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Cloning, Polymorphism and Tissue Expression of TAC3 Gene in Sheep

Cloning, Polymorphism and Tissue Expression of TAC3 Gene in Sheep

Wenping Hu1, Xiangyu Wang1, Xiaodi Sun2, Ran Di1, Qiuyue Liu1, Zhangyuan Pan1, Xiaofei Guo1, Xiaohan Cao1, Jinyu Wang2, Yingjie Zhang3, Mei Jin4, Yuze Yang5 and Mingxing Chu1*

1Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100193, P.R. China.
2College of Animal Science and Technology, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, P.R. China.
3College of Animal Science and Technology, Hebei Agricultural University, Baoding 071000, P.R. China.
4College of Life Science, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian 116029, P.R. China.
5Beijing General Station of Animal Husbandry, Beijing, 100101, P.R. China.
Wenping Hu and Xiangyu Wang contributed equally.

*  Corresponding author:


TAC3 gene is related to the regulation of animal reproductive function. Here we tried to find out the association of the expression and polymorphism of TAC3 gene with the estrus of sheep. TAC3 expression in uterus and pituitary gland increased in estrus of Small Tail Han sheep and Tan sheep. The TAC3 expression level in uterus might relate with estrus of sheep. Two mutations of TAC3 were found in intron 1 (C327T) and exon 2 (G1803A) separately. Although there were significant differences of C327T/G1803A genotype distributions in five different sheep breeds, it did not relate with the year-round estrus. The relationship between these polymorphisms of TAC3 and the litter size of Small Tail Han sheep was not found.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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