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Cloning and Expression of Interleukin 11 in Bacillus subtilis

Cloning and Expression of Interleukin 11 in Bacillus subtilis

Atena Azarniush1, Majid Moghbeli2*, Farshid Kafilzadeh1, Mohammad Kargar1 and Hooshang Jamali1

1Department of Microbiology, Islamic Azad University, Jahrom Branch, Jahrom, Iran
2Department of Biology, Islamic Azad University, Damghan Branch, Damghan, Iran
* Corresponding author:


Cancer is considered as the second leading cause of death in the world. The decreased platelet count is one of the major problems that patients face through the treatment, which makes them prone to bleeding. PRP injection therapy is a therapeutic method in use to relieve this condition. It may lead to infections due to the injection, as well as platelet resistance. Therefore, an attempt was made to find an alternative treatment, and the recombinant Interleukin 11 (IL-11). In this study, IL-11 gene owning two restriction enzyme sites of BamHI and XbaI with a final size of 609 bp was synthesized by GenRay (China) and delivered to pGS vector. The vector was transferred to DH5α, then the gene was subcloned onto pHT43 shuttle vector and transformed into the Bacillus subtilis WB600. The vector containing the cloned gene was induced within the WB600 by IPTG. The SDS-PAGE also indicated the successful expression of IL-11 in B. subtilis. A band of about 22 kD corresponding to the recombinant protein was observed in positive sample. This research demonstrated the efficacy of using B. subtilis as an expression system for the production of IL-11 and it can be used as a candidate for the proteins without post-translational modification.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 55, Iss. 3, Pages 1003-1500


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