Mubashir Ahmad Khan*, Muhammad Yasin Mirza*, Muhammad Amjad*, Nazakat Nawaz*, Malik Shah Nawaz* and Doulat Baig*

...tify;"> A set of 55 linseed accessions including a check variety (Chandni) were evaluated under rainfed conditions during three crop seasons i.e. 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11. Data were recorded for days to flower initiation, flower completion, maturity, reproductive period, plant height, branches per plant, bolls per plant, plot biomass, harvest index and seed yield. Wide ranges between the mean values with high CV values were exhibited by plant height, ...
Pasqua Rotondi1, Maria Antonietta Colonna1, Giuseppe Marsico1, Francesco Giannico1, Marco Ragni1 and Anna Maria Facciolongo2,*
...s containing oregano and linseed was analysed for physical and sensory properties, chemical and fatty acid composition of intramuscular lipids. Twenty-one three-week-old kids were divided into three homogeneous groups (n = 7), according to age and body weight, and assigned to one of the following feeding treatments: C) control: commercial pelleted feed; L) pelleted feed containing 3% extruded linseed; LO) pelleted feed conta...

Muhammad Abdul Qayyum1*, Farhat Bashir2, Muhammad Mudassar Maqbool3, Anser Ali3, Saqib Bashir1 and Qaiser Abbas4 

...200 mM concentrations on linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) germination, plant growth, nutrients and soluble salts uptake. The results revealed that tested four linseed genotypes showed an overall germination rate of 86-94% at 100 mM NaCl (T2) and 78-84% at 200 mM NaCl (T3) and seedling survival rate of 80-90% at T2 and 40-60% at T3. Seedling survival was related to seedling vigor and tolerance to salinity, as salt tolerant ge...

Ayesha Zafar1, Ghulam Sarwar1*, Muhammad Sarfraz2, Muhammad Zeeshan Manzoor1, Sher Muhammad3 and Ghulam Murtaza

...ertilizer requirement of linseed. The selected field was saline sodic in nature with pH value 8.57, medium in extractable K and scarce in P and organic matter. The selected field was sandy loam having 70% sand, 18% silt and 12% clay. The soil was prepared, leveled, and crop was sown with seed rate of 7.5 kg ha-1. Treatments included various rates of NPK {0 (control = T1), 75 % (T2), 100 % (T3), 125 % (T4), and 150% (T5) of recommended dose (150-150-75 kg ha-1)...
Shafaq Fatima1,*, Farkhanda Manzoor1, Humaira Amman1, Zakia Kanwal1, Asma Latif1, Zeeshan Ali2, Hamid Iqbal Gondal2, Sumera Sajjad1 and Raja Shahnawaz Janjua3
...ffect of the addition of linseed in fish feed on growth and fatty acids profile in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella); an important commercial carp in Asia. The present study investigated the effects of three different diets (A, 5% linseed flour; B, 5 % LO; C, 2.5 % linseed flour + 2.5% LO) on growth and fatty acids profile (C12:0– C22:6) in grass carp ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 6, Pages 2001-2521


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