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Qaizar Ahmed1, Fida Mohammad2, Hidayat-ur-Rahman2, Sheraz Ahmed2* and Fakharuddin2

...s in Flue Cured Virginia tobacco. Seven tobacco varieties/lines, ‘NC606’, ‘K399’, ‘Spt G 126’, ‘Spt G 28’, ‘KHG21’, ‘KHG22’ and ‘KHG24’ with contrasting traits were crossed in all possible combinations to generate 7 x 7 diallel crosses. In 2008 and 2009, all F1 hybrids along with their parent cultivars were planted in randomized co...

Zamarud Shah, Safdar Hussain Shah, Asad Jan and Gul Shad Ali

...lates thermotolerance in tobacco plants and can be used as target gene for engineering thermotolerance in crops.  


 Sheraz Ahmed and Fida Mohammad

...lue Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco were tested to identify effective selection indices. Experimental material was planted at two locations i.e. Mardan (E-1, E-3 and E-5) and Mansehra (E-2, E-4 and E-6) using alpha lattice design with three replicates during 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15. Heritability in broad sense was generally low for all traits except nicotine and reducing sugar. Days to flowering was the most environment responsive trait and its heritability ...

K.N. Ahmed , M.A. Al-Helal, N-E-P. Khanom, S. Bulbul

Control strategies of papaya mealybug, Paracoccus marginatus Williams & Willink infesting vegetable crops in Bangladesh
...Five biopesticides i.e., tobacco medicine (100 %), tobacco leaf extract (20 % ), mehgoni seed oil (5 % ), castor seed oil (5 % ) and neem seed oil (5 % ) were used to assess their effects on the mortality of P. marginatus . It is evident that tobacco medicine exerted the best result in terms of control followed by neem seed oil, mehgoni seed oil, castor seed oil and <...

Shams Ur Rehman, Muhammad Arif and Abdul Mateen 


Soil-borne viruses in major potato growing areas of Pakistan

S. Pal and I. Sarkar

Pests infesting ornamental plants in hilly region of West Bengal
...eding on the leaves. The tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera litura) was serious on Gladiolus and Anthurium. Cutworm (Agrotis segetum) damaged the seedlings of Gladiolus. Among the Coleopteran pests, the Blister beetle (Mylabris p) was the most important feeding on the flowers of Gladiolus and China rose. The steel blue beetle, Altica p. and white spotted flea beetle (Monolepta signata) was found infesting Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum respectively. The serpentine l...

Imran Ali Rajput1*, Tajwer Sultana Syed1, Ghulam Hussain Abro1, Imran Khatri1 and Abdul Mubeen Lodhi2 extracts such as tobacco (Nicotiana tabacium), neem (Azadirachtin indica) and datura (Datura stramonium) were used in traditional method. The overall results showed that the sprays at different interval indicated the highest pest population reduction at tobacco (17.45-15.09%) followed by neem (14.58-15.33%) and datura (11.72-7.81%) in both varieties and similar trend was also noted in the sec...

Tariq Mahmood, M. Sudheer Tariq, Khalid Mahmood Khokar, Hidayatullah and Syed Ijaz Hussain*

...em seed, neem leaves and tobacco leaves) and insecticide permethrin dust alone or mixed with dung, were conducted against red pumpkin beetle in the field at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad during kharif 2008. Permethrin (0.5%) alone or mixed (0.05%) with dung ash as dust controlled the attack of red pumpkin beetle on the crop with no mortality of plants. Highest mortality of plants due to foliage eating by red pumpkin beetle was observed in co...

 Sajid Ali*, Quratulain Altaf** and Umar Farooq* 

...lue Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco to its own price and area under maize crop in three major FCV producing districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa i.e., Swabi, Mardan, and Charsadda. Data used in the study cover time series data for 1971-2011. The newly developed Auto Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) model for cointegration was used to estimate the short-run and long-run elasticities. The study found a long-run price elasticity of 0.33, thereby revealing that FCV acrea...

