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Development and Testing of Latex Antigen for Serological Diagnosis of Emphysematous Carbuncle in Animals

Development and Testing of Latex Antigen for Serological Diagnosis of Emphysematous Carbuncle in Animals

Aspen Abutalip*, Batyrbek Aitzhanov, Assiya Mussayeva, Vladislava Suchshikh, Natalya Yegorova

Laboratory of Bacteriology, LLP, “Kazakh Scientific Research Veterinary Institute”, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

*Correspondence | Aspen Abutalip, Laboratory of Bacteriology, LLP, Kazakh Scientific Research Veterinary Institute, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan; Email:


The annual increase in the incidence of emphysematous carbuncle in animals in Kazakhstan forces a constant search for methods aimed at its elimination. One such approach is the timely and rapid diagnosis of the disease, which will allow the timely implementation of preventive measures. The purpose of the study was to develop an express test to identify cases of animal morbidity for emphysematous carbuncle in the field. For this purpose, a serological method was used using the latex agglutination test (LAT). When preparing the diagnostic, antibodies to surface proteins associated with the flagellar antigen Clostridium chauvoei were used, which sensitised latex microparticles with a size of 0.8-1.1 microns from Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation. In the process of testing the prepared diagnostic system with vaccine strains of the causative agent of emphysematous carbuncle used for active immunisation of animals in Kazakhstan and field experiments with biological material from sick and deceased animals, results were obtained that indicate that the developed test system can be used to diagnose animal diseases. Testing the system on vaccine strains showed a highly specific immunological reaction of the test drug to the causative agents of emphysematous carbuncle, regardless of their biological properties. The sensitivity of the developed test, even with a limited number of studies conducted, was 80%. There was almost always confirmation of the initial diagnosis made after agglutination results in a reaction medium from two crosses or more. This was done by isolating the pathogen during microbiological cultivation. Therefore, the high correlation (r=0.76, P<0.05) between the results of express testing and the detection of the pathogen by bacteriological cultivation, as the main diagnostic method of emphysematous carbuncle, allows recommending its use if it is necessary to diagnose the disease in pasture conditions quickly. 
Keywords | Express test, Polyclonal antibodies, Vaccine strain, Correlation analysis, Clostridium chauvoei

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Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 12, Iss. 6, pp. 994-1205


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