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Identification of fast growing salt tolerant tree species

Identification of fast growing salt tolerant tree species

Sahibazada M. Hafeez


Enormous areas of previously productive agricultural and forestry land have been rendered unsuitable for Traditional farming purposes due to salinity, sodicity and waterlogging in the irrigated plains of the province of Punjab and Sindh. These were the major food, fuelwood and timber producing areas in the plains. Pakistan has acute wood deficits and firewood is still the principal source of fuel for heating and cooking. There is an urgent need to reforest such areas and other waste lands with salt tolerant, fast-growing trees.

In order to identify salt tolerant tree species which could be grown in such areas, seeds of 26 salt tolerant species were procured from CSIRO Australia, plants raised in the nursery and then out planted in the field trial during September, 1990. Three years survival and growth data have been analysed and better performing salt tolerant species have been identified.

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Pakistan Journal of Forestry


Vol. 73, Iss. 1


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