema Amer, Asmaa Shaaban, Dalia Said, Marwa Ali Abdel Maged, Abdel-Satar Arafa, Mohamed Kamal Morsi, Mohamed Khalifa Hassan 

Ghalia Nawal1, Muhammad Irfan2*, Saira Ashfaq3, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir1    

Amany Adel, Wesam Mady*, Zienab Mosaad, Fatma Amer, Asmaa Shaaban, Dalia Said, Marwa Ali, Abdel-Satar Arafa, Mohamed Kamal Morsi and Mohamed Khalifa Hassan  

Hafiz Muhammad Tahir*, Palwasha Jabeen, Chand Raza, Shaukat Ali
Fehmina Ashraf1*, Muhammad Irfan2, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir1, Shaukat Ali3, Muhammad Khan1
...icle describes the whole overview of laccases.

Azam Khan*, Irshad Ahmad**

...">This paper presents an overview of the application of seismic isolation to a fixed-base offshore platform. A series of nonlinear time history analyses has been undertaken for the Platform A to assess structural integrity under Ductility Level Earthquake (DLE) design events. A full nonlinear time history analysis (including soil and foundation modelling) has been undertaken using finite element software SAFJAC for an extreme earthquake records scaled for the ...
Ming-Yan Shi2, Xu-Liang Yan1, Ping-Ping Han1, Yu-Jie Tang1 and Hui-Xia Li1*
...s. Our study provided an overview of the expression profile of miRNAs, and demonstrated interactions between miRNAs and target genes, which improve our understanding of the important role that miRNAs play in SMSC adipogenic differentiation.

Delower Hossain1,5, Shuvo Singha2,5, Chelsea Marie Van Thof3, Sanna Gough3 and AHM Musleh Uddin4,5*

Effect of Somatic Cells on Milk Quality and Human Health
...eview highlights a brief overview of the importance and demand of estimating somatic cell count (SCC) and its effects on milk quality and human health.


Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 2, Pages 254-493


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