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Effect of vaccination with Chicken anemia virus vaccines on immune response to inactivated H5 vaccine

Effect of vaccination with Chicken anemia virus vaccines on immune response to inactivated H5 vaccine

Hanan M. El-Zahed, Hanaa A. Mostafa, Nermeen M. El Sayed and Lamiaa M. Omar

Central Laboratory for Evaluation of Veterinary Biologics (CLEVB), Abbasia, Cairo


In this study two groups of nine week old Hubbard chickens were vaccinated with two different commercial live attenuated Chicken anemia virus (CAV) vaccines. One was vaccinated with 26 P4 strain vaccine subcutaneously and the other was vaccinated with Cux strain vaccine through drinking water (DW). Then the inactivated avian influenza (AI) H5N1 vaccine was inoculated intra-muscularly either at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd WPV with CAV vaccine forming three subgroups per each group. It is clearly observed that a relatively high levels of CAV ELISA antibody titers in all the vaccinated chicken subgroups at 4th WPV with either DW or S/C CAV vaccine indicating that the two CAV vaccines were immunogenic; Also, by measuring H5N1 HI titers within the 6 weeks post vaccination with AI vaccine in the sera of different chicken subgroups using HI test. It is clearly observed that AI HI antibody mean titers in S/C and in DW CAV vaccinated subgroups at the period between 3rd and 6th WPV with inactivated AI vaccine are high, homogenous and protective (titer range from 27.8 to 211) Also, these titers lay within the range of that titer of the vaccinated chicken with AI vaccine alone (AI control group) as it ranged between 28.3 and 2 10. Moreover, protective percentage of chickens in CAV subgroups post challenge with virulent H5N1 strain at 4th WPV with AI vaccine were satisfactory and equal to or above that of AI control group (80-85%). It is advisable to apply vaccination with the live attenuated CAV vaccines in poultry farms to select hygienically well controlled farms or even farms with closed system which maintain their birds in strong and well healthy state. Also it is preferable to vaccinate these birds with the inactivated AI vaccine at the 2nd WPV with either the DW or the S/C CAV vaccine. As the vaccinated birds showed the highest CAV ELISA Ab titers and the best immune response pattern to AI vaccine detected by HI test at this period.

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Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 3, Iss. 1


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