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M. S. Joshi , D.M. Sawant and A.P. Gaikwad

Isolate variations in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides infecting pomegranate
...ties. Fruit varieties Aarakta and Bhagwa were found to be highly susceptible as both displayed maximum mean DRI 10.38 and 8.56, respectively irrespec-tive of isolates. Resistant varieties Yarcud local and Bedana thin skin showed uniform resistant reaction against six isolates of the pathogen. The interaction between isolates x varieties was also statistically significant. Highest DRI (15.22) was recorded in the interaction between Bhagwa x Cg 85 and it was on ...
Tania A. Shakoori1,*, Soumble Zulfiqar2, Khadija Irfan Khawaja3 and Faisal Masud4

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan1*, Rehmat Ullah1, Asif Nawaz1 and Ejaz Ashraf2 

...role in technological breakthroughs. It is therefore, suggested that these agricultural companies must be allowed for demonstration to train farmers on their innovations under Farm Services Center’s 


Safdar Ali1*, Obaidullah Shafique1, Tariq Mahmood2, Muhammad Amir Hanif1, Ijaz Ahmed3 and Bashir Ahmad Khan

...e soil. Another major breakthrough of nanotechnology for improvement in agriculture production is the development of insect-resistant varieties by DNA transfer in the plants or nanoparticle-mediated gene. Biofuel production from biomass is estimated to speed up using nanotechnology. Researchers and manufacturers have to demonstrate that the application of nanotechnologies have no harmful effect on the atmosphere against the anomaly based only on small amounts ...
Rida Zainab1, Sana Elahi1, Afshan Kaleem2,*, Daniel C. Hoessli3, Mehwish Iqtedar2, Roheena Abdullah2, Faiza Saleem2, Shanza Khan1, Anusha Ijaz1, Shagufta Naz2 and Abdul R. Shakoori4,5,*

Asad Ullah Khan1, Wiqar Ahmad1*, Amir Raza2, Farmanullah Khan3 and Muhammad Sharif3 

...9), Tatara-96 (WS 395), Paktunkhwa-15 (PR-103), NIFA Lalma (NRL 0517), Pirsabak 2013, NIFA Insaf (NRL 0707), Shahkar-2015 and Pirsabak 2015 (PR-105). Pots were arranged in completely randomized design in a glass-house at the Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), Peshawar, during 2016. Hoagland solution was used as irrigation and plant nutrition applied at 3 days interval. Environmental variation was minimized through constant shuffling of pots eve...
Bibi Nazia Murtaza1, Mazhar Saeed Chaudry2, Shamaila Inayat Nadeem1, Muhammad Shahid Nadeem3 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori4,*
Sara Sultan Alomran1, Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak1,2, Amir Ali Khan1,2*, Sallam Hasan Abdallah2, Abeer Maher Fayyad1 and Khalid Bajou1,2

Hassan Naveed1*, Kamran Sohail2, Gul Zamin Khan3 and Yalin Zhang2

...of Parallygus rameshi Viraktamath and Webb, 2012. A worldwide checklist with distribution for species of genus Parallygus Melichar is also provided.


Naima Din1, Misbah Ashraf1, Muhammad Rizwan2*, Muhammad Babar Shahzad Afzal4, Hafiz Ghazanfar Abbas2, Farrukh Ilahi2, Amir Hameed5, Muhammad Ahsin Ayub6, Qurban Ali1 and Muhammad Farooq2,3

... Okra viz., Sabz Pari, Shakti Hybrid, NS-810, OK Advanta-803 and NS-801 were tested for resistance against Amrasca devastans (Dist.) at the farm area of Vegetable Research Institute, Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI), Faisalabad in 2018-19. Observations regarding the population of A. devastans were recorded from 20 leaves per treatment at random (upper, lower, middle leaves), Physio-morphic characters viz., plant height, number of branches, area of l...

Wei Cui1, Yanwei Du1, Lijuan Jiang1, Yan Wei1, Yuguo Li1, Wenfeng Zhang1* and Ling Zhang2*

Achmad Firman1*, Sondi Kuswaryan1, Lilis Nurlina1, Muhamad Hasan Hadiana1, Marina Sulistyati1, Unang Yunasaf1, Dwi Cipto Budinuryanto2, Iman Trisman3

...griculture has made a breakthrough in increasing the cattle population to reduce supply inequality through a massive artificial insemination program (SIWAB/SIKOMANDAN). Previously, the artificial insemination program was carried out partially and not with the feed, health, and community services programs. However, feed, animal health, veterinary public health, and community services are a part of the SIWAB/SIKOMANDAN program. The purpose of the study was to as...

Qi Zhuo, Yuanchun Yao, Meisongzhu Yang* and Jinhua Chen and Miao Tian

Zhipeng Song1,2, Jialiang Xin1,3, Xiaoli Wei1,2, Abula Zulipiya1,3, Kadier Kedireya1,2 and Xinmin Mao1,3*

Xiao-Wei Huang1,2, Mei-Li Liu1, Jin-Ji Wang1, Yue-Xin Liu3, Zhe Lin1, Chun-Shu Rong4* and Ji-Xiang Ren4*
Muhammad Javed Iqbal1, Farah Rauf Shakoori1*, Bushra Muneer2 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori3

Rabia Anjum

...ight on the potential breakthroughs, such as aducanumab, while acknowledging the ongoing quest for more targeted treatments that address the fundamental causes of this multifactorial neurodegenerative disease.

Kashif Abdaal, Aneeza Batool, Muhammad Tariq Navid*, Saeed Ahmed, Asma Saleem Qazi, Waseem Safdar, Haidar Ali, Mobeen Ur Rashid, Somia Rafaqat 

...the vaccines as a big breakthrough in preventive and therapeutic medicine over 200 years and named “Future Medicine”. To assess vaccine safety and efficacy, scientists are now using various model animals like mice, ferrets, pigs, and nonhuman primates before using them for human trials. The other side of successful vaccine intervention, however, contains various issues that need to be rectified. These concerns primarily depend on target pathogen se...

Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners


Vol. 11, Iss. 3, Pages 26-41


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