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Processing Charges

Publication/Acceptance process*

After successful online submission of the manuscript, the author is required to deposit an amount of Rs. 2000 as processing fee (non-refundable). After receiving the fee submission proof, manuscripts are transferred to Sub-Editors to initiate the review process.

Author may deposit the required processing fee Rs. 2000/- (non-refundable) via National Bank of Pakistan online transfer or through any ATM to the Account given below.

Account No: PK50NBPA0388003048601019
Swift Code: NBPAPKKA
Bank Address: National Bank of Pakistan, University Campus Branch, Peshawar, Pakistan

Note: A scanned copy of Processing Fee payment/slip must be sent via email to
( and write manuscript ID and the title in the subject line.

Acceptance of Research Article*

After completion of review process, if the article is accepted for publication, the information will be passed on to the first/corresponding author. Following fee will then be applied:

Processing fee per paper Rs. 2000/-
Printing charges for authors from the Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar (if no author is included from outside PFI) = Rs. 1000/-
Pricing charges for authors from outside the Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar = Rs. 3000
Pricing charges for Authors of Foreign countries* = US$ 100
Printing charges per page @ Rs. 500/-
Remuneration for local referees = Rs. 1000

*No publication charges shall be collected from Authors including Foreign Authors until further notice.


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