Ali Mohammadi, Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi

... patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis (OA). Among them total knee artroplasty is being practised frequently. This method is suitable especially for elderly subjects with limited degree of physical activity. However, most of young subjects are not recommended to be treated with this method owing to high level of physical activities. KineSpring knee implant system ...

Fatemeh Kheiri

...t-align: justify;">Above-knee amputees may miss their abilities to stand and walk. They have to use various prosthesis components to enhance their abilities to stand and walk. Nabtesco-knee joint is one of knee joint components designed for an active above-knee amputees. ere was no study on kinematic, kinetic and stability of amputees with this

Seyed Mohsen Mirbod

...alking. Various types of knee orthosis have been designed to improve the performance of the subjects, however, such cases are often associate with post-operational complications. The aim of this study is to design an orthosis which is easy to use, economical and effective. A new knee orthosis was designed to improve the performance of OA patients during standing and walking. Two subjects with knee

Halima Shoukat1*, Hafiz Sheraz Arshad2, Faiza Sharif1, Arooj Fatima1 and Filza Shoukat

...d biomechanics of ankle, knee, hip and spine. Long persistent tightness results in pain, decreased range of motion and others pathologies in knee joint. Stretching techniques are used to treat muscle tightness. In clinical settings, different stretch holding times are used to treat hamstring tightness. The purpose of the study was to determine effects of different static stretch holding-times on hamstring muscles flexibility...
Nasira Khatoon1, Aly Khan2,*, S.S. Shahid3, Z.S. Saify4, M. Arshad Azmi1 and Wali Khan5
...tion was recorded on the knees and the lowest on groin. There is need to diagnose dermatoses at early stage by training general practitioners. Scabicides must be applied at bedtime and wash off the next morning and finally if there is a single patient the entire family must be treated.

Muhammad Amjad*1, Abdur Rafai1, Saeed Badshah1, Rafi Ullah Khan1, Sajjad Ahmad1 

...ties stand up, sit down, knee bend and walking were
considered in this study. The FEA analysis was performed using commercial FEA software ANSYS. The implant model
was meshed using tetrahedral element type. The simulation result show that maximum stress occurs at the neck of
the implant for each loading case. The stress level was approximately equal to the strength of Ti-27Nb in 100 Kg,
stand up position case. 


Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Vol 29 No 2 (2010)

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