Inamullah Khan, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Rajwali Khan, Syed Muhammad Sohail, Ijaz Ahmad, Muhammad Shoaib and Asim Ijaz

Bibi Tayyaba Batool1, Aemal Tareen1, Shahjahan Shabir Ahmed1, Hira Ejaz1, Mohammad Azam Kakar1, Syed Abdul Rehman2, Mohammed Saeed1, Zafar Ahmad3, Mohammad Masood Tariq3, Mohammad Arif Awan3 and Muhammad Naeem Shahwani1*

...ermine the prevalence of brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis in cattle, goats and sheep in some primary dwelling districts of Balochistan. Our results showed that brucellosis was found 2.2% positive from Quetta district and 0.6% positive from Pishin district and bovine (TB) was found 0.60% positive from Quetta and none from Pishin district of Balochistan.


Abdul Sattar Baloch1*, Abdul Rasheed1,2, Rahmatullah Rind1, Jam Kashif Sahito1, Rehana Buriro1, Muhammad Faisal Ayoob1 and Parkash Dewani1

...verall seroprevalence of brucellosis was found to be as 21%, 21% and 13% by RBPT, SAT and c-ELISA tests, respectively. Seroprevalence was higher in females (26%) than in males (16%) by RBPT and SAT tests, and also in camels less than 9 years of age (13.33%). Milk samples were collected to detect the antibodies against the disease, however, none of the sample was found to be positive for brucellosis. It was concluded that the...

Hussain Ahmad1, Inamullah1, Ijaz Ali2, Tauseef Ahmad3, Muhammad Tufail4, Kabir Ahmad5 and Bibi Nazia Murtaza3,6*

...e of Brucella and active brucellosis in the human population of district Swat. Total 300 individuals (both female and male of all ages, meeting our inclusion/exclusion criteria) with informed consent were included in the study. Blood samples were collected and brucellosis was detected by Standard Plate Agglutination Test (SPAT) and Serum Tube Agglutination Test (STAT) and later on confirmed by PCR. Disease was detected in 3....
Shahzad Ali1,*, Heinrich Neubauer2, Falk Melzer2, Iahtasham Khan1, Shamim Akhter3,Tariq Jamil2 and Sajid Umar3
...c cattle were tested for brucellosis by RBPT, SAT and multiplex real-time PCR for Brucella sp., Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis. A total of 20 (5.01%) samples were found seropositive by RBPT and 19 (4.76%) by SAT, however real-time PCR showed 13 (3.25%) samples positive for both Brucella (sp.) and Brucella abortus. None of the seropositive samples were found positive for Brucella melitensis by real-time PCR. E...
Tausif Ahmad1, Iahtasham Khan2, Saddaf Razzaq1, Saeed-ul-Hassan Khan1,* and Raheela Akhtar3
Tiansen Li1, Meiling Huang2, Zhen Wang1,Fei Guo3,Hui Zhang1,* and Chuangfu Chen1,*
...t cause animal and human brucellosis. Currently, the mechanism behind the pathogenesis of Brucella remains unclear. For this reason omp10 mutant was constructed to examine the impacts of the outer membrane protein 10 (Omp10) on bacterial survival, virulence, phagosome-lysosome fusion, and apoptosis induction, as assessed in appropriate in vitro (cell culture) and animal models. Results showed the omp10 mutant was dramatically attenu...

H.I. Hosein1, Sherin Reda Rouby1*, Ahmed Menshawy1 and Ahmed E. AbdAl-Ghany2 

... for diagnosis of bovine brucellosis on serological, bacteriological and molecular basis. A total of 141 cows from brucella infected farms under quarantine of the veterinary authorities were employed. Serological examination using BPAT, RBT and CFT in 141 cows revealed 109 (77. 3), 105 (74.47) and 104 (73.76) seropositive respectively. Relative sensitivity, relative specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of BPAT, RBT and CFT were ...