 Khurram Nawaz Saddozai*, Muhammad Nasrullah* and Noor P. Khan** 

...c frontier production of tobacco growers. This parametric approach was encompassed to investigate the technical efficiency of growers. The primary data was gleaned during 2014-15 from sampled population of three villages namely Takkar Kali, Garo Shah and Passand Kali of Takhtbhai Tehsil, Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The multi-stage sampling technique was utilized to obtain the desired sample size of 120 tobacco

 Nusrat Habib*

...crops like sugarcane and tobacco to find out the major factors which caused the decreasing trend of sunflower in the area. Primary data of 100 respondents was collected and analyzed in SPSS (Special Package for Social Scientists) software. Estimated results revealed that there was a key difference among target three crops profitability such as revenue per crop day of tobacco, sugarcane and sunflower were rupees 285.61, rupee...
Niamatullah Kakar, Farhat Abbas, Muhammad Shafee and Tauseef Asmat*
...oyment (daily wages) and tobacco smoking were some of the main risk factors common in inmates. The trend of sharing blankets, towels and utensils were 158/186 (84.49%), 152/186 (81.72%) and 165/186 (88.70%), respectively which likely increase the risk of disease spread. Smear microscopy revealed that 27.92% prisoners were involved in acute and chronic inflammatory disease. PCR proved to be more sensitive compared to the sputum smears or culture based tuberculo...
Ayesha Noreen1, Dilara A. Bukhari2 and Abdul Rehman1,*
...ental pollutants, smoke, tobacco, xenobiotic, drugs, medical materials, radiations, pesticides, industrial solvents and ozone. The processes running in the cell membranes, peroxisomes, mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum also generate ROS. ROS can be activated by numerous external factors, and play an important role in cancer growth and metastasis. ROS and tumor cell interaction could activate the signalling pathways, promoting cell proliferation, invasion,...

Nusrat Habib1*, Asim Zubair2 and Aisha Siddiqua3 

...t, land rent, area under tobacco, area under sugarcane and price of sunflower seed, while positively related to the area under sunflower with the variables such as total operational holding, sunflower yield and sale price of sunflower. In case of determining yield of sunflower use of DAP and organic manure were significant and positively correlated. 

Saleha Gul1,2, Muhammad Khisroon2, Ajmal Khan2, Attaullah1, Saira Gul3 and Gul Nabi Khan1,4,*
...-reported carcinogens in tobacco smoke are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nitrosamines cause the production of DNA adducts and leading to lung cancer. However, the adverse effects of cigarette smoke on other tissues are largely unknown. We explored the genotoxic effects of tobacco smoke on peripheral lymphocytes of active and passive smokers. Blood samples were isolated from 100 males’ including 25 active-, 25 pa...

Qaizar Ahmed1, Fida Mohammad2, Sheraz Ahmed2*, Sultan Akbar Jadoon2, Imtiaz Ali2 and Ajmalud Din2 

...lue cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco. Plant material comprised of seven tobacco cultivars which were hybridized in full diallel mating system at the Tobacco Research Sub-station, Mansehra, Pakistan during 2007. Thereon, seven parents and their forty-two F1 hybrids were sown during 2008 and 2009 at the Tobacco Research Station, Mardan (plain) and the

Muhammad Nasrullah1*, Liu Chang1, Khurram Nawaz Saddozai2, Asaad Osman Khalid1, Rachel Bayisenge1 and Gulnaz Hameed3 

...sed the profitability of tobacco growers in one of the district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Mardan). Tehsil Takht bhai was selected through purposive sampling among the three Tehsil of district Mardan. A sample of 120 growers was selected and interviewed randomly through a prepared well- structure questioner. Different practices were grouped into five parts. Land rent of the respondent area was 61,750 rupees per hectare; nursery raising cost was estimated at 11,828...

Hala Rajab1, Muhammad Sayyar Khan1*, Safdar Hussain Shah1 and Syed Mehar Ali Shah2 

...or Cys biosynthesis from tobacco i.e. NtSAT4 was successfully cloned into three types of overexpression constructs i.e. pBinAR_NtSAT4 (targeted to cytosol), pBinAR-TKTP_NtSAT4 (targeted to plastids) and pBinAR-SHMT_NtSAT4 (targeted to mitochondria). For stable transformation of B. napus floral-dip and tissue culture based approaches were tested using different formulations of phytohormones for calli, shoots and roots induction in a variety of genotypes. While ...

Majid Khan, Naveed Jehan*, Muhammad Zahoor and Nadia Naz 

...percent for the Virginia tobacco growers and 42.52 percent and 0.076 percent for the non-tobacco growers, respectively. This shows that the Virginia Tobacco growers poverty status was better. Therefore, tobacco is recommended as cash crop in Charsadda District to reduce the poverty incidence. 

Sumaira Akram1, Sajid Aleem Khan1*, Nazir Javed1 and Saeed Ahmad2
...and among plant extracts tobacco extract caused the highest juvenile mortality after 48 h. The protective and curative effect of chemicals, biocontrol agents and plant extracts on the development of MG was recorded on the basis of number of eggs on the most susceptible wheat variety cv. ‘Aus -7-58-0850’. In protective effect the highest number of eggs were recorded in rugby treatment. Chemicals were found to be more effective than plant extracts an...

