Asma-ul-Husna1, Muhammad Sajjad Ansari2, Bushra Allah Rakha3, Rabea Ejaz1, Nemat Ullah1 and Shamim Akhter1*

...e damage to sperm during cryopreservation is one of the main causes of decline in fertilizing potential. Present study aimed at evaluating the role of melatonin in extender for its cryoprotective effect on post-thaw quality of buffalo bull semen. For this purpose, two consecutive ejaculates were collected from three Nili-Ravi buffalo bulls using artificial vagina at weekly intervals for a period of three weeks (three replicates). Qualifying semen ejaculates we...
Maoying Zhu, Yuntao Ji, Xiaoyu Wang, Junying Pu and Changqing Qu* dissolved into normal cryopreservation solution for 2 hrs under 0.6 MPa were tested including the following groups: control (CK), 100µm GSH, 10µm fasudil hydrochloride (FH) and a combination of the two (GSH + FH). A solution of 10% (v/v) Me2SO + 20% FBS was used as the standard cryopreservation solution. After 2 months, MTT assay showed significant differences in the proportion of adherent viable ce...
Xiaohui Yu, Shuai He, Liqiang Wang, Mengyang Kang, Yanjiao Zhu, Shuhui Wang and Xiuzhu Sun*
Zakirullah1, Hamayun Khan1, Ali Gohar2, Haq Amanullah1,*, Muhammad Younas1, Muhammad Tarique Tunio3, Muhammad Saleem Khan4, Ibrar Muhammad Khan1 and Noushad Khan5 
...cation of L-cysteine for cryopreservation of Achai and Holstein Friesian bull semen under the subtropical conditions of Peshawar region of Pakistan. Semen of six adult bulls, three Achai (the indigenous breed) and three Holstein Friesian (exotic breed) amount to the experimental material at Government Cattle Breeding and Dairy Farm Harichand, Charsadda. Separate artificial vagina was utilized for semen collection from either breed, maintained at 42°C tempe...
Bushra Ismail Khan1, Shamim Akhter1, Sanwal Aslam2* and Rabea Ejaz1
...rrolidone in extender on cryopreservation of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull semen. The semen samples were collected from Nili-Ravi buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) bull kept at SPU Qadirabad, District Sahiwal, Pakistan. Qualifying semen ejaculates having motility >60%, volume >5-6ml and concentration >0.5 billion/ ml were diluted 50 × 106 motile sperm ml approximately at 37°C in Tris-citric acid extender supplemented with different concen...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 1, Pages 1-400


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