Siyu Yang1, Fukuan Du2 and Pao Xu1,2*

Fangxiao Dong1,2, Xuan Luo1,2, Delu Yuan1,2, Aixin Liang1,2* and Liguo Yang1,2*
... enhancing the effect of somatostatin DNA vaccine. A novel recombinant plasmid pEGS/2SS-tPA encoding two copies of somatostatin genes fused to tPA signal sequence was succesfully constructed and identified in MCF-7 cells. Subsequently, thirty female mice randomly were divided into three groups, treating with 50 μg pEGS/2SS-tPA (group T1), 50 μg pEGS/2SS (group T2), and 50 μg pEGFP-N1 (Control group) at weeks ...
Yan-Guo Han1, Xiao-Li Peng1, Kai Li1, Yu-He-Tian Zhao1, Xun-Ping Jiang2, Guang-Xin E1, Yong-Ju Zhao1, Jun-Hua Ye3, Li Xu3, Qin-Tao Zhao3 and Yong-Fu Huang1,*
... CpG adjuvant and somatostatin (SS) DNA vaccine can enhance the effect of the vaccine and promote the growth of animals. This study investigated the enhancing effect of the fusion type of CpG motifs on SS DNA vaccine and growth of ram lambs. In this study, we constructed the ptS/2SS-asd plasmid, pCpG plasmid and the CpG-SS fusion type recombinant plasmid named ptCS/2SS-asd. Twelve ram lambs were randomly divided into three groups, namely, the tre...
Yan-Guo Han1,2, Jun-Hua Ye1, Qin-Tao Zhao1, Yong-Jie Huang2, Kai Li2, Yong-Fu Huang2 and Li Xu1,*
...aring the effect of oral somatostatin 14 (SS-14) and somatostatin 28 (SS-28)DNA vaccines in promoting lactation of rats. Fifteen female SD rats were randomly divided into three groups and were orally vaccinated, respectively SS-14 (Group T1) and SS-28 (Group T2) DNA vaccines fused tPA signal peptide and CpG adjuvant and delivered by attenuated Salmonella choleraesuis at...
Yan-Guo Han, Yu-Qing Han, Jia-Yuan Wu, Jia Guo, Ri-Su Na, Yan Zeng, Guang-Xin E, Yong-Ju Zhao and Yong-Fu Huang*
...ffect of immunisation of somatostatin (SS) DNA vaccine in maternal animals on serum related hormones in offspring. In this study, ten ewes with two newborn lambs were randomly divided into SS DNA vaccine group (Group T) and empty vector group (Group C), and these vaccines were given orally into the ewes at weeks 0, 3 and 6 of the research. Blood samples of ewes or offspring lambs were collected at week 6 or 9 of lactation, respectively. Serum SS, prolactin (PR...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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