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Muhammad Muddassir Ali1,2 and İbrahim Hakkı Ciğerci1,*
...rkey. It’s general anti-oxidant and anti-cancerous activities are explored, but no study has been observed on liver cancerous cell line in term of its genotoxicty. So, genotoxic evaluation was carried out for the alcoholic and hexane extracts of T. turcica. Methanol extracts showed the highest DNA damage (20±1) at 200 µg/ml concentration and 11.67±2.52 at 50 µg/ml. Ethanol extracts showed the 2nd highest DNA da...
Hafiz Muhammad Arsalan1, Maria Altaf1, Zeemal Seemab Amin1, Muhammad Khalil Ahmad Khan2, Anum Shahzadi1, Hina Mudasser1, Iqra Maqsood1, Nazia Gulshan1, Saira Naseem3
Ahmet Ozer Sehirli1,2, Serkan Sayiner3*, Ayliz Velioglu-Ogunc4, Nedime Serakinci5, Emel Eksioglu-Demiralp6, Berrak Yegen7, Feriha Ercan8 andGoksel Sener2
...used in combination with anti-oxidants.
Aamir Mushtaq1,2, Rukhsana Anwar1 and Mobasher Ahmad1,2,* 
...oconstituents along with anti-oxidant activity. Anti-amnesic activity was found by behavioral and biochemical studies for which male albino mice were grouped into seven groups. Mice were subjected to elevated plus maze, hole board and light dark paradigm on (day 7th and 8th), for behavioral studies after which their brain were removed by decapitation for biochemical assessment. Results indicated the existence of total phenols (170.14 &plu...

Ahmed Ali Chandio1, Asghar Ali Kamboh1*, Nazar Ali Korejo2, Riaz Ahmed Leghari3 and Muhammad Ali Chandio4

...retic, anti-nociceptive, anti-oxidant, anti-ulcer, antihyperglycaemic and anti-microbial activities. The current investigation aimed to explore the immunomodulatory and gut microflora modulatory effects of dietary P. pinnata in broilers. Day old broiler chicks (n=125) were purchased from local hatchery and equally divided into the five groups, i.e., C (control) that offered basal diet, while, T1, T2, T3 and T4 groups were supplemented 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2% P. pin...

Asmaa A. Darwish*, Adel M. El-Kattan, Mona A. Mahmoud, Mohamed T. Ragab, Amani A. Hafez 

...i-inflammatory cytokine, anti-oxidants, insulin, T3, and T4 levels. The iron profile of infected animals was characterized by a significant (P˂0.05) hypoferremia, hyperferritinemia, and hypotransferrinemia. The estimated pro-inflammatory cytokines and APPs yielded high sensitivity and specificity values in both infected species, but IL-1β, IL-6, and Fb had the highest likelihood ratios in infected sheep and IL-1β and IL-1α had the highest like...


...leaf is a good source of anti-oxidants.


Youfang Li1, Xu Li2, Shaik Althaf Hussain3, Jayasimha Rayalu Daddam4 and Zhigang Chen5*

...hemical analysis, tissue anti-oxidant, miR-21 as well as morphological examination. We found that administration of Sodium oxalate induced induced oxidative stress, alteration in the serum as well as urinary biochemical alterations as well as spiked expression of miR-21. The alterations were reversed in all the treatment group especially EGCG and EGCG-Quercetin. The reversal potentials of combinational therapy were found to be more effective than the standard ...
Farrukh Avais1, Anser Ali1, Hamza Javed2, Muhammad Saleem3, Tehreem Tahir4,
Muhammad Rafiq5,*
showed significant anti-oxidant activity with IC50 values ranging from 0.05 ± 0.2 mg/ml
to 4.3 ± 2.3mg/ml. Moreover, AS and MP all 16 extracts have significant anti-tyrosinase
activity with IC50 range from 0.014 ± 0mg/ml to 1.205 ± 0.07mg/ml. Interestingly, AS
leaf MetOH_EA, AS leaf MetOH_CHCl3, AS root MetOH_EA and MP leaf MetOH_CHCl3
showed significant anti-tyrosinase activity ...

Hina Ilyas1, Umar Hanif2, Anser Ali1, Zahid Hassan Tarar3,Hamza Javed4, Tehreem Tahir5, Muhammad Rafiq6*

...racts showed significant anti-oxidant activity with IC50 range of 384.2 ± 19.1 to 77.3 ± 10.0 μgmL-1, collectively. Moreover, significant anti-tyrosinase activity for C. bergamia (IC50 range = 4.1 ± 0.3 to 366.8 ± 36.5 μg mL-1) and F. carica (IC50 range = 156.5 ± 12.4 to 15.1 ± 2.9 μg mL-1) was found . Interestingly, C. bergamia MeOH-EA peel and C. bergamia MeOH-EA leaves extracts showed IC50 4.1 ± 0.3 ...

Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research


Vol.30, Iss. 1, Pages 01-43


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