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Genetic Analysis of Important Morphological Traits Using Diallel Analysis in Wheat

Genetic Analysis of Important Morphological Traits Using Diallel Analysis in Wheat

Mian Ahmad Raza*, Ghulam Hassan and Naqib Ullah Khan 

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, The University of Agriculture Peshawar Pakistan 


This study was performed to investigate combining ability effects and gene actions for some important traits using diallel mating design in wheat at Peshawar Pakistan. Eight wheat genotypes viz. Janbaz (JNB), Fakhr-i-Sarhad (FS), Pirsabak 2005 (PS), AUP-5008 (AUP), Saleem 2000 (S2K), Tatara (TTR), Barsat (BST) and Siren (SRN) were crossed in all possible combinations during 2011-12 cropping season. The resultant F1 hybrids were planted following a randomized complete block design using three replications in the subsequent wheat growing season of 2012-13. For days to maturity, F1 cross combination PS × FS among the F1 hybrids showed earliness (160.7) whereas F1 cross combination BST × SRN and JNB × BST ranked first among the crosses for spike length (15.9 cm). Among the F1 hybrids, FS × SRN and TTR × BST displayed maximum spikelets spike-1 (24.3) whereas for F1 cross combinations, FS × SRN and TTR × BST had the highest number of grains spike-1 (58.9). The results of inheritance studies discovered that both additive and dominance type of inheritance mechanism was involved in the expression for maturity trait, plant stature, spike length, spikelet spike-1 and grains spike-1. Negative intercept of regression line indicated the major role of over-dominance in the inheritance of plant height, spikelets spike-1while for grains spike-1 the positive intercept of regression line indicated predominance of partial dominance in inheritance.F1 cross combination FS × JNB were observed as good specific combiners for spike length, while hybrids FS × SRN and BST × S2K were revealed as good specific combiners for spikelets spike-1 and grains spike-1, respectively. These F1 cross combinations being good specific combiners for specific traits could be utilized in future breeding programs for the improvement of desired traits. 

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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, Vol.40, Iss. 1, Pages 01-262


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