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Madeeha Arshad1, Naveed Ahmad2,*, Muhammad Khalid3, Asmatullah1, Mohammad Tahir2, Khadija Naveed1 and Asia Iqbal4
...xencephaly, Omphalocoel, hygroma and limb abnormalities were recorded. It is shown that Cr VI causes teratogenic effects in mice embryos.
Madeeha Arshad1, Asmatullah1, Chaman Ara1, Shagufta Andleeb2 and Naveed Ahmad3,*
...almia, limb deformities, hygromas, kyphosis, curved and short tail and fluid filled abdominal cysts. Significant increase in intrauterine growth retardation and resorptions of fetuses, with increasing dose concentration, was also observed. Morphometric observations of fetal body parts like head circumference, eye circumference, forelimb and hindlimb size and tail length demonstrated a significant (P<0.005) decrease with increasing dose concentrations in com...

Madeeha Arshad, Asmatullah, Chaman Ara

Embryotoxic effects of sodium arsenate in Mus musculus
...t control. Microcephaly, hygroma, skin hemorrhages,
scoliosis and appendage deformities among arsenic treated groups were observed.
Histological studies revealed abnormalities like spina bifida, cardiac malformations,
miss-happened cochlea and oropharynx. It is concluded that sodium arsenate
causes teratogenicity in developing mice.

Sara Zafar* and Asmatullah
...s including hemorrhages, hygromas, resorbed fetuses, deformed, hyperextended and hyperactive flexed limbs, distorted axis, and intrauterine growth retardation was found. The present study revealed that the administration of Atenolol, especially during the organo-genetic period, can cause harm to the developing embryo and Pomegranate juice significantly reduced the detrimental effects caused by atenolol.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 4, pp. 1501-2000


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