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El-Sayed M. Abdelwhab, Jutta Veits and Thomas C. Mettenleiter

Avian Influenza H5N1 in Egypt: What we Know and What we have to Know?

Hanqin Shen1,3, Boliang Wu1,2, Guangwei Li1, Feng Chen1, Qingbin Luo1,3, Yimin Chen1, Qingmei Xie1,2,3*

Mohammed A. Rohaim1*, Rania F. El-Naggar2, Abdulrahman M. Gamal3, Elshaimaa Ismael3, Mohamed M. Hamoud4, Sherif T. Moubarak3, Ashraf M. Metwally1, Manal M. Zaki3, Shimaa A.E. Nasr3, Samah Elsaid3, Mohamed M. Ali3, Hussein A. Hussein1 and Osama K. Zahran3


Mahmoud Said1*, Abd El Satar Arafa1, Mohammed A. Rohaim2* and Hussein A. Hussein2

Wesam Hasan Mohamed Mady1*, Bing Liu2, Dong Huang2, Abdel Satar Arafa1, Mohamed Khalifa Hassan1, Mona Mehrez Aly1, Pucheng Chen2, Yongping Jiang2* and Hualan Chen2

Osama Elshazly1, AbdelSatar Arafa1, Mohammed A. Rohaim2, Ismaeil M. Reda2 and Hussein A. Hussein2*

Walaa Abd El-Fatah S. Metwally1, Ismail M. Reda2, Ahmed A. El-Sanousi2, Mohamed Abd El-Khalek Ali2

Hanan M. El-Zahed, Hanaa A. Mostafa, Nermeen M. El Sayed and Lamiaa M. Omar

Amany Adel1, Abdelsatar Arafa1, Hussein A. Hussein2 and Ahmed El-Sanousi 2

Lamiaa M. Omar, Mohamed A. Abdrabo, Dali M. Omar, Nermeen A. Marden

Dalia M. Omar1, Nermeen A. Marden1, Lamiaa M. Gaafar1, Elham A. El-ebiary1, Khalid El-Dougdoug2, Badawi Othman2, Abd Elsattar Arafa3, Hussein A. Hussein4

Asmaa A. M. Abdel-Ghany1, Ahmed N. El Taweel2, Yassmin Moatasim2, Nagwa S. Ata1, Amany Adel3, Ayman Hany El-Deeb4, Ahmed Kandeil2, Mohamed A. Ali2*, Hussein Ali Hussein4* 

Hagag, N.M.*•, Arafa, A.*; Shalaby, M. A. ** El-Sanousi, A. A. **and Aly, M. M. 

Omarl , Dalia M.; El-Ibiaryl , Elham A.; Sadik2, Atef S.; Abdel-Ghaffar2, Mamdouh. H. and Othman2, Badawy A.

Azzami, Mohamed 1.; Hakiml , Aya Salah El-Din; Othman2, Badawi A. and 2 El-Dougoug, Khaled A.

Arafa, A ; El-Kanawaty, Z; Hassan, M.K; Anwar, H.K  and  Mona M.Aly 

Arafa, A.; Kanawaty, Z.; Abdclwhab. E. M.; Hassan, M.K.; and Aly M.M.

Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 3, Iss. 1


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