Muhammad Riaz Gondal1,2*, Aqib Riaz4, Sultan Ahmad Rizvi2, Bushra Zulfiqar2, Waqas Naseem2, Humara Umar3, Ahmad Hussain1 and Mazher Iqbal

Maria Syafiqah Ghazali1, Azlan Che’ Amat2 and Nor Azlina Abdul Aziz1*
...ples were collected from pumas (Puma concolor, n = 5), African lions (Panthera leo, n = 3), a spotted leopard (Panthera pardus, n = 1), and a black panther (Panthera onca, n = 1). All faecal samples were examined for parasite eggs, larvae, and oocysts by simple faecal floatation and formalin – ether sedimentation technique. All large felines in the zoo were infected with gastrointestinal par...
Ho-Seong Cho1 and Yeonsu Oh2,*
...17-year-old captive male puma (Puma concolor) died after presenting anorexia, vomiting, weight loss and lethargy. At necropsy, the right middle lobe of the liver was severely affected by a tumor, and small tumor nodules were disseminated throughout the other lobes. The numerous tumor nodules were also found in the lung, stomach, kidney, heart and diaphragm, which were growing together, suspiciously metastatic, project...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 3, Pages 1001-1500


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