Mohammed Ali Hussain, Zakiya Ahmed Hassan

...707 x un 44052 was short statured (155.59 cm) with desirable ear height of 62.93 cm. However, maximum leaf area produced by hybrid DK x Hs in both locations with averages 768.56, 670.26 and 719.42 cm2, respectively, while hybrid sangaria recorded maximum value for 300 grains weight 68.16 g and the hybrid IK 8 x zp-707 showed highest rows ear- 1 at both locations and their averages reached 19.33, 17.33 and 18.33, and the same hybrid produced highest yield plant...
Muhammad Mansoor1, Amanullah1, Zafar Islam2*,Sher Muhammad3, Muhammad Umair4, Mehmood Ayaz5, Asghar Ali Khan6, Muhammad Asif2 and Ya Sakina3
...ross, bold seeded, small stature and susceptible to Mungbean Yellow Mosac Virus (MYMV) and NM-92 (a promising variety of Pakistan, bold seeded, high yielding and MYMV resistant) at Agricultural Research Institute, Dera Ismail Khan. Inqalab Mung was tested in various experiments for production technology and yield trials for its performance. Result showed that 40 kg ha-1 seed rate with 30 cm row spacing, fertilizer dose @ 20:50 kg ha-1
Mehran Kausar1,2, Naveed Ashraf3, Farzana Hayat4, Asraf Hussain Hashmi1, Saima Siddiqi1,* and Mariam Anees2
...quently leading to short stature, increased bone density, recurrent fractures, stubby hands and feet with dystrophic nails, unossified fontanels, and an obtuse mandibular. The present study was conducted to determine the underlying genetic cause of Pycnodysostosis in a family from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan presenting with symptoms of multiple recurrent fractures, short stature, increased bone density and stubby hands. We perfor...

Mian Ahmad Raza*, Ghulam Hassan and Naqib Ullah Khan 

...or maturity trait, plant stature, spike length, spikelet spike-1 and grains spike-1. Negative intercept of regression line indicated the major role of over-dominance in the inheritance of plant height, spikelets spike-1while for grains spike-1 the positive intercept of regression line indicated predominance of partial dominance in inheritance.F1 cross combination FS × JNB were observed as good specific combiners for spike length, while hybrids FS ×...

Mubeen Zahra1,2, Muhammad Nawaz3, Muhammad Umer Chattha4, Imran Khan4, Muhammad Bilal Chattha5*, Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti6, Abdul Rehman4, Faryal Ahmed4, Faran Muhammad4, Mina Kharal7 and Muhammad Umair Hassan4

Saima Mustafa1, Firdous Bukhari1, Muhammad Nazar Aftab1, Muhammad Asif1, Muhammad Amjad1, Maryam Ijaz1, Muhammad Latif2 and Furhan Iqbal1*

...s characterized by short stature, waddling gait, coxa vara and bowing of the long bones. A large family from Southern Punjab in Pakistan suffering from MCDS following autosomal dominant mode of inheritance were enrolled in present study. Whole exome sequencing (WES) approach was adopted to identify causative agent of dwarfism that reveled a previously reported a missense mutation (c.2011 A > G, p.Ser 671Pro) in exon 3 of COL10A1 gene. S...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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