Yan-Guo Han, Yu-Qing Han, Jia-Yuan Wu, Jia Guo, Ri-Su Na, Yan Zeng, Guang-Xin E, Yong-Ju Zhao and Yong-Fu Huang*
...rations were detected by radioimmunoassay. The offspring lambs in T group showed significantly lower serum SS and higher PRL concentrations than those in the control group, and there were no difference between T group and the control group in terms of serum GH and IGF-1 concentrations. There was a significant negative correlation between offspring lambs serum SS and GH, IGF-1, PRL concentration, and there was a significant positive correlation between offsprin...

Faiqah Ramzan1,2,*, Irfan Zia Qureshi2 and Muhammad Haris Ramzan3

...techniques applied were; radioimmunoassay, light microscopy and stereology. Histological study of spermatogenesis was done at stage VII of spermatogenic cycle. After the treatment, in all groups, no alterations were observed in the levels of plasma FSH. The concentrations of testosterone and LH were found to be significantly reduced in kisspeptin treated groups of 1µg dose (p<0.01) and 1ηg dose (p<0.05) whereas the dose of 10ρg had shown no...
Muhammad Younis1, Muhammad Irfan-ur-Rehman Khan1*, Mustansar Abbas1Ali Murtaza1, Imran Mohsin2, Muhammad Shahzad3 and Muhammad Zahid Tahir1
...roughout the cycle using radioimmunoassay. The average length of the estrous cycle in Lohi sheep was 17.0±0.1 days and follicular and luteal phases were 4.6±0.2 and 11.3±0.2 days long, respectively. Estrous cycles had either three or four follicular waves; 3-wave cycles were more frequent than 4-waves (87vs.13%; p≤0.05, respectively). In 3-wave cycles (n=14), follicles (≤ 3mm) emerged on Days 0.7, 5.2 and 10.5. In 4-wave cycle...
HuaBin Zhang1,2, YaSen Li1, Tao Pan1, Peng Yan1, En Li1, Hui Xue1 and XiaoBing Wu1,*
... of Chinese alligator by radioimmunoassay method. Our results demonstrated circulating leptin levels varied significantly over the season. Therefore, we hypothesize that leptin is involved in nutrient stores, absorption and utilization, and reproductive behavior of the Chinese alligator.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 5, Pages 1603-2000


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