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Isolation of Nodule Associated Bacteria for Promotion of Lentil Growth

Isolation of Nodule Associated Bacteria for Promotion of Lentil Growth

Muhammad Rasheed*, Tayyaba Naseer, Asma Hassan, Fayaz ul Hassan, Rifat Hayat, Ghulam Jilani, Samman Gul Vaseer and Muhammad Bilal Ali 

Department of Agronomy, Pir Mehr Ali Sah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.  


Rhizobia have natural ability to fix nitrogen in legume plant through symbiotic association of legume-rhizobium by forming nodules on the roots of legume plants. To ensure an optimum rhizobial population in the rhizosphere is necessary that improves the nodulation, N2 fixation and growth of legume crops. The experiment was conducted to access the effect of isolated bacteria from nodules on growth and nodulation of the lentil cultivars. Different cultivars were used in this experiment; Markaz 2009, Masoor 2009 and NIA 2005 treatments were used viz BS0 (control), (Pseudomonas stutzeri), BS2 (Lysinibacillus pakistanensis) and BS3 (Pseudomonas stutzeri + P2O5@40kg/h). Application of BS3 enhanced the plant height (31.423 cm), leaf area plant-1 (15.459 cm2), leaf area index (1.9323) and leaf area duration (110.84). Among the different lentil cultivars, NIA 2005 gave the better response regarding these traits. The maximum fresh weight plant-1 (7.2560 g) and dry weight plant-1 (0.6047 g) was recorded at treatment BS3 and among the different cultivars, NIA 2005 depicted better response than other two cultivars. Crop growth rate showed maximum value (3.3977 gm-2day-1) at treatment BS3 and among the cultivars, NIA 2005 gave highest crop growth rate than others. Net assimilation rate increased due to increase in dry matter of plant and crop growth rate. Various rhizobial strains showed nodule number (23.233), nodule size (0.1022 cm) and nodule weight (20.034 mg) of different lentil cultivars. Among the treatments, BS3 gave maximum of these traits while the NIA 2005 exhibit postive response on nodulation. Rhizobacteria isolated from root nodules improved the nodulation and capacity growth of lentil cultivars by producing plant growth regulators and nutrients uptake.


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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 1, Pages 1-253


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