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The Effect of Visual Input on Postural Stability in Healthy Subject Based on New Method of Measurement

The Effect of Visual Input on Postural Stability in Healthy Subject Based on New Method of Measurement

Monireh Ahmadi Bani1*, Mostafa Kamali2, Iman Borji3, Soheyla Aslani3, Francis Fatoye4

1University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Science, Tehran, Iran; 2Medical University of Isfahan. Isfahan, Iran; 3Biomedical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Isfahan University, Isfahan Iran; 4Department of Health Professions, Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.


Clinically, the Romberg test has been used for evaluating stability in patients with various neurological defects. This test evaluates patients in 1 minute standing, but studies have shown that any stability test performed for less than five minutes is not clinically valuable. This study has evaluated stability with open and close eyes in normal subjects during five minutes standing in twenty healthy subjects. The subjects were asked to stand on a force plate for one and then five minutes, respectively. Their stability parameters were evaluated based on the old and new methods. Paired sample t-test was used for comparison between two methods and different conditions (eyes open and eyes closed). Traditional method for stability analysis showed no difference between two conditions in one minute standing (p ≥ 0.05). However, the new method confirmed that stability parameters significantly decreased in five minutes standing (p<0.001). Moreover, patients were unstable in standing during the fourth and fifth minute. Taken together, diagnosis based on five minute standing using the Romberg test appear to be sensitive and accurate than one minute.


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Vol. 1, Iss. 1, Pages 1-28


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