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Production of Dextransucrase by Locally Isolated Bacterial Strain

Production of Dextransucrase by Locally Isolated Bacterial Strain


 Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (IIB) Government College University Lahore, Pakistan 


 Dextransucrase is used for the production of dextran, a commercially important product, with numerous applications in many industries such as food, medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. In the current study, dextransucrase producing microorganisms were separated from different vegetables, fruits, and milk samples collected from the local market of Lahore, Pakistan. Sucrose-based medium, supplemented with vancomycin and tetracycline, was used for the selective growth of Leuconostoc species. The obtained isolates were screened by using the shake flask method. The isolate IIB-C9 was selected for the parametric optimization as it gave the maximum activity. Among the 10 different fermentation media screened for enzyme production, maximum dextransucrase activity (9.96 U/ml) was obtained by bacterial strain IIB-C9 in fermentation medium M6 comprising (yeast extract 15 g/L, sucrose 40 g/L, and Na2HPO4 20 g/L). The optimized temperature and initial pH were 30°C and 6.95, sequentially. The IIB-C9 isolate gave optimum production of dextransucrase when M6 medium was accompanied with 2% yeast extract and 5% sucrose followed by 24 hours of incubation at 160 rpm in a shaking incubator. The bacterial isolate IIB-C9 was identified as Leuconostoc species based on biochemical characters. 

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Biologia (Lahore)


2021, Vol.67, Iss. 1


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