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Seasonal Occurrence and Abundance of Mosquitoes in Pothwar Plateau

Seasonal Occurrence and Abundance of Mosquitoes in Pothwar Plateau

Arif Mehmood*, Muhammad Naeem and Ata-ul-Mohsin

Department of Entomology, Pir Mehr Ali Shah, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan

* Corresponding author:


This research was carried out during 2014-16 in Pothwar Plateau. Collection of the mosquitoes was done from specified habitats fortnightly. A total of 3,997 adult and immatures of mosquitoes belonging to 5 genera and 28 species were collected. Culex spp. were found throughout year, Anopheles spp. through March-November. Armigeres spp. through January-November, Aedes spp. through April-November and Lutzia spp. were found in the months January-March and June-November. Seasonal distribution pattern is an asset in controlling any epidemic occurred due to mosquito vector. This pattern informs about the active period, favorable temperature and humidity ranges of the mosquitoes, hence the clues for controlling.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 4, pp. 1501-2000


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