Honnur Basha, Vinaya Hemannavar, B.Ramanujam, R. Rangeshwaran and S.Sriram 

Screening of chilli microflora and other biocontrol agents for their antagonistic effects on Colletotrichum spp. infecting chillies
... for isolation of chilli microflora. From these samples, 94 fungal and 89 bacterial isolates were derived, which included 50 isolates of fungi and 44 isolates of bacteria from phylloplane and pomoplane, 44 isolates of endophytic fungi and 45 of endophytic bacteria from inside the leaf and fruit tissues, respectively. Among them, 70 fungal isolates belonged to plant pathogenic genera like,Alternaria, Cercospora, Colletotrichum, Curvularia, Glomerella, Mycosphae...
Justyna Batkowska1,*, Lukasz Wlazlo2, Kamil Drabik1, Bozena Nowakowicz-Debek2, Karrar I.A. Al-Shammari3 and Magdalena Gryzinska1
...ucing the development of microflora on the eggshell. Its use did not directly affect the hatching results and chick quality, however, they were similar to control groups, what may confirm possible use of GT juice as an alternative disinfection method.

Javed Asghar Tariq1*, Bashir Ahmed2, Manzoor Ali Abro2, Muhammad Ismail1, Muhammad Usman Asif1 and Raza Muhammad1 

...ainst another pathogenic microflora. Current studies were designed with the aim to search out such type of antagonistic bacteria from rice crop. For this purpose, soil was collected from rice growing areas of Tando Jam. The isolation from rhizospheric soil was done by dilution plate technique. Among isolated isolates, 6 representative colonies were purified, multiplied and characterized using light microscopy and other biochemical tests. The bacteria were tent...
Shagufta Naz1, Ayesha Javed1, Ayesha Saleem1, Khadija Murtaza1, Rukhama Haq1, Akbar Hayat2 and Neelma Munir1,*
...r different aspects like microflora, moisture, fat, ash, fiber, phenolic content, sprouting inhibition, physiological weight loss, pyruvate analysis and sugar contents. Gamma radiation affected these parameters at higher doses but at 0.5 kGy no significant change was observed. 0.5 kGy prouting was inhibited and microflora was reduced at this dose without affecting its nutritional and sensory qualities. So, it was proved to b...

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 4, Iss. 2, Pages 83-135


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