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Editorial Board


Mr. Khalid Ilyas
Director General
Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar

Chief Editor

Mr. Ashar Farooq
Director, Biodiversity Research Division
Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar


Dr. Nowsherwan Zarif
Central Silviculturist
Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar


Mr. Zahid Mahmood
Extension Specialist
Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar

Assistant Manger

Mr. Anwar ul Haq
Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar

Advisory Board

1. Additional Director General (Biological Sciences), PFI, Peshawar
2. Additional Director General (Education) PFI, Peshawar
3. Additional Director General (Forestry), PFI, Peshawar
4. Director, Forest Education Division, PFI, Peshawar
5. Director, Forestry Research Division, PFI, Peshawar
6. Director, Forest Products Research Division, PFI, Peshawar
7. Director, Biodiversity Research Division, PFI, Peshawar
8. Director, Non-Timber Forest Produce, PFI, Peshawar
9. Director, Biological Sciences Research Division, PFI, Peshawar

Associate Editors (Local)

1. Mr. Ghayyas Ahmad, Director, Forest Education, PFI, Peshawar - Associate Editor
2. Dr. Anwar Ali, Director, Forestry Research, PFI, Peshawar - Associate Editor
3. Mr. Zahid Rauf, Director, Forest Products Research PFI, Peshawar - Associate Editor
4. Mr. Naveed Ahmad, Director, NTFP, PFI, Peshawar - Associate Editor
5. Ms. Sanam Zarif Satti, Director, Biological Sciences Research, PFI, Peshawar - Associate Editor
6. Prof. Dr. Syed Moazzam Nizami, Chairman Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management, University of Haripur, Pakistan - Associate Editor
7. Dr. M. Samiullah Dawar, Assistant Professor of Forestry / Management of Forestry and Range Management Kohsar University, Murree, Pakistan - Associate Editor
8. Dr. Adnan Ahmad, Assistant Professor of Forestry, SBBU, Shringal, Pakistan - Associate Editor
9. Dr. Alamgir Khan, Assistant Professor of Forestry, SBBU, Shringal, Pakistan - Associate Editor
10. Dr. Sajjad Saeed, Assistant Professor of Forestry, PFI, Peshawar – Associate Editor

Associate Editors (Foreign)

1. Mr. Abdul Sahim Ansari, National Climate Change & Land Use Planning Expert-UNFAO-Nepal - Associate Editor (Foreign)

2. Dr. Attaullah Khan, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang China - Associate Editor (Foreign)


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