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Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Tibetan Pigs in Nyingchi, Tibet, China

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Tibetan Pigs in Nyingchi, Tibet, China

Rongrong Li1, Kun Li2, Xiaoqiang Wang2, Houqiang Luo2, Gang Qiu2, Hui zhang2, Yanfang Lan2 and Jiakui Li2,3*

1Medical School, Nanjing University; 72 Guangzhou Road, Nanjing 210008, People’s Republic of China
2College of Veterinary Medicine, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, People’s Republic of China
3Laboratory of Detection and Monitoring of Highland Animal Disease, Tibet Agriculture and Animal Husbandry College, Linzhi 860000 Tibet, People’s Republic of China

Rongrong Li and Kun Li are regarded as equal first author

* Corresponding author:


The survey was to investigate the seroprevalence of T. gondii in Tibetan pigs in Tibet, China. A total 454 serum samples were collected from Tibetan pigs in Nyingchi in 2014 and 2015. Each sample was assayed for T. gondii antibodies by a commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits and an indirect hemagglutination test. The results showed that seroprevalence in Tibetan pigs were 25.6% by ELISA. On gender basis, the prevalence was found 25.1% in males and 27.8% in females. By the method of IHA, the seroprevalence in Tibetan pigs were 21.6%, and the prevalence was found 23.1% and 21.4% in males and females, respectively. The results indicates that the Tibetan gigs were exposed to T. gondii in Tibet area, which should arise a public concern of the threat to human and other animals in this unique region of the world.


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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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