Bilal Atta1*, Muhammad Rizwan1, Arshed Makhdoom Sabir1, Muhammad Dildar Gogi2, Muhammad Sabar1, Bakhtawar3, Faizan Ali3 and Mehran Sarwar

Afzal Nimra1, Zulfiqar Ali1*, Safdar Sidra 2, Rida Ahmad1, environmental tobacco smoke) and outdoor (dust, soil and fuel combustion) sources. The hospitals were located on busy roads, where high vehicular emissions probably emit trace metal pollutants. 

 Asif Ali Khan*, Nasru Minallah*, Shahbaz Khan**

...y considered
tobacco as our pilot crop and compared the obtained results with manually delineated calculations. For
this research SPOT-5 imagery of 2.5m spatial resolution, was provided by Space and Upper Atmosphere Research
Commission (SUPARCO), space agency of Pakistan. After preprocessing, which is a preparatory step in analyzing
and classifying satellite imagery to improve classification results and reduce th...

Arshad Ali Essani1, Bhai Khan Solangi1, Muhammad Ilyas Abro2, Sultan Ahmed3, Karim Bakhsh Sial3, Muhammad Saleem4, Ali Asghar Gola5, Ghulam Ali6, Moula Dad6, Mujeeb ur Rehman6, Habibullah Kakar6 and Mitha Khan6*

Comparative Efficacy of Botanical Pesticides against Sucking Insect Pests of Mustard Crop
... with neem oil (24.47%), tobacco extract (22.00%) and akk plant extract (19.83). Neem seed extract showed higher efficacy (81.01%) against thrips population on mustard crop followed by neem oil (66.13%), tobacco extract (58.20%) and akk plant extract (53.12%). Maximum reduction in whitefly population (13.00%) was observed in plot sprayed with neem seed extract followed by plot sprayed with neem oil (10.33%),
Mehwish Saleem Khan
Evaluation of Changes in Zinc Levels in Patients Suffering from Cancer
Huda S. Darwish 1, Om-hashem M. El-Banna2, Mohamed S. Abbas3, Hoda M. Waziri 1, Maisa A. Awad1
...ding tomato,
tobacco, grape, apple, peach, cherry, apricot and raspberry. Both of sodium azide (NaN3) and ethyl
methanesulfonate (EMS) are known as chemical mutagens.
Objective: Study the effect of chemical mutagens (NaN3and EMS) on the resistance of (ToRSV) on
two different tomato cultivars and characterization induction mutagens by ISSR molecular method.
Methods: ToRSV was isolated from infected tom...

Vahid Mollasadeghi1,2* and Samaneh Elyasi1,2

... thousand. PVY-activated tobacco leaf extract was used to infect the potato plant. This paper measured chlorophyll a, b, leaf area, number of leaves, stem length and tuber weight. The results showed that the symptoms of PVY were completely distinguishable on the leaves of tobacco plants compared to PVY on the leaves of Agria. PVY-infected leaves were more curled and paler than healthy leaves of cultivars Agria. The results o...

Sana Khalid1,2*, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman2,3, Usman Hameed2,4, Shabnum Shaheen1, Muhammad Naveed Shahid5, Khajista Jabeen1, Farah Khan1, Muhammad Saleem Haider1

...roinfiltered symptomatic tobacco (Nicotiana benthamiana Domin.) and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) plants and these were liberated to healthy plants for transmission of viruses. It was evident from the results that the whiteflies were incapable to acquire and transmit chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (CpCDV)-a mastrevirus and mastrebegomo chimeric virus (MCV) from the symptomatic tobacco and tomato plants to healthy plants. ...

Riaz Hussain1*, Adnan Ihsan2, Azaz Ali Shah2, Najeeb Ullah2, Hamza Iftikhar3 and Ranra Jalal4

...b (Allium sativum) @ 2%, tobacco dry leaves (Nicotiana tabacum) @ 2%, red chili (Capsicum spp.) @ 5% and Chinaberry dry fruits (Melia azedarach) @ 10% concentrations were used singly and tobacco dry leaves (N. tabacum) + Chinaberry dry fruits (M. azedarach) @ 1% + 5%, garlicbulb (A. sativum) + Red chili(Capsicum spp.) @1% + 2.5%, tobacco dry leaves (N. tabacum) + Red chili (Capsicum spp.) ...

