Mudasir Irfan Dar*, Fareed Ahmad Khan and Farha Rehman

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...loprid on photosynthetic pigments and antioxidative enzymes in Brassica juncea L. cv. alankar was investigated. Forty-day-old pot plants were exposed to different concentrations of the insecticide, ranging from 0 to 40 grams active ingredient per hectare (g.a.i ha-1) through foliar spray. Analyses were done at days 3, 7, and 15 after treatment. Lipid peroxidation rates and contents of proline, ascorbate (ASC), glutathione (GLU), antioxidative enzymes; superoxi...

Fouzia Tabssum1, Qamar uz Zaman2*, Yinglong Chen3,4, Umair Riaz5*, Waqas Ashraf6, Ambreen Aslam2, Nusrat Ehsan2, Rab Nawaz2, Humera Aziz7 and Shamim ul Sibtain Shah8 

...r-relations, chlorophyll pigments, photosynthetic pigments, morphological and yield related traits of rice cultivars. Proline application improved the efficiency of salt tolerance of rice cultivars, Shaheen basmati showed better response in terms of yield than Super basmati. In crux, foliar applications of 50 mM proline at seedling and vegetative stages are more effective for achieving the best kernel yield under saline cond...

Haiyan Yang1, Hongxia Liu1, Wenlong Wu1*, Weilin Li2 and Lianfei Lyu

...ations of photosynthetic pigments, protein, soluble sugar, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), malondialdehyde (MDA), ascorbate (AsA) and reduced glutathione (GSH), activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD) in leaves of ‘Hull Thornless’ were investigated. In the treatment group, water stress significantly increased EL, and the accumulation of photosynthetic pigments, protein, soluble sugar, H2O2 and MDA...
Aiman Al-Mufarji1, Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Mohammed1*, Haitham Al-Masruri2, Rashid Al-Zeidi3
...lipids, PUFAs, vitamins, pigments and other bioactive compounds”. The microalgae composition varies depending on species and nutrient availability for production. Genetic engineering might be used for production invaluable microalgae compounds. Microalgae consider a promising source of omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 FAs), which have beneficial effects for humans and animals. Knowledge for microalgae effects on productive, reproductive and therapeutic performan...

Tertia Delia Nova1*, Yulia Yelita2, Rizky Machicula1 minerals, xanthophyll pigments and -carotene which are important nutrients for ducks. However, the practical use of this plant has not been fully studied. This experimental study used a Randomized Block Design with a Split Plot pattern. The ducks were divided into three groups. Each group is further classified into three weight classes. The variables observed were the number of erythrocytes, hemoglobin levels, hematocrit percentage, the number of lymphocyte...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 10, Iss. 9, Pages 1887-2089


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