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Aptamers as an Emerging Player in Biology

Aptamers as an Emerging Player in Biology

Aradhana Chopra1, Ravi Shukla2 and Tarun Kumar Sharma2,3*

1Systems Biophysics and Bionanotechnology, Physik Department and WSI/ZNN, Technische Universität München, 85748 Garching, Germany; 2School of Applied Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia; 3Center for Biodesign and Diagnostics,Translational Health Science and Technology Institute,Gurgaon, India.

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Aptamers are single stranded nucleic acid molecules that are considered as chemical rival of antibodies. They are generated through an in vitro evolution process called SELEX. These single stranded nucleic acid aptamers can acquire various secondary and tertiary structures to bind their cognate targets with high affinity and specificity. The ease in synthesis and modification makes them an attractive candidate for a variety of applications. Since the last decade, aptamers have been regarded as an emerging player in biology. They have found applications not only in biosensors, but also in other areas such as diagnostics, biomarker discovery, drug delivery, bio-imaging and molecular therapy. In this review we have summarized recent advancements and applications of aptamers in biology.

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Aptamers and Synthetic Antibodies


Vol.2, Iss.1, Page 1-35


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