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Baohua Chen1,2, Wenzhu Peng3, Jian Xu2, Jingyan Feng1,2, Chuanju Dong1,2 and Peng Xu2,3,*
...crucial role in cellular detoxification and oxidative stress tolerance. Comparing with that in mammals, investigation of GSTs is more complicated in teleosts because of the greater pressure they suffer in aquatic environment. In this study, we identified a set of 27 GSTs including 8 classes of members in common carp genome. Both sequences alignment and phylogenetic analysis exhibited that genes derived from the same GST class from different species share more ...
Soumble Zulfiqar1, Khuram Shehzad1, Sana Tahir1, Khalid A. Al-Ghanim2 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori1,2,3,*
...izes a battery of copper detoxification and exclusion mechanisms of which multicopper oxidase (CueO) is an integral component. In addition to acting as copper regulatory elements, CueOs have been shown to possess laccase activity. In this study, we have cloned and over-expressed the CueO of locally isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae KW strain. The CueO protein was purified to homogeneity by nickel affinity chromatography. Enzyme assays of CueO protein ...
Sakhra Mahmood1, M. Younus1, A. Aslam1, A.A. Anjum2, S. Umar3, Aamerzish Mushtaq3 and M.L. Sohail4,*
...tock and poultry, proper detoxification of AFB1 in feed is mandatory. This study was designed to analyze the biological detoxification potential of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SC) in experimental quails fed with AFB1 added diets. For this purpose 180 quails, divided in 3 groups were reared and fed with 3 different experimental diets having 0.5 mg/kg of AFB1 contamination and varying levels of SC (0.5, 1 and 2 mg/kg of f...
Aatif Amin1,*, Zakia Latif2, Arslan Sarwar1, Basit Zeshan1 and Mushtaq A. Saleem1 designed to check the detoxification ability of the selected strains. The results demonstrated 83% detoxification of mercury by both B. cereus AZ-2 and B. cereus AZ-3, and 76% detoxification by Bacillus sp. AZ-1 (p<0.05).

Nafisa Shoaib* and Aisha Majid Ali

...le in immune defense and detoxification of contaminants. The bivalves were exposed to different concentrations of test pesticides in a static system. The MN frequencies of all the pesticide treated mussel groups increased significantly (p< 0.05) until the end of the exposure period as compare to control. The highest MN frequencies were recorded after cypermethrin exposure on day 12 (7, 8.5 and 11‰ for 0.5 ppm, 1 ppm and 1.5 ppm concentrations respect...

Guo-dong Zhao1,2*, He-ying Qian1,2, Yi-ling Zhang1,2, Gang Li1, 2, Jian Tang1, 2 and An-ying Xu1,2*

...ue, which is involved in detoxification in insects. In this study, high-throughput transcriptome sequencing was performed to investigate the gene expression differences between two silkworm strains with different susceptibility after exposure to fenvalerate. The results showed that a total of 2363 differentially expressed genes were detected in the Lan5 DGE library and 1611 were detected in the Mysore DGE library, respectively. The possible functions of all DE...

Reda Hassan*, Bahaa Abou-shehema, Sherif Zayed, Micheal Gorgy, Shama Morsy, El-Sayed Abu El-Hassan, Mahmoud El-Gbaly, Hanaa Basuony, Ebtehal Hassan 

Fariha Qahar and Muhammad Sayyar Khan*

...that is critical for the detoxification of xenobiotics in plants. The genetic manipulation of GSH biosynthesis-related genes is considered a prime strategy to achieve higher in planta GSH contents. In this study, stably transformed Brassica napus lines harboring the feedback-insensitive isoform of Serine acetyltransferase (SAT), a rate-limiting enzyme for cysteine (Cys), and GSH biosynthesis, were subjected to H2O2, metolachlor, and atrazine-induced oxidative ...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, Vol.40, Iss. 1, Pages 01-262


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