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Screening of Exotic Potato Germplasm against Potato Virus PVX, PVY and PLRV through Biological and Serological Test (ELISA)

Arifa Khan1*, Danish Anwar2, Shazia Erum3, Naveeda Riaz1, Shahid Riaz4, Tariq Rafique3 and Zafer Iqbal2

1International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan; 2Hazara University Mansehra Pakistan; 3Bio Resources Conservation Institute, National Agriculture Research Center, Islamabad, Pakistan; 4Potato Program National Agriculture Research Center, Pakistan.

*Correspondence | Arifa Khan, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan; Email:


Potato viruses like PVX (Potex virus X), PVY (Poty virus Y) and PLRV (genus Polerovirus, family Luteoviridae) cause significant yield loss of potato crop in the world including Pakistan. In this regard, 30 exotic potato genotypes were screened against the PVX, PVY and PLRV in field conditions during two seasons 2015-2016. Results showed that all the genotypes had resistance against PVX and PLRV however four genotypes (CIP-3, CIP-9, CIP-11 and CIP-14) were susceptible to PVY. Results regarding yield and tuber external quality showed that CIP-30 was taller genotype with medium number of tubers and shoots plant-1 while CIP-5 was a dwarf genotype with minimum tuber yield. Genotype CIP-6 produced more number of tuber plant-1 but CIP-22 followed by CIP-10 produced the highest tuber yield plant-1. Majority of genotypes produced round shape tuber with yellow, white skin color and cream flesh. Likewise, maximum genotypes had medium to shallow eye tubers except CIP-9 and CIP-13, which had deep eyed potato tubers. In short, genotypes CIP-3, CIP-9, CIP-11 and CIP-14 showed susceptibility to PVY virus. Among resistant genotypes, CIP-10 and CIP-22 possessed greater yield and could be suggested for commercial cultivation in Pakistan.


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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 2, Pages 331-713


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