Mousa O. Germoush1,*, Mohsen G. Al-Mutary2, Ahmad R. Al-himaidi3, Muath G. Al-Ghadi3, Daisaku Iwamoto3,4, Yousef Al-anazi3, Aiman Ammari3, Javed Ahmad3,5, Abdulaziz Al-Khedhairy3,5 treatments and then cumulus-oocyte complexes were used for in vitro fertilization. Relative quantitative expression of mRNA transcripts related to apoptosis (Bax and Bcl-2), embryo development (LAMA1, IL-6 and FGF4) and stress (HSPB1) were examined. The results showed that 10% and 20% SFF supplementation exerted no effect on maturation and cleavage percentage whereas 40% SFF supplementation significantly decreased maturation and cleavage. SFF suppl...
Jinfeng Liu1,2, Yanhong Cao3, Tong Feng1, Laiba Shafique1, Chan Luo1, Peng Zhu1,4,* and Qingyou Liu1,*
...erved to be expressed in cumulus tissue, granular tissue, hypophysis, genital ridge and tissues of ovary and testis. Moreover, QRT-PCR results showed that BMP15 was expressed in the whole process of embryogenesis and folliculogenesis, early high level and then down regulated. It was significantly expressed higher level in COCs of middle diameter sized follicles than that of small and large sized follicles. BMP15 gene expression enhanced until mor...

Rashid Al Zeidi1, Haitham Al Masruri2, Aiman Al Mufarji3*, Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Mohammed3 

...cyte and the surrounding cumulus cells to prepare the oocyte for further embryo development upon ovulation and fertilization. Molecules transfer to oocytes through gap junctions of cumulus cells. Therefore, cumulus cells and their secretion, follicular fluid, effect on oocyte maturation and developmental potential of the resulting embryos in vivo and in vitro. Because of the importance of ...

Rashid Al Zeidi1, Haitham Al Masruri2, Aiman Al Mufarji3, Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Mohammed3, Al-Hassan Mohammed4* 

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 10, Iss. 9, Pages 1887-2089


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