Sandeep Satapathy and Rupam Ghosh

...lization of HDAC6 to the cytoplasm. The key player HDAC6 is investigated for modelling several intracellular processes that come into action to bring out the viral clearance. The shuttling of HDAC6 takes place from nucleus to cytoplasm and vice versa controlling the overexpression of IFN-beta and ISGs which subsequently triggers virus specific immune response.


Kathryne E. Taylor1 and Karen L. Mossman1,2*

...portant functions in the cytoplasm that have been generally disregarded, due to the fact that many frequently used experimental manipulations restrict this protein to the nucleus. This commentary discusses the significance of these findings to the ICP0 field.

Cansu Akbulut1,*, Tuğba Kotil2, Burcu Öztürk1 and Nazan Deniz Yön1
...generated follicles with cytoplasmic vacuolization, mitotic catastrophe in mitochondria , chromatin condensation, mitochondrial vesiculation and dispersion at ooplasm were observed. In mitochondria, mitotic catastrophe , vesiculation, swelling and loss of organization of cristae were detected.Here we showed that TiO2 exposure trigger paraptotic type cell death in zebrafish ovary.
YaQiu Liu and ZhiJian Wang* layer of the extended cytoplasm of respiratory epithelial cells (1.47±0.23 μm), the thin sheet of cytoplasm of endothelial cells (0.21±0.03 μm) and the basement membrance (0.27±0.05 μm) between them is similar to that of the respiratory organs in other vertebrates.Intestinal tract has digestion and respiration functions. Anterior intestine performs digestion/absorption. P...
Jia-xiang Wang1,2,* and Peng Li1,2
...ular polygons, and their cytoplasm was stained intensely. These results demonstrate the presence of ghrelin-ip cells in the pancreas of the African ostrich. Thus, it is speculated that ghrelin may have a physiological function in the pancreas.
Sogolo L. Lebelo1,* and Gerhard van der Horst2
...ry of the organelle. The cytoplasm contains numerous mitochondria containing distinct lamellar cristae, small patches of rough endoplasmic reticulum as short cisternae, a large dense network of interconnecting tubular smooth endoplasmic reticulum, and round or oval lysosomes. Abundant lipid inclusions and collagen fibers are also found in the cytoplasm of these cells. These cells are found associated with the spermatogonia t...
LX Ye1,2, JX Wang1,2,*, P Li1,2 and XT Zhang1,2 
... ghrelin-ip cells showed cytoplasmic staining, and were irregularly shaped. These findings indicate that ghrelin may participate in the spermatogenesis in the African ostrich. Further studies into this regulation will help clarify the physiological roles played by this hormone in the African ostrich.
Pan Hong, Ruonan Li, Yumeng Li, Hainan Lan* and Xin Zheng*
...hat pGH was localized in cytoplasmic organelles, e.g., the mitochondria and Golgi apparatus. The present study shows the first exploration of the behaviour of pGH in a somatic cell model of a domestic animal (pig), providing a basis for further studies on the physiological function of pGH based on its subcellular localization.
Xiaoting Zhang1,2, Jiaxiang Wang1,2,*, Peng Li1,2,* and Lixun Ye1,2
... ghrelin-ip cells showed cytoplasmic staining, they were cone, oval, spindle, round or irregular in shape and tended to be restricted to a single cell. These results demonstrate the presence of ghrelin-ip cells in the lung of the African ostrich and therefore it is speculated that ghrelin may have a physiological function in the lung of the African ostrich.

 Syeda Nasreen*, Mehwish Ishaque**, Muhammad Ayub Khan*, Saleem-ud-din* and Syeda Musarrat Gilani*

COMBINING ABILITY ANALYSIS FOR SEED PROTEINS, OIL CONTENT AND FATTY ACIDS COMPOSITION IN SUNFLOWER (HELIANTHUS ANNUUS L.) lines comprising six cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) and six fertility restorer (R ) lines were crossed in a line x tester mating design to obtain 36 f F hybrids. Parental lines and F hybrids exhibited mean values for seed 1 1 total proteins, oil content and fatty acids composition. Among parental lines, CMS-64, CMS-53, CMS-H55-2-2-1 and CMS-53 were the best general combiners for seed total proteins, oil content, oleic and linoleic acid, respectively. Among...

 Syeda Nasreen*, Muhammad Ayub Khan*, Muhammad Arshad*, Maryam Kamal**, Doulat Baig *, M. Tariq*, Talat Gilani* and Musarrat Gilani*

...e="font-size: 12px;">Six cytoplasmic male sterile inbred lines and six restorers/testers were selected on the basis of variability for yield related characters. The lines and tester restorers were crossed in a line x tester mating design resulting in 36 F hybrids. The potential parents with high general 1 combining ability (GCA) effects were identified for yield related traits. Among

females, CMS-H55-2-2-1 expressed the highest significant GCA...
Dongmei Sun, Meiling Chen, Hafiz Ishfaq Ahmad, Yun Liu, Xunping Jiang and Guiqiong Liu*
...hilin 1 was expressed in cytoplasm as well as cell nucleus of chicken fibroblasts and Hela cells. Western-blot analysis displayed neurexophilin 1 in the cell and cell culture fluid of DF-1 cells and Hela cells, and higher expression of neurexophilin 1 in cell culture fluid of DF-1 cells than that of Hela cells. These findings suggested that DF-1 cells are effective and a better choice than Hela cells to do researches on the function of neurexophilin 1 gene.
Şehriban Çek Yalnız 1,* and Erdal Yilmaz2
...germinal vesicle and the cytoplasmic organelles of the oocyte were disintegrated. The theca of atretic mature oocytes was hypertrophied and persisted to form the interstitial cells, whereas the granulosa cells were regressed and disappeared. Erythrocytes and leukocytes were also detected at the advance stage of atresia. Apoptosis in the granulosa cells were clearly detected. The chromatin condensation against the nuclear envelope, cell shrinkage, surface blebb...
Muhammad Usman Ahmadand Ikram-ul-Haq*
...d oxyrase extracted from cytoplasmic of membrane fragments of E. coli. For this purpose, 88 E.coli isolates from 30 intact poultry intestines were cultured and identified preliminary on the basis of microscopy and biochemical testing. E. coli strain EC4 was screened as best oxyrase producer with activity of 0.41±0.008U/mL/min with 41% reduction in dissolved oxygen at pH 7.5, temperature 37°C, 25mM lactate as H+ donor ...

Ihsan Ullah Khan*, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ayub Khan, Muhammad Ashraf, Ashiq Saleem, Sundas Awan, Samra Azam and Shamim Ul Sibtain Shah 

Xiaona Cao1,3-5, Yuanyuan Ren2-5, Xiaoteng Cui2-5, Baoxin Qian2-5, Chunyan Zhao 2-5, Jie Yang2-5, Chao Su2-5,* and Xingjie Gao2-5,*
...foci, were formed in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells upon some unfavorable environmental stress. Previously, we found that Tudor domain containing 1 (SND1)-containing SGs actively communicate with the nuclear and cytosolic pool of HeLa cells. Here, we are interested to investigate the dynamic distribution of three nuclear proteins, including heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 (hnRNP A1), Hu Antigen R (HuR) and T cell intracellular antigen 1 (TIA1), i...
Junli Sun1,2,3, Lin Bai1 2, Xiaogan Yang1,2, Yangqing Lu1,2, Shengsheng Lu1,2,* and Kehuan Lu1,2,*

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 6, Pages 1999-2399


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