 Ghazala Nawaz*, Muhammad Nawaz Malik**, Muhammad Hassan
Mushtaq***, Fraz Munir Ahmad****, Ali Abdullah Shah*****, Farooq
Iqbal******, Shinawar Waseem Ali*******, Zahida Fatima******** and
Amjad Khan*********

SURVEILLANCE OF BRUCELLOSIS IN LIVESTOCK IN RURAL COMMUNITIES OF PUNJAB, PAKISTAN burden and pattern of brucellosis i.e., the highest prevalence was in Central (14.81%) followed by South (0.5%) and northern (0.4%) Punjab. Considering the high mean prevalence and its zoonotic importance it can be devastating if not controlled because of bad management practices, lack of awareness and close contact of farmers with their livestock in Pakistan. Where the socio-economic conditions of rural population does not allow test and slaughter policy, ...
Muhammad Zain Saleem1,*, Raheela Akhtar1, Asim Aslam1, Muhammad Imran Rashid2, Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry1, Muhammad Adeel Manzoor1, Bilal Ahmed Shah3, Rais Ahmed4 and Muhammad Yasin5
... the control measures of brucellosis because most of the control programs rely on serological screening of brucellosis rather than molecular assay which could confirm the particular species circulating in ruminants. In this study 960 and 471 serum samples of goats and sheep were collected, respectively. After screening with Rose Bengal test (RBT), all seropositive samples were subjected to real-time PCR assay. RBT confirmed ...
Qudrat Ullah1,8,*, Huma Jamil1, Laeeq Akbar Lodhi1, Zafar Iqbal Qureshi1, Shakeeb Ullah1, Tariq Jamil2, Iahtasham Khan3, Shahbaz Bashir4, Qudratullah5, Inamullah Wazir6M. Abdus Sallam1 and Muhammad Zubair7
Zhijun Zhong1, Rui Tu1, Xichun Wang2, Yi Geng1, Qicheng Xiao1, Yinan Tian1, Bin Wei1, Jiaming Dan1, Ya Wang1 and Guangneng Peng1,*
...a, information regarding brucellosis in pet dogs caused by B. canis is limited. In the present study, we conducted a comprehensive molecular, pathological, and immunohistochemical analysis to detect this pathogen in pet dogs. Molecular methods, combining three types of PCR assays, identified two strains isolated from two pet dogs as Brucella canis. Histopathological changes revealed extensive inflammation and necrosis in the liver, lung, spleen, ...

Muhammad Shakeel1*, Mudussar Nawaz1, Zahid Naseer1, Muhammad Fiaz1, Asghar Khan1, Muhammad Imran Khan1, Awais Ur Rehman1, Ahmad Yar Qamar2 and Ali Raza3

Caprine and Ovine Serological Evidence of Brucellosis in Five Districts of Punjab, Pakistan
...ts the seroprevalence of brucellosis in different sheep and goat breeds in five districts of Punjab, Pakistan. A total of 1239 serum samples were collected from male (n=73) and female (n=1166) different sheep (n = 865; Pak-Karakal, Thalli, Lohi, Kajli and non-descript type) and goat (n = 374; Teddy, Beetal and non-descript type) breeds of variable age groups (0 months to 4years). All the serum samples were analyzed using Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT) and serop...
Mudussar Nawaz1, Iahtasham Khan2, Muhammad Shakeell*, Arfan Yousaf1, Zahid Naseer1, Munibullah1, Ali Zohaib3, Riaz Hussain4 and Qudrat Ullah5
...ermine the prevalence of brucellosis in buffaloes and goats of Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. A total of 341 milk samples from buffaloes (n=180) and goats (n=161) were screened by (Milk Ring Test) MRT and milk i-ELISA for anti-Brucella antibodies. Higher prevalence was found in buffaloes (5.6% and 16.1%) than in goat (4.97% and 1.9%) both through MRT and i-ELISA respectively. Commercial production and old age were important risk factors for spre...

 Shafii Abdullahi Mohamed1, Abdiaziz Idiris Mohamud2*, Yonis Abukar Mohamed3, Pravin Mishra4 and Osman Sheikh Ali Jama5

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Population Towards Brucellosis in Benadir Region, Somalia
...tly aware of the disease brucellosis. Though, they do not have as considerable knowledge, what is required to help in control it. Veterinarians, health care workers and respective government bodies must take action to increase the level of awareness and considerate by providing programs or any other technique that can be helpful.


Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews


Vol. 7, Iss. 1, Pages 1-91


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