Souvik Ghosh, Nobumichi Kobayashi

British Journal of Virology


Xingdong Yang and Lijuan Yuan

...disease models for human rotavirus, human norovirus and human enterovirus 71 using neonatal gnotobiotic pigs. The differences between germ-free and normal animals in the maturation status of immune systems caused by the lack of gut microbiota can be minimized by establishing human-gut-microbiota transplanted gnotobiotic pig models. Given the advantages of gnotobiotic pig models, it is expected that they will be used more widely in biomedical research for studi...

Carolina Torres Alejo1,2, Laila Andreia Rodrigues Beserra1,2, Paulo Eduardo Brandão1,2, Luis Ramiro Luna Espinoza1,2 and Fabio Gregori1,2* 

...ions for the presence of rotavirus (RVA, RVD, and RVF), avian coronavirus (ACoV), and avian astrovirus (AAstV), using PCR reactions followed by nucleotide sequencing and analysis. Twenty-nine pools (29/59; 49%) appeared positive for AAstV, 6 pools (6/59; 10%) were positive for RVD, forty-three pools (43/59; 72.8%) were positive for ACoV, and twenty-four pools (24/59; 40.67%) presented concomitant viral infections of two or three investigated agents. The relati...
Ligia Neves Scuarcialupi, Laila Andreia Rodrigues Beserra, Julia Rosas Hochheim, Rodrigo Martins Soares, Fabio Gregori*
... better understanding of rotavirus distribution in Brazil.

Faleye Temitope Oluwasegun Cephas1,2*, Adewumi Moses Olubusuyi1, Olayinka Olaitan Titilola3 and Adeniji Johnson Adekunle1,3 

Hassan Boulahyaoui1,2*, Sanaa Alaoui Amine1,3, Marouane Melloul4, Farida Hilali5, Elmostafa El-Fahime1,3, Saad Mrani1,2 and Nadia Touil1,5* 

...nalysis of unusual human rotavirus VP4 genotype detected in Moroccan children fully vaccinated with Rotarix™. After RNA virus extraction, the rotavirus VP7 and VP4 genes were amplified. The DNA was purified, sequenced and genotypes were determined using the RotaC online classification tool. A phylogenetic tree was constructed using the Maximum Likelihood method applying the Tamura 3-parameter model in MEGA 6.06 package...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 3, Pages 801-1200


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