Zuhao Huang1, Feiyun Tu2 and Dianhua Ke1*

... was determined. The mitogenome is a circular DNA molecule of 18,295 bp and comprises of 13 protein-coding genes, 22 tRNA genes, two rRNA genes and two control regions CR and CCR, which was first reported in the order Coraciiformes. The overall A+T content for the mitogenome is 52%, and the GC and AT skews are -0.400 and 0.108. Unlike to many other birds, no extra base is inserted at certain position relative to ND3. Int...

Zisha Liu1, Na Song1, Takashi Yanagimoto2, Zhiqiang Han3, Bonian Shui3 and Tianxiang Gao3*

...: justify;">The complete mitogenomes of three species (O. lacepedii, O. rebecca and
Ai Guo1,2,3, Jiaguang Xiao4, Binbin Shan4, Tianxiang Gao5 and Yongdong Zhou3,*
... non-coding regions. The mitogenomes of C. mystus N and C. mystus S shared the identical structural organization and gene arrangement with those of other Coilia fishes. Both lineages of C. mystus showeda similar features in not only the strand-specific asymmetry of nucleotide composition, but also the codon usage of genes. Whereas a significant variation among Coilia species was detected in length of the control region, mainl...
Zisha Liu1, Na Song1, Takashi Yanagimoto2, Zhiqiang Han3, Bonian Shui3 and Tianxiang Gao3,*
...f gobies (Gobiidae). The mitogenome sequences of O. lacepedii, O. rebecca and Odontamblyopus sp. were all circular double-strand molecules, 17245 bp, 17009 bp and 17004 bp long, respectively. Compared with other bony fishes, the three species shared the similar features in gene arrangements, base composition and tRNA structure. The control region spanned 1571 bp, 1336 bp and 1332 bp in O. lacepedii, O. rebecca and Odontamb...

 Yongmin Li1,2, Huabin Zhang1, Xiaoyou Wu1, Dongwei Li 2, Peng Yan1 and Xiaobing Wu1*

...). The R. dennysi mitogenome (18,052 bp) contained the 37 genes and a single control region (CR) typically found in neobatrachian mtDNAs. In the new mt genome, the ND5 gene and a TLPF tRNA cluster (tRNAThr, tRNALeu(CUN), tRNAPro and tRNAPhe) were located between the CR and the 12S rRNA gene. R. dennysi mitochondrial gene rearrangements observed here could be explained by the Tandem Duplica...

Jie Gao1, Guannan Wang1, Chuang Zhou1, Megan Price2, Jinnan Ma1, Xiaohong Sun1, Benping Chen3, Xiuyue Zhang2 and Bisong Yue1*

.... cinereiceps’ mitogenome and investigate its phylogenetic relationships within the babblers and superfamily Sylvioidea. F. cinereiceps’ mitogenome is typically circular, 16,969 bp in size with a rich A+T content (52.7%), 13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 22 tRNAs genes, 2 rRNA genes, a control region (CR) and a non-coding region (NC). We found strong support for F. cinereiceps being placed within...
Chaochao Hu1,2, Xue Xu1, Wenjia Yao1, Wei Liu3, Deyun Tai1, Wan Chen4 and Qing Chang1*
...o determine the complete mitogenome sequence of H. ostralegus, and illustrating mitogenomes structure and investigating their evolutionary relationship by comparing 31 species in Charadriiformes.The complete mitochondrial genome of H. ostralegus is a circular molecule of 16,798 bp in length and the overall nucleotide composition of H-strand was A: 31.45%, T: 23.46%, C: 31.30%, G: 13.79%. In Charadriiformes

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 1, Pages 1-501


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