Faiqah Ramzan*1 and Muhammad Haris Ramzan2

...ole in the regulation of spermatogenesis acting primarily at the hypothalamic level of the gonadotropic axis. Citric acid is synthesized and secreted by the prostate gland. Its synthesis is regulated by androgens. As, dose dependent degeneration of prostate gland has been described following intraperitoneal kisspeptin treatment. However, effects of kisspeptin administration on the levels of prostatic citric acid remain elusive till date. The present study, the...
Sogolo L. Lebelo1,* and Gerhard van der Horst2
...s at different stages of spermatogenesis needs further investigation.
LX Ye1,2, JX Wang1,2,*, P Li1,2 and XT Zhang1,2 
...n may participate in the spermatogenesis in the African ostrich. Further studies into this regulation will help clarify the physiological roles played by this hormone in the African ostrich.
Lihong Qin1, Guoliang Zhang1, Chaojie Zhu1, Jian Wu1, Zhihui Zhao2,* and Yumin Zhao1,*
...n testis development and spermatogenesis. In this study, online software and luciferase reporter gene system were used to predict and verify the target relationship between miR-122 and DUSP4/PDK4, miR-449a and FKBP1B. Thereafter, comparison analysis was done on miR-122, miR-449a, DUSP4, PDK4 and FKBP1B mRNA expression levels in different bull testes tissues (1-day, 12-months-old and 24-months-old). In addition, genes m...
Souheila Slimani1,*, Sonia Hamouda1, Chahrazed Souadi1, Sara Silini2, Cherif Abdennour2 and Leila Delimi3
...ted groups the stages of spermatogenesis appear unaffected, accompanied withimmature and malformed spermatozoa in the lumen.To conclude, oral administration of thiram may affect the seasonal reproduction of pigeon by disturbing the histo-architecture of testes and sperm quality under long photoperiod. Such changes may be responsible for delayed refractory phase.The intact stages of spermatogenesis indicates that the thiram-e...
Khalid P. Loneand Irfana Liaqat*
...on and regression of the spermatogenesis. This detailed study is the first from the Northern latitudes of the Indo-Pak subcontinent on the fish kept in commercial ponds.
De-Yong Zhang1, Xiao-Lu Xu1,*, Qin Ruan2, Xiu-Ying Shen3 and Yin Lu1
...sticular observation and spermatogenesis evaluation. PFOS ≥ 11 mg/kg (accumulative dosage) resulted in visible histopathological changing in testis, including disorder and vacuolization of spermatogenic cells. Changed testicular organ coefficient (for dosage ≥ 55 mg/kg), decreased sperm concentration (for 110 mg/kg dosage), decreased motility (for 110 mg/kg dosage) and increased sperm malformation (for all of the treated groups) were also confirmed (p...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 6, Pages 1999-2399


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