Saleem Hussain1, Muhammad Tayyab1, Tauqir Anwar1, Talha Nazir2*, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed3, Zohaib Asad2,4, Muhammad Adnan3 and Tajwar Alam5

...irachta indica A. Juss., tobacco Nicotiana tabacum L. and thorn apple Datura stramonium L.) against wheat aphid (Schizaphis graminum Rondani) under laboratory and field conditions. Using foliar spray method, toxicity bioassay was conducted with three different concentrations (i.e. 250, 500 and 1000 ppm) of methanolic plant extracts under controlled laboratory conditions, while three different concentrations (25, 50 and 75 g/L) of each botanical extract was tes...

Fariha Qahar and Muhammad Sayyar Khan*

...SAT4 gene from Nicotiana tobacco under 35S promoters in various compartments of the cell, which includes cytosol, plastids, and mitochondria in transgenic lines, resulted in enhanced tolerance in terms of lesser wilting and pigment discoloration to induced stress compared to non-transformed plants. In terms of approximate percentage damage, under 14% H2O2stress,30-60% of the leaf area turned necrotic in the single overexpression lines compared to 95% damage in...

Ahmed, AmalA.; Zein, Salwa N. and Khatab, Eman A. H.

...virus was 6.7 mg/100g of tobacco leaves. Electron micrographs of the purified virus isolate revealed the presence of filamentous particles with average length of 780 nm and 15 widths. The polyclonal antibody raised against the virus under study had a virus — specific titer of 1:7500 in bled one and 1: 7000 in bled two. Incidence of the disease reached 75% in some apiaceae crops and many of the infected plants were unfit for marketing. It is suggested tha...

Zein Salwa N; Abd El-khalik, Samaa; Khatab  , Eman A.A.H and Azzam4,Clara R.

Amal Abo El-Ela Ahmed; Eman A.H. Khatab; and M.S. Shafie

...virus was 6.1 mg/100g or tobacco leaves. Electron micrographs of the purified virus isolate revealed the presence of rod-shaped panicles of 310-320 nm for length and 15 nm for width. The polyclonal antibody raised against the virus under study had a virus specific titer or 1:2000 


Bilal Saeed Khan1*, Muhammad Aneeb Shahzad1, Muhammad Irfan Ashraf2, Zahid Mahmood Sarwar3, Muhammad Farooq4 and Awias Rasool5

Khurram Nawaz Saddozai1, Muhammad Nasrullah2, Jahangir Khan3*, Syed Attaullah Shah1, Raheel Saqib4, Naheed Zahra5 and Mansoor Rasheed6

...allocative efficiency of tobacco growers during 2019. Primary data was collected through face to face interview and a sample of 120 tobacco growers was selected. These growers were randomly selected from three villages namely Takar Kaly, Garo Shah, and Pasand Kaly of tehsil Takhtbai, district Mardan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Empirical findings reveal that labour, chemical, irrigation, seed, poultry manure, and tractor have posi...
Ahmed Zamir, Muhammad Waqas Khan, Muhammad Waqas Khan, Waseem Ullah and Rizwan Ullah
... source of fuel wood and tobacco kilns. They further perceived the role of tree planting as; 50%, 40%, 30% role in shade, income and other environmental benefits respectively. It was observed that educated farmers favored tree farming as compared to the less educated one. Further farmers listed many problems when questioned about the constraints in planting trees on farmlands. Lack of availability of growing stock, lack of land for planting trees and problems ...
M. I. Shiekh, R.W. Hussain and Saliheen Khan
...1984-85 total area under tobacco crop in Pakistan was 50,200 hectares and production was 89.2 million kg. However, in NWFP the total area under tobacco crop was 29,067 hectares and production was 58.16 million kg. Four methods are adopted for tobacco curing i.e. air, sun flue and fire and fire drying. The tobacco crop grown in NWFP is 15,000. Data were c...
G. M. Khattak, cotton, melons and tobacco by dibbling in patches and harvest the crops as they ripen. Every two to three years, as the soils get depleted, they move to another area, leaving their abandoned clearings to revert to forest.

According to Cowan (1923) the Chittagong Hill Tracts were made a district in 1860, and in 1862 toll stations were established on the rivers where duty was collected by the District Officers staff on forest produce floated dow...

Hina Gul1, Amjad Usman1*, Karishma1 and Seema Zubair2

...reatments (neem extract, tobacco extract, garlic extract, datura extract, lantana extract,
eucalyptus extract, flonicamid (synthetic insecticide) and control followed RCB Design with 3
replications. Treatments were applied thrice after 15 days interval. Results revealed that
the three times application of the tested treatments showed varying toxicity against S.
dorsalis 24, 48, 72 hours and 7 days after spray app...

Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research


Vol. 27, Iss. 4, Pages 443-576


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