Muhammad Luqman1,3, Raheel Saqib2*, Xu Shiwei3 and Yu Wen3 

...designed to find out the barriers which limit the active participation of both the genders (men and women) in agricultural operations and also towards gender disparity in agricultural extension. Agriculture comprises of a number of farming activities, where both men and women are involved in multiple diverse nature of field operations. Inspite of their high contribution in farm and non-farm activities, there exist gender disparity with reference to agricultura...

 Ghulam Sadiq Afridi*, Abdul Saboor**, Zahoor-ul-Haq***, Sultan Ali
Tariq**** and Muhammad Ishaq*****

...low tariff and nontariff barriers) for cotton export. Greater export potential lies with Malaysia, Kenya, Jordan, Thailand, Mauritius, Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Russian Federation for export of cotton, however, export potential for cotton has been exhausted with Canada, France, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The study provide the policy information that countries of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Northern Africa are virgin for export. ...

 Sobia Faisal1*,Qurat-ul-Ain Ahmad2, Maleeha Manzoor3, Madiha Manzoor4, Faisal Rifaq5

Socio-psychological factors related to tuberculosis diagnostic test seeking behavior in Pakistan
...d perceived benefits and barriers
explain the relation between the socio-psychological factors and low treatment
seeking behavior of TB patients. Inadequate knowledge and misconceptions about
susceptibility and severity of TB disease is contributing towards low health seeking
behavior. Further, false beliefs and distrust in treatment are the perceived barriers,
which decrease motivation for...
Syeda Beenish Bukhari1, Sidra Khalid1*, Shahid Bashir1, Riffat Mehboob2, Humaira Waseem2
...nducted to determine the barriers of immunization among mothers attending Pediatric and Gynecological Department of the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore. For this, 150 mothers were selected randomly; relevant data were collected through pre-tested questionnaire. Data were tabulated and analyzed with the help of SPSS version 21.0. Results of current study showed that barriers to complete vaccination course were lack of informati...

Haidar Ali1, Malik Muhammad Shafi1*, Himayatullah Khan1 and Hamra Haidar

... that there should be no barriers for the entrance of small farmers in to the non-farm sector (rural). This involves improving the educational level in rural areas. 


Gulfam Hassan1*, Ijaz Ashraf2, Muhammad Qavi Irshad3, Shafiq-ur-Rehman Zia2 and Muhammad Idrees

...ficiency are some common barriers in low productivity of vegetables in Pakistan. This study assesses strengths and weaknesses of trainings conducted by public sector extension in peri-urban areas of Faisalabad, Pakistan. Two hundred and eight vegetable growers were interviewed using a validated and reliable interview schedule. Findings reveal that cooperation of training staff was ranked first followed by use of simple and familiar words during training sessio...

Haidar Ali1*, Malik Muhammad Shafi1, Himayatullah Khan1 and Hamra Haidar

...irstly, for removing the barriers to the entry of the small farmers into the rural off-farm sector efforts should be made. It demands better educational level in rural areas. Secondly, there should expansion in agricultural wages in rural area. 


Mehnaz Safdar and Urooba Pervaiz*

Constraints in Accessing Agricultural Extension Services by Rural Women: Evidence from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
...nded. Similarly, various barriers were identified having significant impact on the probability to attend trainings. Results indicated that women extensively felt the need and interest for trainings. The study concluded that women farmers’ access to agricultural extension services are very limited, very less extension trainings were arranged for women farming community hindering women in getting desirable field production. Various cultural constraints i.e...
Ye Ge1,2,3, Qiucheng Yao1, Hongliang Chai3, Yuping Hua3* and Guohua Deng2*
...y to cross interspecific barriers and have the potential to infect mammals. We analysed the level of cytokine expression in response to four H6 AIVs in CEFs and DEFs using real-time PCR. The results showed that the viruses from wild birds could induce a higher level of cytokine expression in CEFs than in DEFs. These findings suggested that H6 AIV in wild birds, especially migratory species, play an indispensable role in the spread and reassortment of AIVs and ...

Chibuzo Uzoma Izuogu1*, Robert Ugochukwu Onyeneke1, Loveday Chukwudi Njoku1, Gillian Chidozie Azuamairo1 and Mary Chikerenma Atasie2


Repositioning Nigeria’s Agricultural Extension System Towards Building Climate Change Resilience
...ed the opportunities and barriers for agricultural extension system towards building climate change resilience. Results show that climate change has adversely affected agricultural extension practice in Nigeria by worsening its operational environment. Changes in rainfall pattern have made it cumbersome for effective implementation of extension advice in real time. Training needs of extension workers for climate change resilience among others include the need ...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 3, Pages 714-1097


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