Simon Mwangi Kihu1*, George Chege Gitao1, Lily Caroline Bebora1, Njenga Munene John1, Gidraph Gachunga Wairire2, Ndichu Maingi1, Raphael Githaiga Wahome1, Davis Njuguna Karanja1, Julius Otieno Oyugi3, Ernest Lutomia3

...ically manifested by the depression, diarrhea, difficult breathing, muco-purulent ocular-nasal discharges with matted eyelids and encrusted nostrils and finally death. Clinical outcome, gross lesions and histological observations were suggestive of PPRV infection, which were confirmed by the application of a reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR). Collectively, results indicate the continuous persistence of PPRV in Kenya.


Tauseef Taj Kiani1*, Mozammil Hussain1 and Hidayat ur Rahman2


...heterosis and inbreeding depression are prerequisites to start hybrid development program. In this context, we explored heterosis and inbreeding depression in indigenous maize germplasm comprising inbred lines NCMLQ1, NCMLQ2, NCMLD1, NCMLD2, NCMLD3, and NCMLD4. ese genotypes were crossed to get ten F1 hybrid combinations, which were used to develop...
Nasira Kazi1, Muhammad Israr2 and Shahina Fayyaz1,*
...truncate, offset by weak depression, odontostyle 21.4-23.2 µm long is and 2.8-3 µm wide, twice as long as the lip region width; vulva longitudinal; female tail 5.9-6.6 anal body diameter long, dorsally curved; prerectum 1.7-2.6 anal body diameter long.Plectus (Ceratoplectus) armatus (Butschli, 1873) Andrassy, 1984 is recorded for the first time in Pakistan and is briefly described and illustrated.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 50, Iss. 3, Pages 799-1198


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